Mykind Organics Men's 40+ Gummy Multivitamin, BerryMykind Organics Men's 40+ Gummy Multivitamin, Berry658010120289Why take a boring capsule vitamin when you can get all the nutrients you need in a tasty, vegan gummy? Garden of Life Mykind Organics Men's 40+ has the required daily amounts of D3, vitamin E, folate, and more, plus great berry taste that comes from the use of nine whole fruits in every bottlerather than processed sugar and artificial flavoring. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.120 gummies
Great for picky grownups! - by Husband will actually remember to take these tasty vitamins. Quality ingredients.
Great ingredients - by My husband is the worst at taking vitamins, but he's totally willing to take a gummy vitamin!
Great vitamins - by Just perfect for my dad. Buying them all the time. Great price here.
Love this brand - by Love this brand and the taste is pretty good!
Partner Loves Flavor & No Gross Waxy Taste - by Most gummy multivitamins we've tried use a wax to (I assume) make sure the gummies don't stick together. These stick together a bit, but as a suggestion, put them in the fridge to lessen how much they stick together. My partner said these are the best multi-vitamin gummies he's tasted, and the ingredients are great. The serving size is 2 per day, so this is a 2 month supply - so a great buy too.
Garden of Life
Garden of Life

Mykind Organics Men's 40+ Gummy Multivitamin, Berry

120 gummies
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