Black Truffle Finishing Sea SaltBlack Truffle Finishing Sea Salt045635752740Our Black Truffle Salt not only adds a decadant earthy finish to any hearty meal, but also gives you a stronger taste of the Black Summer Truffle because we pack more of them into each bottle than others!2.5 oz pouch
Hepp's Black Truffle Salt - by There is only one other place in the US where I would bother to buy Truffle salt. Having said that, this product is WONDERFUL. I am a huge fan. I have tried many epicurean Truffle salt or Truffle oil products. This has great flavor and aroma. It beats out everyone else! Worth every penny. Try it on a baked potato!
MORE HEPPS PLEASE - by Love this brand. Hope they carry more of their products! Super versatile and so flavorful
Sorry just salty - by I am a huge truffle fan. I have to have truffle salt on most everything! This on did not deliver! All I tasted was the salt, sorry to say. I could see the many black specks. I just couldn't taste the truffle.
Always have now! - by We have a small homestead and raise dairy goats for milk. I’ve made cheese with this salt and we have never had anything come out better! Everyone, I mean everyone- loves it! From my toddler to neighbors to friends of friends. This salt is outstandingly different in quality than your average salt.
Big flavor in a small package - by At first I was surprised how small the package was...then I opened it. The smell of truffle is potent and so is the taste. Expensive but worth every penny for the delicious meals we have made with it. Takes very little to get the flavor you need.
Hepp's Salt Co.
Hepp's Salt Co.

Black Truffle Finishing Sea Salt

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