Rosewater & Glycerin Atomizer MistRosewater & Glycerin Atomizer Mist076970200818Here is a flower water formula with a twist: an old fashioned skin lotion and protectant made only from pure rosewater and natural vegetable glycerin. Heritage Store aromatherapy waters are made with Vor-Mag water which is water that has been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration that they believe to be most beneficial. Use as a face and body lotion wherever the skin needs soothing and protection.8 oz bottle
arid climate - by Colorado is an arid climate. It's an awesome product and you can never use it too often. I also gave some to my granddaughter who's in a matching band. With a smaller squirt bottle it great for a pocket or purse.
Rose Water - by I love this brand and use it everyday on my neck, it keeps the wrinkling away from that area as I age, it is my favorite.
Refreshing - by Nice skincare addition
Nope - by About to run out of my original hydrosol rose water and purchased this "updated" version hoping it would be similar enough. No, it is not. Where the former version was light, airy, and smelled like a real rose- this new rose oil formula is ponderous, cloying, and overbearing. Even the updated label isn't a beautiful as the old version.
Much prefer the glycerin free version - by I purchased this as TM was out of the plain RoseWater. I found this too viscous. The smell was thicker too - not that clean rose sent It did not leave my face fresh. I do not recommend
Heritage Store
Heritage Store

Rosewater & Glycerin Atomizer Mist

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