Baked & Saucy - Dry Dog Food Kibble - Chicken + Sweet PotatoBaked & Saucy - Dry Dog Food Kibble - Chicken + Sweet Potato818336012808You know that feeling on Thanksgiving, when your mom breaks out her award winning gravy. It’s so tasty, it actually distracts Aunt Mary from asking your cousin Todd why he’s still single. Shouldn’t your dog also experience the sheer delight of sauce? Introducing Baked & Saucy. Oven baked in small batches, featuring farm raised meats and coated in a savory bone broth coating. If your dog prefers his meals fancy, simply add a touch of water to create a rich and delicious bone broth gravy. We also added prebiotics and probiotics, to keep your dog’s tummy happy, no elastic waist bands required.10.25 lb bag
Love this brand - by We use this brand all of the time and really like it.
My dog loved this! - by She is not a picky eater, but this became my go-to brand, as she seemed to like it best, and I liked the formula.
My dog loves this - by My old dog started getting picky with food, so I switched to this for something new. He really enjoys it.
My dogs prefer the beef-flavored version of this kibble - by I have 2 rescued terriers & they think this food is alright (not their favorite though). I mix it with warm water to make "gravy" & my pups will eat it.
Avoid. - by Arrived full of mold!
I and love and you
I and love and you

Baked & Saucy - Dry Dog Food Kibble - Chicken + Sweet Potato

10.25 lb bag$3.22/lb