Free Ranger Bully Stix Dog ChewsFree Ranger Bully Stix Dog Chews818336010002You’re currently holding a bag of your pet’s new favorite treat. Free Ranger Bully Stix come from free range Brazilian cattle (Heyyy, São Paulo!) that are grass fed and raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. When we say they’re addictive, we promise we’re not exaggerating. Dogs love Free Ranger Bully Stix like moms love clean houses. Like teenagers love angst-y vampire movies. Like Prince loves velvet. They’re great for treats, as an everyday snack, or whenever you need your dog to do something other than drool on your couch for twenty minutes at a clip.5 sticks (12" each)
Dog didn’t like - by I and love and you, Free Ranger Bully Stix Dog Chews
expensive but dog loves them - by A wonderful treat for my beloved pup!
- by My dog loves these!
Choking Hazard - by Usually I’m all for bully sticks, w/ supervision 100% of the time however these bully sticks unravel quickly and did not serve its purpose. I was also disappointed with how thin these bully sticks are. I def do not recommend.
Not great - by I was really hoping for a less expensive, healthier version of bully sticks. My pup didn’t like these.
I and love and you

Free Ranger Bully Stix Dog Chews

I and love and you
5 sticks (12" each)$10.00/oz
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