Organic Dark Decaf Whole Bean CoffeeOrganic Dark Decaf Whole Bean Coffee629070800145If you want the deep, bold flavor and smell of coffee without a buzz, make a pot of Kicking Horse. The Organic Decaf Whole Bean Coffee is made with a proprietary Swiss Water Process that removes 99% of the caffeine content in several careful steps. The result is beans that have a deep chocolatey body with hints of hazelnut. Fair trade and organic.10 oz bag
The only one - by This is the only store purchase brand coffee I’ll drink. Lifeboost is another great brand but kicking horse is clean too. All the roasts brew great.
Still tastes like coffee! - by This is the first decaf that actually has thw nice coffee flavor!
The smell…… - by Amazing! Favorite decaf coffee! I love coffee but can’t handle the caffeine. This is an amazing product and it’s Swiss water processed. Awesome!!!
Just not for me - by Nothing wrong with them, just not the bean for me
Fairly tasty - by Product is good
Kicking Horse
Kicking Horse

Organic Dark Decaf Whole Bean Coffee

10 oz bag$1.15/oz
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