Last Swab Beauty, BlueLast Swab Beauty, Blue5714820121818Swap out your traditional makeup sponges for LastObject, the world's first reusable and sustainable alternative. Designed in Denmark, they're made using TPE—a rubber-like material—that can be used up to 1,000 times and reduces water consumption, land use, and carbon footprints. To use, wash with soap and water and pop it back into the case.1 count
LOVE! - by Such a perfect switch from single use swabs. Easy to clean and gentle on my ears. I haven’t used it for makeup fixes yet but I’m sure it’ll be great.
Great! - by We’ve been trying to lesson our footprint- this is a great replacement for Q Tips!
The last q-tip/swab you'll ever need! - by No more wooden, cotton, cardboard in the garbage - this will be the last q-tip you'll ever need or buy!
nflgrrl - by like the spongy q-tip, pretty easy on the ears! with COVID my ears have been a bit crusty (thanks heater), so this is really welcome.
Awesome reusable swab - by I use this for my makeup - It's not as 'spongy' as I'd like but it does the job, I just have to remember to wash it frequently otherwise it will smear if it's still dirty. Otherwise, great to reuse this instead of using regular cotton swabs that contribute to waste.

Last Swab Beauty, Blue

1 count$12.00/each