Bath Bomb, Lavender & ChamomileBath Bomb, Lavender & Chamomile852113006383Carry your worries away with a gentle burst of essential oils and botanicals to add to your bath. Sink into that warm water with our Bath Bomb and let the aromatherapy work it’s magic while the extracts and oils show your skin some love. It’s aromatherapy; it’s moisture; it’s decadence. Have a ball and unwind. HOW TO USE: Fill tub with steamy water. Drop bath bomb into water before or after getting in. Kick back as it bubbles up and turns regular bath water into something so much better.6 bath bombs (2.5 oz each)
bath bomb - by so relaxing! Not overwhelming
Some for me and some to share - by The Bath Bombs were so nice that I reorder and bought a couple extra boxes to share with friends!
Oily residue - by I'm not a fan of how much of a residue these leave in the tub. I did choose to have a black tub, so that's my bad, but if I had to stand in it for a shower I would have disliked these even more because it would have been slippery. Scrubbing off the oil was enough extra work for me, and they also leave little bits of lavender. I'm good with just bath salts or bath bombs that don't use so much oil.
Relaxing - by Smells good and very relaxing.
Disappointed in the packaging - by Each bath bomb is individually wrapped in plastic. Horrible for the environment IMO
Level Naturals
Level Naturals

Bath Bomb, Lavender & Chamomile

6 bath bombs (2.5 oz each)$2.25/bath bomb
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