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Ripe, complex, and true to its varietal mix, this wine comes from the heart of southwestern France and blends the flavors of sun-drenched red, purple, and black fruits. The remarkable tannin and acid balance makes this wine ultra flexible for pairings. Think of this wine as a baby Chateauneuf du Pape from a third-generation farming-turned-winemaking family.

Remarkable tannin and acid balance makes this wine ultra flexible for pairings

Josh Nadel
MASTER sommelier
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Posted   by Kelly from SHREWSBURY, Massachusetts
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Nice flavors, goes well with any dish
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Posted   by Kimberly from KEYPORT, New Jersey
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Order this regularly. Easy to drink
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Absolutely lovely for a lower priced wine

Posted   by Lorraine from Clifton Park, New York
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I am fond of fruit forward dry cabs with rich tannins - lower that a notch and you have this. A very good wine!
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Posted   by Michael from Marina del Rey, California
I was SO disappointed with this wine. It literally is a negative... like, you won't want to finish the bottle it's that bad. Surprised that Thrive would carry this!
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A complex wine

Posted   by Stephanie from Monterey, California
This is a more complex wine with quite a bit of tannins. Tasty, but I think it would benefit from more time in the bottle. The current offering is only 2 years old. This is the kind of wine that has considerable potential to develop over time.
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