Tricolor Blend Rice™Tricolor Blend Rice™708953503585Tricolor Blend Rice is a mineral packed blend of traditional aromatic West Java rices grown on volcanic soils rich in magnesium, manganese and zinc – essential minerals so often lacking in modern diets. A colorful blend of nutrient-dense Sintanur brown rice and, whole grain red rice and lightly milled red rice that is reputed to restore vitality. It's no wonder the Javanese favor these healthy rices for their satisfying wholesome flavor. We're told that Sintanur, with a hint of vanilla-like Pandan aroma, is such a favorite with Javanese that they take it along when visiting other islands. Tricolor Blend Rice can transform any rice dish into a more flavorful and nutritious meal. Tricolor Blend Rice is grown by a cooperative of Tasikmalaya family farmers using the System of Rice Intensification. With SRI they are able to increase their production and conserve their local rice biodiversity using less water, seed, land and no agrochemicals. The cooperative is one of the first in Indonesia to get the rice it produces certified as both organic and fair trade. In fact, it is the first rice to be imported to the US that qualifies for labeling as “Fair for Life.” The standards for this certification, set by IMO [Institute for Marketecology], are perhaps the most stringent in the industry encompassing many social and environmental criteria as well the price premiums most people associate with fair trade. Due in large part to the benefits of the SRI growing methodology, the production and processing of the Volcano Rice surpassed the minimum required standards of IMO. Visit the Fair for Life website to see the ratings for the Simpatik Farmer Cooperative. And visit our MCPD section to learn more about this remarkable system and how it is changing the rice-growing world.15 oz bag
Beautiful - by I just really love making this tri-colored rice for my family it looks great and taste delicious.
Edible but nothing special - by I like to experiment with my rice. I did not find anything real interesting about this race. Maybe a step up from plain white rice. Will not buy it again
Classic - by Super tasty
Just Not a Fan - by I wish I can say that I like this rice because I really, really wanted to, but it's just not for me. The texture is a bit crunchy and it just seems very dry no matter how I cook it. This is a good brand and I like their black and pink rice, but this was a miss for me.
Delicious - by Love this rice with veggies
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Tricolor Blend Rice™

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