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Côtes de Bourg has historically produced some of the most highly regarded wine in the region, and this bottle is no exception. Going head-to-head against the Monbadon Bordeaux, the Marquis has stronger tannins, plus notes of blackberry, black currant, and toasted oak. With a full-bodied finish, it begs to be paired with red meats and fats.

stronger tannins, plus notes of blackberry, black currant, and toasted oak

Josh Nadel
MASTER sommelier
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Better Filtered

Posted   by Pati from Chula Vista, California
Verified Purchase
I don't know if I got a bad batch, but the corks on mine arrived with some mold and I also had to filter the wine itself to get rid of the sediment. It wasn't my favorite, but again, it could have been the batch I got.
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Great with steak

Posted   by Marla from PARKER, Colorado
Verified Purchase
This wine is smooth . I don’t care for wine that is too dry. This is the right combo.
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In my opinion

Posted   by Sandra from St. Louis, Missouri
The tannins are through the roof and I prefer mine on the second floor. I taste the deep berry flavors but can’t get past the dryness. It is full bodied and bold and I typically enjoy those varietals, but this one just has something my pallet does not enjoy. Prost!
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red wine

Posted   by Gretchen from Itasca, Illinois
Verified Purchase
would buy again
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A very nice Table Wine

Posted   by Tom from Center Valley, Pennsylvania
Verified Purchase
I first tried and loved this wine and then invited my brother and sister-in-law (wine experts) to try it also. We were all highly impressed with the flavor and robust character of this wine. A definite re-order!
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Strong but gentle red

Posted   by Chloe from Roswell, Georgia
Love a strong red that goes well with steak that doesn’t need a hour to breath or need to be perfectly cool. Opened this guy at room temperate and was delicious right away. Is it super complex? No but at this price point it is a good value.
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On the Fence...

Posted   by Mandi from MONTGOMERY, Texas
If you're looking for a big, busty full bodied Cab, this little guy is not your ticket. It is a very smooth wine with a nice finish, but I think it takes a while to open up.
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