Grapefruit Thyme Refill Hand SoapGrapefruit Thyme Refill Hand Soap830911001106The solution to dry, chapped skin that comes from frequent hand washing? Moon Valley Organics Grapefruit Thyme Foaming Herbal Hand Soap, offering a velvety blend of calendula, soothing comfrey, and other certified organic ingredients. Because the nourishing formula doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, it gently cleanses hands but doesn’t rob moisture from your skin. Plus, the soap has an invigorating scent thanks to the use of grapefruit and thyme essential oils. It’s great for everyday use so you’ll want to be sure to stock up. This convenient pouch offers three refills—simply fill the reusable bottle with one-third concentrate and two-thirds water and be on your way to germ-free, soft hands. Moon Valley products are certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.10.7 fl oz pouch
Great - by Great
Favorite hand soap - by My favorite hand soap! Love the small and the minimum plastic use with buying a concentrated refill.
Too runny - by Soap is very thin and runny
Just okay - by This smells great but the price is pretty high since it's only enough to refill a standard soap dispenser twice at the very most. I did not purchase this again for that reason.
ok - by this was our favorite hand soap, but we preferred the lavender rosemary one. thrive stopped selling it so we get this one instead. i'm not a fan of the scent, but it doesn't trigger migraines or anything so it's tolerable
Moon Valley Organics
Moon Valley Organics

Grapefruit Thyme Refill Hand Soap

10.7 fl oz pouch$0.82/fl oz
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