Hair, Skin & Nails, Fermented Biotin & Beauty HerbsHair, Skin & Nails, Fermented Biotin & Beauty Herbs727783901170If healthy, shiny hair, improved skin elasticity, and strong nails are your goals, look no further than New Chapter Perfect Hair, Skin, & Nails. These supplements contain organic algae with astaxanthin, a rare plant nutrient that is 50 times more powerful than common antioxidants like vitamin C and beta carotene. Astaxanthin is clinically proven to help maintain a youthful appearance and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The addition of biotin also builds keratin for healthy hair and strong nails. As well, each capsule features superfood botanical blends with organic probiotic-fermented herbs, including aloe, chamomile, and maca. New Chapter's formula is 100 percent vegetarian, non-GMO, gluten-free, and certified organic. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.60 capsules
so far so good! - by I have only taken this for a month but can see some baby hairs starting to grow! Love that you only have to take one capsule a day!
Great! - by My hair and nails have been growing like crazy and stronger than ever! Love these
It helped (I think…) - by I think these did help my thinning hair a little bit, but to be fair, I also incorporated a couple of other things during the same time period and therefore can’t really be sure the results I saw were from this product alone.
Good product - by Good ingredients, I would repurchase this product
Fermented for better absorption - by This is my favorite daily vitamin. In addition to giving my skin, hair, and nails a nice boost, I can feel the energy it gives me each morning. There are some powerful b vitamins in here and I love it!
New Chapter
New Chapter

Hair, Skin & Nails, Fermented Biotin & Beauty Herbs

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