Turmeric Force NighttimeTurmeric Force Nighttime727783901224Sweet dreams? Yes, please. Say goodnight with this unique blend of turmeric, ginger, chamomile, hops, valerian root, and lemon balm to help support restful sleep and healthy inflammation response. The vegetarian capsule keeps herbs pure, potent, and easily dissolvable for better absorption.60 capsules
Sleeping better - by I am sleeping better but not what I was hoping for pain/inflamation
Puts me to sleep… one odd side fx - by I was glad to find something to help me sleep without melatonin, but there is just one thing: it gives me vivid, wacky dreams! So, unfortunately I use it very sparingly because the dreams are *too far out* and it’s hard to gauge if it helps with nighttime inflammation. Good for helping get to sleep though! Note: I am not prone to insomnia, just occasionally it’s hard to settle down and turn off the brain.
Debloat - by New Chapter, Turmeric Force Nighttime
Good Product - by This is something I take nightly. This is supposed to fight inflammation. I don't know if this works as I take a few other things with this at night but I will continue to take it. I like the brand New Chapter.
My night-time routine - by I love to add this to my night-time routine to help with my sleep plus seems to have helped my blood pressure after a few months.
New Chapter
Certified Gluten-Free

Turmeric Force Nighttime

New Chapter
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Certified Gluten-Free