Shave5 Replacement BladesShave5 Replacement Blades631740050545When your Shave5 Razor System starts getting dull, reach for Preserve’s replacement blades. One bag contains four separate cartridges, each with five ceramic-coated blades and a lubricating strip made of cocoa butter and aloe—which helps prevent razor burn and soothes irritated skin. Designed for both men and women, Shave5 Replacement Blades are a great way to always ensure you’ll get the closest shave.4 count
Okay - by These didn’t work as well as my standard shavers. They wore out quickly and did t have as close of a shave. I loved the idea but they just don’t deliver.
Great - by These are my favorite razors and for the price I can’t complain
Great shave - by I've been using these razor blades for many years now and I really like them. They give me a nice close shave.
Works Great! - by These shave well. I only wish it was easier to replace on the shaver. It’s hard for me to see which way is up or down and how to snap them on correctly. It once on properly they works really well!
Great! - by Works well, love the recycling the company does.

Shave5 Replacement Blades

4 count$2.50/each