Flea & Tick Spray for DogsFlea & Tick Spray for Dogs814551022028Safe and effective with no harsh chemicals our Natural Flea and Tick Spray kills fleas and ticks on contact. The Lavender, Cedar, and Peppermint repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes to prevent infestation. Pyrethrin and permethrin free. Spray can be used directly on pet, on bedding, or in areas that pets hang out. Natural, clean scent.16 fl oz bottle
Smells great! - by I use this spray on our puppy before heading out on the trails. Can't say it completely deters ticks, since I still find the occasional tick on her. Though I think with any tick deterrent product, you still need to check you pet for ticks. The spray smells great, so I also use it to refresh her kennel bedding and dog bed covers. Our puppy is not very keen on having this sprayed directly on her, but she tolerates it knowing she is going for a hike. I also saturate a bandana with the spray and tie it around her neck. The seems to help the most. The bottle says it kills fleas and ticks on contact. I don't have experience with flea issues, but I sprayed a tick with the spray once and the tick just crawled away.
love this - by works great, smells nice
Dog spray - by Nice to have something for fleas that you feel is safe for our dog.
Great - by I spray this on my dogs daily and 0 ticks since the switch.
Flea spray - by This work and love the smell
Pure and Natural Pet
Pure and Natural Pet

Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs

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