Food Scrap Bags, 3 gallonFood Scrap Bags, 3 gallon855995003761These are not your traditional plastic trash bags. Repurpose Compostable Food Scrap Bags are certified compostable, so they break down in a matter of months not millennia. Best of all, they have the same look and feel as the durable trash bags you're used to - only better for you and the environment.25 bags
Terrible - by These bags break sooo easily. Worst product I’ve ever bought
Rips easily - by You have to be SUPER careful pulling out the bag or else they will rip. I went through three just trying to get them out when I first got this.
The tear so easily - by I want to love these bags. I'm all about eco-friendly and composting (even in an apt). But the 3 gallon bags tear through just trying to open them. We've gone through at least 10 bags because they all clump together and just tear -- even when trying to separate at the perforation. There must be a design flaw because it's happened with two different boxes. We'll be trying a different brand from now on.
Use them for our bathroom garbage - by We use these for our bathroom garbage cans and they have worked great so far and fit a little garbage can perfectly (and long as you don’t care about the color). They are thinner than a traditional plastic, but I was expecting that, and we don’t put heavy stuff in our bathroom garbage. Will repurchase.
Love - by These are great for pet waste or kitchen cleanup you don’t want to “stink” up the kitchen, you can take it to an outside trash or tie it up to prevent smell. They are tough enough for liquid as well. Great for a compost bin too!

Food Scrap Bags, 3 gallon

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