Ground Ceylon CinnamonGround Ceylon Cinnamon089836195159Having cinnamon in your spice rack at all times is a matter of survival. From making toast to baked apples, spice cookies, and even curries and sauces, it’s an all-in-one necessity, and few options are better than Simply Organic Ground Ceylon Cinnamon. Rather than the more common cassia cinnamon, ceylon has a more balanced sweet flavor.2.08 oz container
yum - by great
cinnamon - by Great in oatmeal
Ceylon cinnamon - by I know Ceylon cinnamon is supposed to be the best, but its taste is too “soft” for me. It really recedes into the background in baked goods, even if you use extra. I like a cinnamon with a little more zip.
cinnamon - by Great quality cinnamon
Great Flavor - by I chose this type of cinnamon after reading Eat For Life by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. It’s a unique and delicious taste and I’ve grown to love it. I’ll keep using it for sure.
Simply Organic
Simply Organic

Ground Ceylon Cinnamon

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