100% Avocado Oil Classic Ranch Dressing with Lime100% Avocado Oil Classic Ranch Dressing with Lime048001004023So good it's avocontrol. Sir Kensington's reinvents ranch with a clean take on a classic taste. Our Ranch is dairy free, sugar free, and made with the highest quality, Non-GMO ingredients, like 100% avocado oil, Certified Humane free range eggs, and lime. So go ahead and dip, drizzle or dress, this is ranch you can feel good about.9 fl oz bottle
Needs less oil, more flavor - by This was not my favorite. The ranch flavor was heavily overpowered by the avocado flavor. I really LIKE avocado, so I feel the lack of flavor is a matter of the recipe. Step up the flavor, please.
Love the brand - by I normally rave about this brand but the Ranch with Lime had a unique taste
Taste good! - by Taste good!
Meh - by Their Regular ranch is better
Favorite - by Favorite creamy dressing
Sir Kensington's
Sir Kensington's

100% Avocado Oil Classic Ranch Dressing with Lime

9 fl oz bottle$0.67/fl oz
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