Sea Salt Vegan ToonaSea Salt Vegan Toona851110003258Vegan eaters can enjoy the fresh taste of the sea, too! Plant-based Toona by Sophie’s Kitchen is the perfect fish-free alternative to conventional canned tuna. Non-GMO, all-natural ingredients like Konjac root (an ancient Asian superfood), pea protein, agave, sea salt, and spices lend this veganized tuna a flavor and texture that works beautifully in tuna salads, casseroles, sandwiches, and more. Even better: Great-tasting toona is an excellent source of protein and fiber (100 grams provides 12 percent of your recommended daily value!).6 oz can
Favorite tuna-like item - by This is the best fake "tuna" that I've ever tried. I use it on salads and in sandwiches
Not bad - by Good but not great
pretty good - by Out of all the vegan toona, this is one of the best
Toona - by It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. Works great in toona salads or sandwiches I just didn’t love the consistency. Prefer chickpea tuna personally.
Love it - by Great taste, almost makes you believe you're eating the real thing. Just missing that fishy taste. Will try adding seaweed.
Sophie's Kitchen
Sophie's Kitchen

Sea Salt Vegan Toona

6 oz can
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