Granular Sugar ReplacementGranular Sugar Replacement852700300177Swerve is a great tasting, natural sweetener that measures cup-for-cup just like sugar. Made from a unique combination of ingredients derived from fruits and vegetables, Swerve contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavors. Swerve is non-glycemic and safe for those living with diabetes. Human clinical trials have shown that Swerve does not affect blood glucose or insulin levels. The secret to our zero calorie sweetness is a combination of erythritol and oligosaccharides that provide excellent baking and cooking functionality. And with the ability to brown and caramelize, Swerve wil be right at home in your kitchen.12 oz bag
Cheaper Elsewhere - by Love the product; wish the price was more comparable to (or less than) Walmart's price. When I order from Thrive with a very expensive annual membership fee, I would expect the prices to be competitive, not more than my local grocery store.
Natural option - by Good sugar substitute but I'm used to Stevia and am having a hard time with the difference in taste. Overall a great product.
Good replacement but... - by This is a good replacement for sugar. I can't tell any difference in the taste. But after opening the bag, about an hour later most of the sugar hardened??
excellent sugar replacement - by you won't be able to tell the difference.. and I'm someone who can detect even the tiniest bit of "not sugar" sweeteners. I no longer keep real sugar in the house, as this brand had completely replaced it. I find you can use quite a bit less per recipe as well.
Great for keto - by Dissolves well, perfect for keto and other alternative baking.

Granular Sugar Replacement

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