Probiotic Mini Fruit Bars, MangoProbiotic Mini Fruit Bars, Mango850000547605Help keep your digestive and immune system healthy with That's is. Probiotic Mini Bars that are made with only 2 ingredients, fruit and probiotics. A That's it. Probiotic Mini Bar delivers 1 billion active cultures and fiber from the fruit itself without any need for refrigeration, no adde sugar, and no dairy. One mini bar delivers active cultures 10x more effectively than yogurt. Seriously...That's it.15 bars (0.7 oz each)
Very good - by Love all products by this brand. Wish thrive offered their low sugar products
good flavor - by These bars have good flavor. You can definitely taste that it has probiotics added to it but it's not off putting.
Tastes great - by Fresh and fruity tasting. Good for purse/bag for low blood sugar moments.
Tastes like what you’d expect - by Fruit lol
Just okay - by Okay but not for my and my family.
That's It
That's It

Probiotic Mini Fruit Bars, Mango

15 bars (0.7 oz each)
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