Organic Coconut Wraps, OriginalOrganic Coconut Wraps, Original671635706409These wraps are ready to roll. Mild in flavor and slightly sweet from organic ingredients like coconut meat, coconut water, and extra virgin coconut oil, they’re a perfect stand in for tortillas and bread. Each pack contains seven gluten-free, raw, vegan, and Paleo-friendly wraps that have been dehydrated to perfection.7 (14g wraps)
Good! - by Definitely have a coconut flavor but they stay in tact pretty well! Don’t refrigerate them (says it on the package but it’s tiny).
Taco Night - by These were a big hit with our Taco night. We all loved it a good sweet taste and held up with taco meat and salsa
Thrive Market Coconut Wraps - by We really enjoyed these coconut wraps for their delicate feel! They allow the food wrapped in them to shine through aling with their delicious flavor!
Coconut wraps - by Not a huge fan.
Love these! - by I haven’t come across a flavor of these that I don’t like. It holds together wrap items without extra carbs.
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Organic Coconut Wraps, Original

7 (14g wraps)$1.14/wrap
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