Organic Dried ApricotsOrganic Dried Apricots671635701527Our 12-ounce bag of dried apricots is filled with ethically sourced fruit that’s naturally sweet. Add a few to savory grain salads or Mediterranean stews, chop them up for granola, or enjoy straight from the pouch. You’ll love the flavor, and each fruit delivers some dietary fiber, too.12 oz pouch
Odd Flavor - by Never tasted dry apricots in my life and I eat them often. Almost taste like they were soaked in bourbon, but not in a good way, not sure if something is wrong with them. Will not purchase again.
Awesome - by These were so soft and fresh. Love the un-sulphered apricots for my recipes!
Stale - by I know they are dried fruit but these tasted stale and old. I buy dried apricots on regular basis at my local store but these tasted off.
Good choice - by These are reliably soft and a great snack
Household staple - by Great quality and reasonably priced, we have these on hand regularly thanks to Thrive!
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Organic Dried Apricots

12 oz pouch$0.62/oz