Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, TunisianOrganic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tunisian671635701886In search of a high-quality and affordable olive oil? Look no further! Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from Tunisia, where the olives are hand-picked and cold-extracted to create a delicious, golden-colored cooking essential. Buttery and peppery, it’s great for dressing salads, sautéing veggies, or marinating meats.16.9 oz plastic bottle
Who Puts Oils in PLASTIC Bottles? - by Did not notice that this comes in a plastic bottle. Oils tend to leach chemicals out of plastic, which is why you never see good oils in plastic bottles. Tossed as soon as I received it. Pity, because it sounded like a tasty oil.
Good price - by Great price for organic oil! And works great for all uses
Great quality and price - by Highly recommend - good taste for the price.
Great flavor - by Good quality, good flavor. Wish it was in a glass bottle.
Pour some oil on me!!!! - by Always always always over-pour on the oil…this oil is light and great for cooking.
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tunisian

16.9 oz plastic bottle$0.50/oz