Organic Blonde Roast, Whole BeanOrganic Blonde Roast, Whole Bean671635705167The high-quality arabica beans used in our Regeneratively Grown Organic Blonde Roast Whole Bean Coffee are ethically sourced directly from a cooperative of organic farmers in Peru. Our partnership not only gives them a livelihood, but also helps their local communities and the environment. Each bag delivers freshly roasted whole beans that are ready to grind and brew. Enjoy flavor notes of crisp apple, almond, and brown sugar in every cup.12 oz bag
Nice and light - by This is low acid and smooth
Coffee - by Not a fan of the taste. We'll try a different roast next time.
Good to keep on hand - by I’m a bit of a coffee snob so this is not what’s in my pantry every day, however, its not a bad back up choice when your really good stuff runs out and you cannot go without coffee or your head will explode!
So good - by My favorite coffee for french press
Good as Emergency Beans - by Good beans, but inconsistent from batch to batch. I loved it the first time I purchased, but the next time it tasted over-roasted (I prefer a lighter roast).
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Organic Blonde Roast, Whole Bean

12 oz bag$0.71/oz