Paleo Snack Mix, SavoryPaleo Snack Mix, Savory671635703767Can't say “no” when hunger pangs hit? Our Savory Paleo Snack Mix satisfies cravings without artificial ingredients. To make it, we cook green banana chips in coconut oil, mix in cashews and pecans, and then season everything with zesty spices—like turmeric, garlic powder, and sea salt. The result tastes incredible and it’s grain and dairy-free!6.2 oz bag
Savory - by I love this snack mix. Will buy again.
Yummy snack! - by Great flavor without being overly salty. Yummy!
Tasty - by Gave as gifts this year in my “ treat bag” instead of making my own mix. Very happy with this snack. Good value.
Mostly plantains - by I was hoping for something more, but this is mostly plantains with some seasoning. Unless I got a rogue bag or everything else tends to settle on the bottom, this was a bit blah at first taste.
So yummy - by I just received my thrive box and opened this immediately. It reminds me of healthy Gardettos mix - but I actually like this better!!!! So good, I’ve already ordered the multi pack!!!
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Paleo Snack Mix, Savory

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