Organic Toasted Honey O's CerealOrganic Toasted Honey O's Cereal671635706492If you’re on the hunt for the breakfast of (whole-grain) champions, our Organic Toasted Honey O’s belong in your bowl. They’re made with simple ingredients like whole-grain oat flour, honey, and oat bran. Crunchy with a hint of sweetness, they’re the perfect way to start the day. Pro tip: Sprinkle sliced banana & cacao nibs on top for extra nutrients & flavor.11 oz box
Kids weren't fooled - by I enjoyed them, but kids definitely noticed the difference between them and honey nut cheerios
Not Great - by Didn't love the taste of this.
Gross - by This was the most disgusting cereal I’ve had. I tossed the entire box. The honey taste is fake and just awful.
Okay - by These were okay but they incredibly hard and crunchy.
It’s ok - by Gave 3 stars. It has good flavor, but the texture is just ok. They are a bit larger and thicker than regular honey nut.
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Thrive Market

Organic Toasted Honey O's Cereal

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