Vegan Starter KitVegan Starter KitVeganStarterKitEvery year, more and more people are making the decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle—and for good reason. While a concern for animal welfare and preservation of natural resources continue to top the list, many find that following a balanced vegan diet can also be beneficial for human health.14 products
Cool stuff - by This is a great deal for anyone new to the vegan lifestyle.
Good for the price - by Really good value overall
Vegan starter - by I like the variety!
We loved it! - by Our family is just starting on our vegan journey and this kit was wonderful. It helped us discover new products and learn how to be creative with our food.
Good variety - by Although I would have chosen other items if given the chance, the variety thrive chose was a nice mix of snacks, pantry, and meal starters.

Vegan Starter Kit

14 products
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