Salt ToothpasteSalt Toothpaste4001638098090Weleda's Salt Toothpaste was formulated to let your saliva's natural enzymes get to work and gently flush your mouth clean. This toothpaste is infused with extracts of ratanhia root, myrrh, and chestnut bark to help tone gums, while peppermint essential oil gives you that tingly fresh taste without fluorides.2.5 fl oz tube
Love the idea, but... - by In theory, this is a great way to avoid fluoride or SLS in toothpaste and still get a clean, fresh, mouth and good oral hygiene. In reality, if you have even slightly sensitive teeth or gums, this is not the best choice. Made my gums bleed when used 2X day everyday (switched out to 1-3 substitute toothpaste with my reg fav for better results.)
High quality - by Little bit too salty for me. Works good.
Favorite Toothpaste - by Makes my mouth feel clean and healthy
Great toothpaste - by I really liked this toothpaste. I liked that it wasn’t flavored, but still made my mouth and teeth feel clean. Great choice for a natural toothpaste!
Very Salty! - by Excellent Detox Toothpaste! Salty in a good way

Salt Toothpaste

2.5 fl oz tube$2.52/fl oz
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