Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

25 oz bottle

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25 oz bottle

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Environmentally friendly cleaning products that work! A gentle and non-irritating formula that effectively cleans dishes.
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About This Brand

Planet is dedicated to providing you with a line of household products that are designed to be effective and powerful, while at the same time being gentle on you and our environment. At Planet, we believe that we all have a responsibility for the preservation of the earth, not just as individuals, but as companies and government bodies as well. That is why Planet is committed to the concept that companies must become part of the environmental solution. We do our part by practicing such things as producing environmentally friendly products, recycling, reducing resource consumption, reusing materials and using recyclable packaging with our products. We believe that other companies should practice such things as well, even if profits are a little lower as a result. It's all part of being socially responsible! Companies can also do their part for the environment by helping to fund the activities of non-profit organizations that focus all of their skills and energies on environmental...
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Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (plant-based cleaning agent), Lauramine Oxide (plant-based cleaning agent), Sodium Chloride (mineral viscosity adjuster), Sodium Bicarbonate (mineral alkalinity adjuster), C10-16 Pareth-1 (incidental ingredient)*, Sodium Sulfate (incidental ingredient)*

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Reviews For Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

Based on 34 Reviews

Absolutely love this!

I love that it doesn't have a strong odor, gets my dishes clean, and doesn't irritate my skin! Won't use anything else!

- Tifani Buss


better then any other dish soap we have ever tried, a definite keeper :)

- Nicholas

Will reorder!

I like this product over another natural competitor that I had been purchasing locally.

- Eileen

I've settled on this brand

After trying several different dishwashing liquids, I've settled on this brand. It's more viscous so it's easy to control output with no waste, and most important it seems to work a treat on all my dishes and cookware.

- M. J.


Safest, most effective, most concentrated DW liquid I have ever used.

Thrive's price was also by far the best.

- weedibix


First time using and love it. Cleans very well.

- Rocy Roque

Go-to dishwashing liquid

I've tried quite a few green company dishwashing liquids and this one has by far been the best! It cuts grease super well and I love that it doesn't have much of a fragrance. I will definitely be buying this again and again!

- Hannah Lyon


Great natural soap....makes good suds, smells great and works well on my dishes. I have tried several brands, this by far is my new favorite.

- Misslane

Glad I found this!

Lasts a good while and makes more suds than I expected.

- Carlene


This is the best green dish washing liquid I have used. It cleans well and cuts grease. My dishes are sparkling when they dry. I don't need to try any others.

- Katrina

great dish soap

this stuff is great. I love that the ingredients are more 'clean' than most & there are no added scents or colors. my boyfriend doesn't think it gets grease off dishes as well as traditional brands, but you can also soak a dirty pan for a few hours & that helps.

- JM

Would buy again

I really like this detergent. It works great and gets my dishes clean. I like it better than other green dish detergents I have tried.

- Sherry

Dries out hands

Dries out my hands easily after only a coupe uses. I also realized after I purchased it that this soap contains Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). Not a good ingredient! I found a better dish soap at Whole foods that has better ingredients and is also cheaper as well.

- Rebecca


Although is organic and natural it still bubbles up which I like. A lot of all-natural soaps don't bubble up so I'm glad that this one does. It cleans well and does it's job!

- Leila


This is a wonderful product that destroys grease and grime without leaving behind a chemical residue.

- Carol

Good stuff

I use this all of the time now. Works as good as Dawn IMO.

- Denise

Great soap!

This is our new go-to dish soap. Thanks Thrive for exposing us to Planet dish soap. Gets the job done and good for us and the earth. On occasion, it seems like we have to use a bit more soap to get really greasy plates and pans clean than I would like, but still less than previously tried environmentally friendly brands.

- Julia

Good for the planet and it works

I've tried several natural dish soaps and this is one of the best working ones. It ties with Mrs. Meyers and neither leaves stinky sponges.

- Angela

Great for infant bottles

We use this to clean our infant's bottles and it does a great job. It doesn't seem to dry out our hands as much either.

- Jaime

This actually works!

I'm so glad I found this earth-friendly dish soap. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find a soap as powerful as the leading one sold at the supermarket. But I am so happy with this soap. It gets the job done, even with the greasiest messes. Really a great purchase!

- Ariana

Works Great. Gets the job done

It only takes a few drops to get plenty of suds.
Not harsh on hands.

- Rhonda

Very happy with this

Good suds, cleans well, non-toxic. I add my own essential oils when I want a nice scent.

- Leah

Second Buy

On my second bottle of this liquid. I wash straight from a cloth with this soap and it is a good cleaner. I put it in a pump bottle with a little water added so it goes further and works well.

- Victoria

Great product!

Love this dishwashing liquid. It gets very sudsy and goes a long way. Dishes feel clean.
Highly recommended.

- KimNYC

My new favorite dishsoap!

LOVE this dishsoap! It is super sudsy and gets my dishes nice and clean. I have tried MANY good-for-the-environment dishsoaps and I have to say, I think this one is my new favorite!

- Segwses

Works Great!

This is a new must have in my kitchen. Rates well on EWG.org and cleans great too.

- Valorie

Great dish washing liquid

I love how this dish washing liquid works just as great as your average chemical filled store bought one. It is gentle on my hands and leaves my dishes squeaky clean. The best part is that its great for the planet. I'm glad I have just found my new dish washing liquid!

- Nati S.

Better than expected.

I'm ordering again, so that should say something. I honestly wasn't expecting too much from a natural cleaner; those I've tried in the past have left me disappointed, but this one works at a great price.

- Andrea

Cuts grease, doesn't dry out my hands

This is the best eco- friendly dish soap I have found. It does not take much to get nice clean dishes. My hands are loving the way this does not dry them out. I just ordered another bottle and will continue to use this product.

- Katrina

gentle to hands

Exceptional product! Only a very small amount makes nices suds and really cleans. Very gentle to hands, first dish soap EVER (including other natural brands) which did not shred my cuticles with use. Alright!

- Clyde

Love It! & Allergy Friendly!!!

Works great, better than the smelly soaps. Plus if you have sensitive skin and\or allergies to other products it's safe too. I'm grateful to finally find a product that has only a few ingredients and none of them are skin irritating!

- Antoinette

Can't tell if it's any better than my old one

I bought this because it's a natural dish washing liquid and I'm trying to do better at not buying stuff loaded with a lot of chemicals.

But I didn't see a lot of difference in how this cleans versus my old one. It is better for my hands and for the environment, but not sure it's any better than what I used before.

- B. Prince

Plant based cleaner

I like this dishwashing liquid because it's sourced naturally and doesn't have a ton of chemicals.

It also does a really good job on my food-stained pans, especially if I soak them for about ten minutes. I like the fact that I'm not using something that is toxic, because people forget that you use your hands to wash dishes and whatever's on that liquid can get into your pores.

- Barbara Pittman

Impressed Everyone

I have a hard time convincing my friends and family that environmentally-friendly and non-toxic products are worth it. They always seem to have this bad assumption that they don't work as well. I was happy to dispel that myth with this dishwashing soap. We had a lot of dishes that had to be washed after Thanksgiving meal, and instead of using their regular soap, I brought along this to show them. It ended up cleaning up all of the dishes with absolutely no problem - even the messy ones that had the turkey or other baked-on food! People were actually amazed, and I heard a couple comments about "how can something non-toxic do that"? I love that it doesn't dry out my hands either.

- Julie T.

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