Avocado Oil Mayo

12 oz Jar

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12 oz Jar

Why You’ll Love It

Having a healthy diet doesn’t mean cutting out your favorite condiments and foods. With healthy options like Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayonnaise you can continue to enjoy turkey sandwiches, deviled eggs, potato salad, and more. Founded by Mark Sisson, Primal Kitchen carries delicious Paleo foods that are natural and kind to the body.
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About This Brand

What is Primal Kitchen Primal Kitchen is the latest project by Mark Sisson, one of the founders of the Paleo movement as well as the author of the bestselling book, “The Primal Blueprint.” The company makes an assortment of Paleo diet health foods, ranging from coconut-based protein shakes to avocado oil infused mayonnaise. To put it simply, Primal Kitchen is on a mission to create excellent food made with nutritious ingredients that are oh-so tasty. Who is Mark Sisson Mark Sisson is the founder of Primal Kitchen and is widely recognized for his work within the Paleo community. But even those things paint an incomplete picture of the man—let's start from the beginning. Raised in a fishing town in Maine, Mark Sisson fell down the rabbit hole of nutrition and athletics at an extremely early age. He lived about a mile and half away from the school he attended and one day developed a game. Instead of riding the bus home, he’d run and try to beat the bus. Little did Sisson...
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Avocado Oil, Organic Cage-Free Eggs, Organic Egg Yolks, Organic Vinegar, Sea Salt, Rosemary Extract.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 tbsp (15g) Servings Per Container 24

Amount Per Serving

Calories 100 Calories from Fat 100

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 12g 18% DV
Saturated Fat 1.5g 8% DV
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 15mg 5% DV
Sodium 115mg 5% DV
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0% DV
Sugars 0g 0% DV
Protein 0g 0% DV

Iron 0g 0% DV

Contains: Eggs. 020115.

Reviews For Avocado Oil Mayo

Based on 789 Reviews


We have been buying this mayonnaise on Mark Sisson's recommendation. Sometimes healthy substitutes for traditional foods taste, quite frankly, awful. NOT THIS ONE. this is excellent tasting mayonnaise, better than any traditional brand we have purchased. We definitely will continue to purchase.



A great mayo to have on hand when we don't make our own. I personally love a dollop of it on scrambled eggs!

- Linda

Tastes like regular mayo

Awesome for my Whole30. Didn't even miss regular mayo.

- Jenny Burns

Avacoda oil mayo

I like the avacoda oil mayo. It is tasty and far better for you than anything you can buy in the grocery store!

- Connie

Best Mayo All Around

This is the only mayo we use! I've tried making my own before, but it's never turned out the way we like. Primal Kitchen solved all our problems. Good mayo from good ingredients. We're sold.

- Emily Maurer

Best Mayo

Super texture. It's a little bit more sharp than some other mayo brands but more than makes up for that difference in terms of quality. No one knows the difference between this mayo and any other mayo so feel free to serve to one and all!

- Abbey


This is our favorite better ingredient mayo! It's so good! I wish they sold it in a larger size

- Paige

Very good

Approached this with skepticism. Thought it might taste "weird". NOT so! A light tangy flavor, fresh and clean. Love it mixed with a bit of sour cream. Nice to have a healthy mayo made with healthy oil.

- Mary

Very Good

very tasty and creamy, it has a strong vinegar taste but i like that so it works for me. The vinegar taste is more noticeable if you just taste it on the tip of your finger, once i mixed it into egg salad or with tuna, it is less strong...

- MattyD33

Great stuff!

I love mayo - but after getting a little more into food, I noticed that the mayo at the store as FILLED with garbage. I thought... okay, can I make this stuff? Nah... too lazy. Enter Primal Mayo. Thanks for saving me! It's delicious and I don't have to do any of the work.

- Martha

Love this mayo!

This mayo is really good. Very handy to have in the pantry when you do not have time to make your own. Have also tried the chipotle lime and I really like that one too!

- Danelle M

Avocado Oil Mayo

I keep stocked up on this its great and very healthy wish it came in bigger jars.

- louise

Not too salty

I see other reviews that say this is too salty. I didn't think about it being salty until I saw the reviews, I suppose if you eat it by the spoonful, then ok, it does have a salty-ish taste, but on a sandwich or in salad, it's not noticeable and tastes delicious. I prefer it to my old standby, Hellman's.

- Betsy

Can something be too good?

Yes, this mayo is amazing, we have to stop ourselves from eating it.

- Monica

Best tasting mayo

I've always used Miracle Whip but when I chose to revamp my eating habits I had to find an alternative. Thrive was offering a free jar on this and I thought I'd give it a try. I absolutely love this Mayo. It is great for spreading on sandwiches and making dressings. I'm definitely a convert. Thank you Primal Kitchen.

- Denise Doll

Avacado mayo

This is so good finally one I can eat and not get sick on A++++++++++++++++

- Kimberly


When I first read about this amazing product, one person said it tasted really good. They were right. I take it to restaurants rather than get anything else - like hamburgers. I will never use anything but Avocado Oil Mayo. It is excellent.

- Maylin

The perfect Mayo for Whole 30!

Since I do not have an emulsion blender and live in the country where Whole 30 compliant food is not readily available, it was great to have this tasty mayo delivered right to my door! The price was right, and the taste for my chicken salad and tuna fish was not different from regular oil mayo. Thanks, Thrive Market!

- Lori Dodde

Love it!!!

Love the avacado oil mayo! Was worried because I don't particularly like avacados. I needed an alternative to my much loved Hellmans due to the use of soy in this product. Nothing compared until I tried to avacado mayo! I bought an extra jar for my sister to try...she, too, LOVES IT!!!

- AJ


I bought some for both my daughters to try...wholesome & good..you'll never go back to the 'other' store bought stuff! No salt necessary when you use this mayo...Avocado goodness..

- Thrive User

So good

I love Primal Kitchen's chipotle mayo and this one is just as good. If you don't like mayo, this is one might your mind!

- Kristen Stancil

Real mayo taste, maybe better

I have an auto-immune disorder so I have to be very careful about the oils I eat. I cannot have seed oils of any kind but they are used in just about every shelf mayo. I LOVE mayonnaise, and now this product is delicious. I don't feel deprived at all. I wish it was less expensive, but here at Thrive it's still from $2-$10 cheaper than I found it in other stores. I use it sparingly (sort of) so it lasts a while. Totally worth it.

- Betsy

Pretty good

I loathe vinegar and since that is one of the main ingredients, i was a little scared. All in all it's good. Used it in a chicken salad and didn't taste the vinegar. Good Paleo option when you get tired of making your own mayo

- Raven Carey

yummy and healthy

will buy again for sure

- Melody

Best mayo!

I don't eat a lot of mayo, so I'm fussy. I want it to taste great and have great texture AND good ingredients! This is the best! I really like that it is made with avocado oil, no sugar, and the best ingredients I have seen!

- lindacali

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo

An awesome, rich, healthy mayonnaise; this is the only one I'll use for my family.

- JoAnn

Great Mayo

The Avocado Mayo is GREAT. I love it and its Healthy ...

- Robert Shouse

Way too salty

I love this brand and had high hopes for a sugar free Mayo but this one is too salty. I thought it might just be me so I asked my son and husband to try some, they both agree, it's on the saltier side. Fine, but if you use this to make tuna or other salads don't add salt!

- Carma Lewis

Great Taste!

this is the best organic mayo I have ever tasted - ingredients are very healthy - thank you!

- susan tehranchi

What title are you looking for?

Excellent flavor so you don't need as much product. Very good used in many ways.

- Gloria Brown


Amazing flavor and clean ingredients.

- Sara


Nice mild, slightly tangy flavor. When I started my Whole30, I thought it would be hard to replace my Hellmans but I actually prefer the flavor this mayo. Creamy texture. Great price - half what the grocery store sells it for. Highly recommend.

- Jen


I had to get used to the taste. This is my second time to order it and I will be ordering it again. I like that there is no soy.

- Deena

Works great!

Perfect in all of my recipes. My husband does prefer a miracle whip but this is the next best thing!

- Jenny Ulrich


This is the only mayo I can find that is made with avocado oil. It tastes good!

- Beth

Best Mayo Ever

I am so sensitive to everything and this is one Mayo I can really enjoy! It's so creamy and delicious!

- Mary

Love this Mayo.

Primal Kitchen mayonnaise is a life saver. I love Tuna and Chicken salad so I use a good amount of mayonnaise. I can use this and don't get all the added chemicals. Since it's made with avocado oil, I get the good fats.
It saves time of having to make Paleo friendly mayonnaise.
The only drawback is it is more expensive but to stay Paleo compliant, I pay the price.

- Phyllis

So smooth

This mayo is so smooth and tasty - I love it! I will always keep a jar on hand.

- Laura

You won't find anything better

This is absolutely delicious and tastes just like mayonnaise. It's been fantastic in the chicken salad that I make weekly for lunch.

- Thrive User

deliciously satisfying

It is a wonderful dressing.

- Celia

An almost narcotic-like addiction!

It's my go-to salad dressing, whether this original flavor or the chipotle variety. One healthy dollop tossed with my daily bowl of varying veggies -- delicious and healthy, a perfect combo!

- Joel

Great mayo substitute!

I can't tolerate regular mayonnaise. This one is a perfect substitute, healthy, and delicious. Highly recommended.

- Annie

Good Healthy Mayo

We love this Mayo and use it in sandwiches and tuna salad. Taste is great and avocado oil is healthy.

- Sydney

Very Salty

It has a rich, thick mayonnaise texture, but it's very acidic and salty, so I can only use it in small quantities mixed in other ingredients. I wish it was just a little milder.

- Linda

Great tasting!

This is a great tasting mayo, affordable, healthy and I don't feel guilty eating this or giving it to my family! I know they are getting the good stuff with this mayo!

- Erin

Reorder Over and Over

This is hands down the BEST mayo available. It tastes so much better than the conventional brands you'll find in the grocery store, but the fact that it's Paleo and Whole30 approved makes it that much more amazing. Buy it now, you won't regret it!

- Megan


Tastes like Mayo should. Will be buying this again.

- Sarah

Really good

We really love this mayonnaise. Finally a mayonnaise we can eat with our dietary restrictions. I use it for dips, dressings, and even tartar sauce.

- Ulrike

My favorite condiment!!!

I make sure I always have Primal Mayo in stock, so I can make delicious egg salad (or deviled eggs).

- Katherine

avocado mayo

just as good as regular mayo

- Robin


Tastes like a lighter version of the mayo we grew up with. Very nice flavor.

- Amy

Great substitute for mayo or ranch dressing

I use this for egg, tuna & chicken salad. Absolutely love it ! Great taste & consistency.

- Tonya Halfhill

My favorite mayo!

Hands down, this is my favorite mayo! It tastes better than all the other mayos out there, and it doesn't have any weirdo ingredients! Win. Win!

- Elizabeth Bruer

Avocado Mayo*****

I've always loved Mayo... Since I've given on all junk food, even if it tastes good! I ordered an introduction jar of your Avocado Mayo, it is hands down the best Mayo if ever had, I tried making my own but it never tasted the way I wanted it to... I just had some Sardine tacos with
Avocado, some dry spices, Avocado Mayo & Cole slaw cabbage, and they were fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

- Allen Muir

Best non-soy dressing

Best soy-free mayonnaise! And best price is here at Thrive!

- Celeste

Avocado mayo - a little salty

Loved the idea of Avocado Oil mayo. Texture was great - didn't separate like some soy-free mayos. Flavor was good, however it was quite salty compared to anything else I have used. Really would like to continue using, but won't be buying again unless the sodium content comes down a bit.

- Vicki

Hellmann's Convert

This is the best mayo, ever. I discovered it during a Whole30 and will never go back - it is worth the price difference.

- Amanda

Best Mayo Ever!

I just love it. I feel good that I am using something that has the right kind of fats in it. I will not go back to the old stuff.

- Mary J Hirtle

Love it

We love all of the Primal Kitchen items This is our favourite paleo mayo.

- Bob Wright

You should try this!!!

Absolutely LOVE this mayo!! I'm on the Autoimmune Protocol reintroduction stage and can handle eggs well and fell in love as soon as I tried this, as did my husband. We pretty much buy it by the case now

- Jaime Peterson


We first got this mayo as a free gift and it was awful. So glad we gave it another try. My toddler puts it on everything! Makes great dressings and dips.

- K

Best Mayo Ever!

This is the best mayonnaise I've ever eaten. It's better than Duke's, and no ikky soybean oil, but an oil my body actually likes. The only problem I have is that the jar is so darned small. I'm out before I can say "Boo!" Would be nice if it came in a larger size for the same price. :)

- Rene

My Fave!

I am obsessed!!!!! So good!!!!!

- karina

Great Mayo!

This is a wonderful, healthier option to mayo and still tastes great!

- Rachel

Love this Mayo

Good flavor, great ingredients. This is a staple on my Thrive shopping list.

- Sylvia

A Favorite

Great flavor, works well in place of anything you might use regular mayo for.

- Rita Berk c/o Coldwell

Wonderful Paleo Mayo

Delicious Mayonnaise, makes great chicken salad or tuna salad.

- Carol

Excellent Mayo!!

I love mayo and it is hard to find a healthy alternative, but this is it. It has a fantastic flavor, excellent on burgers and in tuna salad.

- Mark Dziuban

Love this mayo

this tastes like mayo!! it's delicious! and creamy, and thick and wonderful. And it's avocado oil!! Just doesn't get any better

- Theresa

Great Tasting Mayo

Great tasting and healthy!!

- Sue

great mayo substitute

I cannot find a taste difference between this and regular mayo so I would rather use this healthier version

- Megan


Always a re-order for me. This brand in my opinion is the best!

- Joanie

Avocado Oil Mayo by Primal Kitchens

We adore this mayonnaise and use no other since finding this mayo. It is excellent and good for you as well.

- Debbie

Ok-not great

The taste reminds me more like"Miracle Whip" which I do not like than mayonnaise. But the avocado oil is certainly better than the oil used in conventional mayo.

- Katherine


My Mom used Miracle Whip (we always called it salad dressing) and that is what I have continued using. My granddaughters (ages 4 & 6) live with us and they have not liked the Miracle Whip. My husband does not Miracle Whip or Mayo except in tuna salad or chicken salad. This size is perfect for myself. I fixed myself a sandwich using this and the girls wanted a bite and I let them (did not tell them I had used this) and they asked for several more bites. They now ask for sandwich with this mayo!!!

- Clara

Excellent mayo

I like this mayo very much.

- Valerie

Great product

At the time I founf this Avacado Mayo I had been looking for something like this and was so grateful to have found it atThrive. Thank you

- Whitefeather

Favorite ever

Great mayo!!

- Mary

Avocado Mayo.

Yummy Mayo, I have purchased several times..Good stuff..

- Patrick

Avocado oil mayo

I haven't seen this avocado mayo anywhere else and it's great to have a healthier choice of oil- based mayo to choose from.

- Chris


So expensive but so delicious. Love it!

- Mary

Can't get enough of it

Seems like it's gone before it arrives! Delicious AND Paleo :)

- Andrea

This stuff is the BEST !!

Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise is the freakin' best stuff on the market. First, no dairy, no sugar, no gluten, no carbs !! Diabetics rejoice. What else, tastes as good or better than any regular mayo in the supermarket. You can make dips, sauces and salads with this stuff too, as well as your burgers and sandwiches. I buy an extra jar with each purchase, just to have one for dips and sauces, and one for normal daily use.

I'd buy stock in this company.

- Terrence Abrams


Great, tangy flavor. A bit pricey but, you don't need to use much. I'll get again.

- Marie

So good!!!!!!!

I took a chance on this mayo. I will not put canola oil to my lips, and was looking for a mayo that was free of that and vegetable oils, yet kept it's flavor and integrity. This mayo IS IT! Absolutely delicious!

- Mackytack

Great mayo

We really like this product, we even found it on the shelve in Publix....

- David

Love it

Tastes great and meets my dietary requirements, too.

- Chris


This mayo is delicious!

- Kathryn

Creamy and delicious

I could not get over the fact that all grocery store brands have soybean or vegetable oil in their mayo. Gross.
I'm so glad I found an affordable mayo with all good ingredients. It tastes great in tuna or egg salad or on a BLT!

- Hannah

Great taste

Great tast.

Great list of ingredients, as in really short.

- Brian

seriously good

I used to make my own mayo from avocado oil to avoid soy. No more! Mark Sisson is right, this is the real deal, cannot tell this from Hellmands real mayonnaise. Tangy! Excellent texture and consistency.

- Mia

essential oil!

I tired making my own mayo in beginning this paleo adventure but that was neither realistic nor appetizing. This avocado mayo is perfect in taste and texture and will be a staple.

- Christine


I love the fact that this mayo has NO sugar. It's very delicious.

- Namaste

this mayo is the best!

Not an avocado fan...but LOVE this mayo. It's light, creamy and tasty. And no bad oils!

- AJ

Best mayonnaise ever

I am on Whole30 program and was in despair that I was going to have to make my own mayonnaise! Then I discovered this product--it is better than any other mayonnaise ever!

- Nancy


As a Hellman's devotee, I have finally found a better mayo. This has the 'zing' that kept me with the same brand for 30 years. Great flavor, great texture....it's loved by the whole family.

- CR

I've got a serious addiction

Too good, absolutely love mayo but had stopped eating it when I started paying more attention to my diet. Now I'm back with a vengeance, this stuff is mandatory in my house now and I pretty much tell everyone I know about this ridiculously tasty mayo.

- Luke

Love this!!

Definitely a favorite........ I've used it in salads, in dressings, on sandwiches and in dips. Always tastes great!!

- Ruth

The Best!

This mayo is my main reason for ordering from Thrive Market. It is delicious! I use it plain or whip it with fresh organic lemon juice for a fish sauce. Love this!

- Nancy

really good

I got a jar on a trial one time. I really like it so I bought a jar. It is not weird tasting at all, very healthy too.

- lauri

love this mayo

Most other mayos you buy main ingredient is soy oil. Even if they advertise as olive oil mayo. This mayo has full flavor and healthy ingredients. I have even given it to others who are trying to eat better foods. It is a winner!

- Wendy

Such a favorite

I am so glad I came across this mayo last year. This has been our absolute favorite. Love it!

- Iryna


The best clean mayo out there. I just wish it came in a bigger size!

- Mary-Kate


Love it!

- David


I was skeptical about this. However, tried it with tuna salad and it was delicious! I will never go back to regular mayo again !

- Tarren Huddleston

avocado oil mayonnaise

So delicious-- and healthy fat at the same time. Its great on everything!

- Sandra


i love this and love that it is healthy!

- stenelle

Love this stuff!

After discovering I have a dairy sensitivity, I ordered this mayo to see about it as a good substitute. I was skeptical because I have had bad luck with mayo subs (ew!) and also I have a slight sensitivity to avocado, but I wanted to at least give it a try. I was happy to discover that not only did it not bother me in the slightest but it is also AMAZING! The flavor is incredible (like the real deal!), the texture is great, and I will most definitely buy this again. I'm in love. :)

- Rebecca

Love it!

Tried this as a healthier version for my tuna salad. Will be using this from now on!

- Kristi Dance

Mayo be Sanny Happy!!

A Mayo cloud of flavor delight! (and no grimacing at thoughts of those Mega Ag workers in their hazmat suits harvesting your soybeans for the oil either)!!

- Mitchell


this is very amazing

- Lynne

Avocado Oil Mayo

I got this the day before yesterday and I think it is WONDERFUL. Do not hesitate to order this. I stored it in my refrigerator for a couple of hours after receiving it and then tasted it. It was thick and creamy and good!

- Christina

Best Mayo Ever!

I have been shocked at how much I like this mayo, with its superb ingredients. I've made tartar sauce with it, and used it like regular mayo. The taste is light, and I am glad to be consuming avocado oil rather than some of the others that mayo is based on.

- Jack



- Angela

Love it!

Began using this just to add some moisture to Nori/Avodado/Sprout wraps that I eat, and now can't do without it. If I were to judge it on its taste by itself, it would be ok but not great, but in combination with other foods, I'm finding it to be an excellent complement that really adds interest to other foods.

- Abby


A healthier alternative but still amazing flavorful!

- Ebony Welborn


This mayo is excellent in terms of both ingredients and flavor. I only wish it were a little more affordable. But, it's nice to have a shelf-stable jar of mayo on hand for those times when I can't make a fresh batch.

- Lisa

My go to mayo

I started using Thrive due to this product and their more reasonable pricing. It's smooth, light, not sweet like other spreads. I use this in a lot of my foods I eat. It's healthier for those of us who are sensitive to other oils. I use this over any other mayo on the market.

- Ginger

Nice alternative to traditional mayo

I received the Avocado Oil Mayo as a free gift and I am amazed that it tastes so good! It works just like traditional mayo and is a great alternative. I have ordered it since and will continue to use it. Highly recommend giving it a try!

- Kj

Avocado Oil Mayo

Love it! Great flavor!

- Lauren

Avocado Oil Mayo

This stuff is delicious! It is better and healthier than Hellmans in the supermarket.

- Cookie


This is my second jar...so delicious!

- cheryl

Love it!

This mayo tastes great and there's nothing bad about it. Just tastes a little bit like vinegar, but it doesn't bother me at all. Healthier than any other mayo you could find.

- Rossana

Better Than My Homemade

This expanded my paleo menu possibilities so that I no longer "miss" anything

- Eugenia

SO good!!

I am not Paleo but wanted to try this as a healthier option. I was a little scared because I had no idea what to expect. But, this is SO much better than regular mayo!! Very happy.

- Tiana

Love this mayo

I enjoy using this mayo because it has the right ingredients for the current diet being used. It has a great taste and will combine with so many foods.

- Paula Jo

I like this!

Definitely has more tang than Hellman's, but less sweetness than Miracle Whip. I really like this product. The Chipotle Lime flavor is great as well.



So happy to find a good mayonnaise without soy, GMO corn, or terrible-for-you canola oil. I will keep ordering it.

- Nancy


This is the best mayo I've ever had. We have regular mayo in the fridge still and the kids always ask for the "gourmet stuff." I just wish it came in a bigger size!

- Katrina


favorite mayonnaise ever! I love the texture and pure ingredients.

- Alice


Wonderful, great ingredients, love it!

- Kathryn


Super yummy! My husband and I enjoy this very much. Thank you.

- Irene Rivera

Extremely Good

This is one of my favorite products. It is extremely good is you want a paleo friendly choice.

- Robert

Love this stuff

Yummy! Be sure to put away, right after use.

- Kim

Love this Mayo!

This avocado mayo is delicious! And I love that it doesn't have a bunch of garbage in it. Where I live, there is no good mayonnaise available anywhere. I was so happy when I found this on Thrive!

- Grace

Yum! (but sweet)

I really like this mayo, though it's a bit sweet for my taste. If you like sweet mayo (think Miracle Whip), you will probably like this. It contains a bit of honey.

- MS

Best Mayo Ever

This has amazing taste! So hard to find a good tasting product that has no gluten, dairy or soy!

- Tracy MacKellar


This is so delicious. Mayo is not the healthys condiment but if this is really good.

- Helen

Sooo good!

This mayo is so much better than any other I've used, plus it's better for you. I love it in chicken salad. Besides, Thrive Market has the best price, and their packing and delivery is great!

- Dolores

Mama Stru

This is great! This is my healthy solution to tuna salad and chicken salad!!

- Kathy

Tastes great!

I love this healthier alternative to regular mayo. No unhealthy oils, and the taste is great!

- Patricia


Just the right amount of everything. A tiny bit makes a can of tuna AMAZING!

- Julia Marie

The best mayonnaise for any diet

I tried this mayonnaise only because it was "approved" for a two week detox diet in which I was participating. Now, it is my go to mayonnaise all the time. It has the perfect consistency and a wonderfully rich, nutty flavor that is perfect for chicken and tuna salad, deviled eggs, homemade tartar sauce, and more. What a great find!

- Al Sumpter


My family loves this mayo - even my sceptical, non-clean eating husband. :)

- Victoria


Got this mayo as a free product from Thrive and I love it!! I definitely will be purchasing this in the future!

- Rachel Kasperek

Healthy Mayo!

I love this mayo since it is low in sugar and has healthy ingredients.

- Sandra

Pretty Good.

For pre-made paleo friendly mayo this stuff is pretty good. It's just heavier tasting to me than Tessamae's mayo. Not sure if that is a helpful description. It serves as a great vehicle to create interesting spreads for lettuce wrapped things. It is a great staple for when you're short on time or just don't feel like making your own.

- Christine

Avocado mayo

Love it. It's the only mayo I have used for about a year.

- Ellen


Due to heath issues, I can't eat regular mayo anymore. This alternative is not only good for me, but delicious, too. Holds up well ... not runny ... and affordable.

- Catherine

Smelled rancid

I've ordered this mayo from Thrive at least 5 times over the past year and have loved it. Great ingredients, no industrial seed oils. But this last jar looked funny when I opened it. So I smelled it and it smelled faintly like a machine, rancid. I scooped off the top layer and tested underneath. Not quite as strong but still not great. I don't know if it's something I didn't notice before or if it's just this jar. I have a second jar so will check it and see if it's the same. If not, I'll revise this review. I might have just gotten a bad jar.

- Kyung

Healthy and delicious!

Yes it will taste different from your typical mayo, but it tastes great and I know it is healthy for me.

- Mindy

So Good

Love this primal mayo and it will always be in my kitchen.

- Cynthia


I was really excited to get this mayo and I opened the jar as soon as I got it. I tasted it and it was terrible!! It was extremely salty and had a horrible taste. Not sure if it had gone bad or if thats just the way it tastes. I like salty foods, but this tasted as if I had just poured straight salt in my mouth.

- Jennifer

Best of the best

This is the best tasting mayo with by far the best ingredients at the best price I've found anywhere.

- Annie


This mayo is so delicious! It's a little expensive but I really enjoy the flavor and consistency. It would be great if they would sell it in a larger size with some cost savings because I use so much of it. Especially this summer in my sweet potato salad. Even my husband who doesn't follow a Paleo diet loves my sweet potato salad with this mayo.

- Debbie

Smooth and rich

Avocado Oil Mayo is the perfect mayo for me. Whether I'm using it to dip artichoke leaves in, or to bind egg salad [with celery and sweet onions and so on- what's your recipe?] I find it is always smooth, always rich, and always delicious.

- Janet


I should have read the reviews more carefully before ordering this. The last bad review was accidentally noted as 5 stars but I think they meant to choose 1, so I accidentally overlooked it. Hopefully this helps others in deciding.

I don't know if it was just my jar, but this tastes absolutely AWFUL! I had the same thought that it was strange there was no seal between the jar and the lid. It tastes rancid and I'm currently inquiring about a refund.

Again, perhaps we got a bad batch. Not what I expected at all! :(

- Sung


I really Really REALLY wanted to love his mayo. Sadly, I don't even like it a little bit. As other have stated, WAY too salty. I will continue to make my own. Very disappointed.


Great mayo!!!

Whole30 compliant AND delicious

- Tammy

Best Mayo

Love the taste. Love the creaminess. Love, love love .. enough said.

- Cindy

Awesome mayo

This tastes just like regular mayo, except it's 1000% healthier and so much easier than making your own olive oil based mayo (plus it doesn't expire quickly like homemade mayo does).

- Jennifer

A Mayo for Me!

I only learned that there was such a thing as avocado oil mayonnaise a few months ago. Then I tried to find it; nothing in any retail stores, even my health food stores. I think one of them didn't even want to order it because of the cost. Thank you, Thrive, for carrying this at a reasonable price. I'm loving it! I don't eat soy, canola, or any of the other Omega-6 'bad' oils, but I do enjoy mayo in tuna or chicken salad or on a fresh tomato from my garden. Just one problem--they need to offer a large size jar!

- Jan

Great product!

This is my second purchase of this item because I loved it. The taste is preferable to regular mayo and it's nice knowing that it's made from more healthy fats. My boyfriend loves regular mayonnaise and he even enjoyed this. It was a hit at cook outs on burgers, chicken sandwiches, etc. Will keep buying!

- Janice

Avo Mayo great!

Avocado Oil Mayo is very nice! I do not miss the unhealthy conventional mayo we all grew up with, at all!

- Leslie


I had to find a Mayo with next to no carbs, no sugars and no dairy. This stuff is fantastic. Tastes like a real farm-made mayo would taste, with nothing but healthy ingredients. I really enjoy this stuff, it was a life-saver on my restricted diet. I can see why this stuff made the best-seller list over on Amazon. I can't find a good Ranch dressing with the same attributes, so I use some of this Mayo, some unsweetened Almond milk added, and a dry pack of ranch dressing mix. IT'S GREAT. Can't recommend this mayo strongly enough.

- Terrence Abrams

Delicious and Versatile

You can eat it as is, or let it be your go-to for Paleo friendly condiments and dressings. I make a killer ranch with this stuff and it's so nice to have the mayo already prepared. (Search for Whole 30 Ranch Recipe)

- Rose

Organic Mayo with Good oil!

I've been looking for organic mayo that does not contain PUFA's(poly-unsaturated fatty acids) like safflower or sunflower oils, not toxic soy or canola(rapeseed) oils.

So glad to find this mayo. It is tangy, more than the mayo I have had in the past, but makes a good egg salad with eggs and onion. And good for me :)

- Nancy

Great stuff!

Very pleased with this mayo! Tastes great.

- Luana

Fabulous mayo!

Paleo Kitchen mayo hits it out of the park - the tangy flavor reminds me of lime-based Mexican mayo. It's unique and easy to find in a meal, but doesn't fight with other condiments or accompaniments.

- Gini von Courter

My husband loves this!

I really like this mayo but my husband LOVES it! He is more of a mayo eater than me and I wanted something healthier for him. I still have to caution him not to over do it, but he's very happy with this mayo. I made organic potato salad with this and it was delicious!

- Juanita

Avocado Mayo

This is the best Mayo I have ever bought. I try to eat as healthy as possible and all organic and no GMO'S. This is the best of the best!

- Brent

love it!

it has a nice tangy taste. I love it

- Joanne

Perfect Replacement

Replaces mayo perfectly - great flavor and good fats. Has a delicious flavor that can hold its own.

- Nate


Best mayo ever! I keep a plentiful stock at all times!

- Jessica

Primal kitchen avocado oil mayo

This is the best mayonnaise I have ever had. I started on a paleo diet for health reasons and this has been a lifesaver!!

- Anne mudra

No canola!

We don't eat canola, safflower, sunflower or soy oils, which ALL mayonaise seems to have, except for this one, so this is the only brand we buy. Tastes virtually the same as other mayos.

- LR

Best Mayo Ever!

So glad I found Primal Kitchen Mayo! My diet consists of paleo foods and I had trouble finding a palatable paleo approved mayo until I came across this one. The flavor beats all other mayo's I've used in the past (paleo and non-paleo) and it's difficult to use it sparingly which I try to do since it's a little pricy. Wish it came in a large economy jar!

- Barbara


primal kitchen avocado oil mayonnaise taste just like the recipe from Mark's cookbook. I love it homemade, but sometimes I am strapped for time. Being able to pull it from the cabinet is awesome!

- james

the fact that is healthy can be your secret; they won't be able to notice

This brand is the healthiest mayo available and even my picky fiance loves it!

- Sprout

Finally Found a Mayo for me!

This is just what I was looking for in a healthy mayonnaise, thank you so much!

- Nancy

Awesome Mayo!

This mayo is delicious! I finally found a mayonnaise that I can feel good about eating without all the nasty preservatives. It has all whole ingredients from a brand I trust.

- Beth

Simple Ingredients

Very tasty. I can have potato salad, coleslaw, and deviled eggs again. I know you can use avocado but come on, Mayonnaise is so much better ;)

- Michelle

Tastes like the mayo I grew up with

The taste of this mayo is amazingly good and the fact that it is all avocado oil and no other franken-oils is the main reason I buy it. We'll keep buying this product.

- Tim

Avocado Oil Mayo

Very happy with this product. Was having great difficulty finding mayo without soy which I will not eat. This does the trick. Thank you!

- Diana

Love the taste - better than regular mayo hands down!

Absolutely the best mayo, and so much healther. A great replacement . The jar is small and goes way too fast. Please offer it in a larger container.

- Jill

Pretty good

I bought this because I am trying to use healthy oils. I was making my own mayonnaise but the oil they recommend is the same bad oils in store bought mayo. So I bought this to try. For me it has a bit of a strange after bite. My husband did not like it at all. I found that I like it half and half - regular mayo with this mayo. At least it is a little healthier?

- Julie

So Happy I Ordered Two!

This is the best mayo I have ever had! I was never a fan of Mayo pre Whole30 life, but this just makes the meal complete. I agree that it is a bit on the salty side, but I didn't need to add salt to my dish. Creamy goodness :)

- Lauren

Avocado mayo

Taste good- Love he healthy oil and ingredients.

- Annette

Better than any other mayo

I put this stuff on everything!! It makes perfect tuna salad, chicken salad, sauces and marinades. It has no hidden ingredients like other mayos and is reliable in any dish.

- Lauren


Much better than I'd hoped for! I usually make my own mayo but I can't make it this cheap, at least not with avocado oil. This has a wonderful texture, tastes great, and saves me a lot of mess. I absolutely love mayo and this is going to be a staple in my pantry now.

- Krista

Love this stuff!

So happy to find this mayo with healthy ingredients. It is now a staple in our pantry. We use it to make so many tasty things, even ranch dressing. Wish it came in a larger jar.

- Suzanne

Primal kitchen mayo

Great product.Light tasting,smoothe..Tried it to see and ess surprised how good

- Joyce Green


Best tasting mayo EVER! What a treat- and so healthy at the same time. Too good, in fact, bad for my diet days ;)

- Karena

Better than other mayonnaise of any kind

I bought this avocado oil mayonnaise as part of a two week detox diet program, but it is now the only mayonnaise I will use. Great, nutty flavor and good consistency. Beats regular mayonnaise and the popular salad dressing substitute hands down in flavor.

- Al

Avocado Mayo

Love it! Creamy and smooth. I actually like it much better than typical mayo.

- Kim

love this MAYO!

So nice to not have to make my own mayo all the time! I really like the taste and texture of this mayo and use it all the time!

- Nanci

Best mayo ever.

This is so delicious, I cannot even tell you. Just buy it. Unbelievable.

- Barbara

Avocado Oil Mayo

This is my all time favorite item purchased from Thrive Market and is our only Mayo except for the Chipotle Lime Avocado Mayo. We love it and it is good for our health with an awesome taste. No one that I have allowed them to taste it, has not thought it was incredible.

- Debbie

The Best!

This is the only mayo I use now. It tastes fabulous and it's very healthy. Can't beat that combo!

- Chris

Love this!

It's delicious. Much better than regular mayo.

- Anna

packed with flavor!

This avocado mayonnaise is why I joined Thrive Market! It's so delicious and adds a rich zing to everything you add it to! Super yum!

- Mary


dangerously yummy! I had gone so long without eating mayo or mayonnaised salads, this was a super delish treat! I am soy free, which is in all the other mayo products I've seen, so now its a part of my pantry.

- Wendy Whitney


Delicious! Happy to have a healthy mayo!

- Sheryllyn

Great Mayonnaise

Didn't have much hope that I'd like this product but had to give it a try. It tastes great. I mixed it with Braggs vinegar and stevia and had it with sliced cucumbers and onions and my family didn't realize that it wasn't the mayonnaise that we always used.

- Karen

Great SCD friendly mayo

No sugar, no soy.

- Dee

Great ingredients / not-that-great of a product

I bought this as I'm trying to reduce my omega 6 oils. Unfortunately the product doesn't taste very good, or even taste like mayonaise.

- Martin

Nothing better!

This is so unbelievably GOOD--who knew mayonnaise could taste like this?? I want to eat it by the spoonful....so I just scoop a little onto deviled eggs, zucchini fritters, etc! AMAZING, definitely going to reorder!

- Ashley

Soy Free Mayo!

Love this soy free mayo! Apparently, my husband does also he chooses this brand over the "traditional" options still sitting in the refrigerator.
Guess it's time to purge the ice box!

- Jennifer


This takes avocado toast to the next level!

- Linda


love it...

- Thomas


This product fits my taste and can be used as I use mayo. I like it.



Best mayo ever, healthy too.

- Kathi

Good Taste

When I received the mayo in the mail, I made a sandwich with it to taste. It is a little different at first, but it is really good. I use it with my Chicken Salad to bring extra flavor.

- Jessica

Delicious AND guilt free!

Primal Avocado Mayo is an excellent healthy choice. It's delicious and guilt free both!

- Chris

Best mayo ever!

This is the best mayo and the only kind I use now. Healthy fats and whole, real ingredients. Great flavor too. It is a no brainer!

- M3P

Avacado OIl Mayo

I really like this...too bad it is in a small jar!

- Linda



- Susan

Really disappointed

I have been wanting to try this mayo for a long time and was so excited when my last order arrived. It was the first thing I pulled out and I stuck my little finger in right away for a sample. It was totally discussing! I was also very surprised to find that the only seal I needed to break was the plastic ring around the screw lid. After that, there was no seal underneath the lid. This seemed weird to me especially because the product contains eggs. My thought was that maybe it went ransid because it wasn't sealed propperly. That's how bad it tasted to me.

My next thought was maybe it would taste better mixed into something, because honestly I don't usually eat mayo plain anyway. I mixed it in with some chicken to make a chicken salad. It was not edible. I ended up rinsing it all off so I wouldn't waste the chicken.

I was so disappointed in this mayo because I use a lot of avacado oil in my cooking especially because it has such a light flavor. I think I will have to just make my own from now on. I would definitely NOT recommend this product.

- Bridget

Avocado Mayo

Mayo is good. I ordered it with coconut oil and the oil was spilt all over. Overall good purchase but very disappointed with shipping.

- Alexis

Great product

Love it. Great product

- Mia

Excellent flavor!

This is hands down the best tasting jarred mayonnaise and so much healthier than other brands. I could eat it with a spoon!

- Karista

tennis pro

super add on to rotis.chiken and swoss sandwich.

- john


First time I have ordered it mixed with some apple cider vinegar and poured over some fresh cucumbers and sliced peppers very tasty.

- Dianna

Almost perfect

Been waiting and waiting for a product like this. I love it and stock up often. My only complaint is that it's a bit too salty! If we make any kind of chicken or tuna salad, it has to be completely salt free because this mayo has tons of salt. Other than that, very happy to finally have a clean mayo on the market.

- wendy

So good!

I love this mayonnaise! The flavor is rich.

- Yvette


Even my picky husband likes this instead of traditional mayo.

- Maria

Avocado Oil Mayo

its so good only wish bigger jars and lower price, i will order it again soon

- louise

Avocado Oil Mayo

My first try on this item. I was very disappointed in the taste. It tasted racid. I will not order this again - had to throw out this jar! Ugh

- Evelyn

Love this mayo

Love that this mayo has such clean ingredients. And it tastes great. Love using it in my tuna and chicken salads

- Judy

Amendment to previous review

I did not notice the stars when I gave my review of this horrible product. I wish there was a 0 stars or even a negative stars. This is some of the worst tasting stuff I have ever put in my mouth. Don't waste your money.

- Beverly

Do not waste your money.

The taste of this product is absolutely vile! It had a rancid taste from the minute I opened the jar. Neither my husband nor I can tolerate it at all.

- Beverly

Avacado oil Mayo

Wonderful! Made great potato salad and deviled eggs! Will buy again!

- Amy

Avocado mayo.

Was excited to try this but a bit disappointed. Almost has a little bit rancid taste. Wondering if it's a bit old. Dated 2017.

- joy

Avacado Mayo

Will order again. Enjoyed the tangy taste

- Doreen

Love this mayonnaise

This mayonnaise is so good. You can taste the lime so it is good on any dish favorable to lime. I will buy this mayonnaise and others from Thrive Market again and again.

- Toni

Avocado mayo

I really like the Avocado mayo.
The best part about it is, no soy, yea!!!

- Betty


This stuff is great. And good for you. Wish it was less but the best place is here at Thrive.

- Lorie

Great mayo!

This is the best mayo I've ever tasted! So incredibly creamy and full of flavor. I hated mayonnaise when I was a child and only found one mayonnaise I liked as an adult. This far surpasses any others. I definitely recommend it!

- Christy

Mayo is back in my recipes

have been avoiding Mayo for years now. - Canola oil was the culprit. Tried making my own, but it never worked out well.

This product has the right ingredients, and tastes wonderful. Ordered it on a special offer from Taste , and am so pleased I had.

This Mayo tastes great. Just like I was used to. I use it whenever I can. I messed Mayo so much, but with this product no longer shall I be denied.

- Hugh

Lovely tasting

This is the first mayo that I have ever really enjoyed. It's made with wholesome ingredients and it tastes great! I will be buying this again.

- Laura L.

Avacado mayo

Delicious. This is the only mayo I will buy.

- EmilyK

Great quality - a tad salty

Love the ingredients and texture of this mayo. I find it just a smidge salty, but that's probably because there's no sugar in it (which balances salt flavor). Highly recommend this mayo for Whole30 and Paleo purists.

- Evelyn

Best Mayo ever!

This is the only Mayo I buy! It's healthy and so delicious!

- Arein

Very Good

I have gotten in the habit of making my own mayo but this is tastes very good and doesn't have any of the "yucky" ingredients that I don't want. I will start keeping a bottle of this on hand for when I don't have time to whip up my own batch!

- Ann

Primal Kitchen Mayo

Best Mayo ever!!

- Tina

Just like regular mayo but healthy!

Love this mayo, my kids couldn't tell any difference at all. All other mayos on the market have soybean oil, finally there is a healthy, sage alternative.

- Karla

Avocado oil mayo

I love avocado oil mayo, it's the best, my entire family is eating it!

- Lori Fuerst

The best mayo

Great tasting and healthy mayo. It's a staple in my fridge!

- Kat


I absolutely love this mayonnaise, it tastes even better than regular mayo. I use it on sandwiches, to make salad dressings, and instead of ketchup on baked fries/sweet potato fries/carrot fries, etc., it's great. Love it.

- Darion

Avocado Mayo

I love this mayo. I can't believe my family and I had been using canola oil mayo for so long!

- Susan


Favorite summer dip has Avocado Oil Mayo, non-dairy plain yogurt, fresh or dried dill, garlic and cayenne. Delicious! It's a very versatile dressing to create dressings with, and also, seems to keep well.

- Susan

Great product

Tastes great! Used in my potato salad for the 4th, and everyone loved it! Great consistency for sandwiches too. I will definately order again.



the best mayo I have ever tasted. :) Finally found a mayo without canola oil or soybean oil, love, love, love it.

- Londa

Not For Me

It has a strong aftertaste, perhaps because of the rosemary extract.

- Gale


Great mayo.

- Karen


Simply Delicious

- Thomas


I'm not even paleo but I like the flavor and texture of this mayo so much better than regular mayo. I especially like avoiding the soy prevalent in so many mayos. And Thrive's price is 25% less than my local Whole Foods store AND much less than Amazon.com too.

- Mark

So Yummy!!

This mayo is so good! It even gives a simple ham and cheese sandwich such a boost of flavor. My kids are loving it. Wish I had bought more because we are running out. Didn't think it would be that good. Nothing compared to ordinary mayo from the stores. (Yuck!) Thumbs up!

- Alba

Grain and sugar free , this ones for you !

No soy, canola oil, sugar, all the junk you find in commercial mayo. If your not making your own this ones the at to go. Soooo Good!

- Carol

Best Healthy Mayo Ever!

This Avocado Mayo is Simply The Best Healthy Mayo on the market, I think! It's truly delicious (got that big of tang that I really lurve)! Just wish it could come in a larger jar....Must try that Chipotle Mayo next.... :)

- James & Patricia

Avocado Oil Mayo

I bought this because it is the only mayonnaise that I've found to be Paleo friendly, but I do not particularly care for the flavor.

- Karen Groeneveld

Try it and you'll love it!

If you like this, you have to try the chipotle mayo!

- Dominique

Delish mayo!

Love this mayo, just wish it came in a larger bottle!

- Ana

Chipotle Lime Avocado Mayo

We have been organic eaters now since 2004 but my husband was never able to give up his life long use of Duke's Mayonnaise until this Mayo came along. We both love using the Avocado oil Mayo and it has taken Duke's place in our household.

- Debbie

the best

I now have a mayonnaise I don't have to worry about what is in it. Fresh. Delicious. and highly recommend

- Cheryl

Best Mayo

I am not on a paleo diet but I absolutely love this mayo. I use it on sandwiches, in my potato and chicken salads. It's so good I got my pops and sister hooked on it now.

- Lamar

Best Mayo

Six ingredients that you can pronounce, none of them chemicals or additives. An alternative mayonnaise that tastes as good or better than those commercial brands we grew up with. All avocado oil instead of any of those nasty "Franken"oils. This will be our mayo for many years to come!

- Tim D


Great product - I love it

- Eric


Although SLIGHTLY different than regular mayo, it's still delicious and the perfect paleo substitute. And I'm super picky about my mayo.

- Kristen


I am so glad I tried this based on an offer Inreceived and that I purchased a second jar as well. It is absolutely delicious and more than a substitute for mayo it is a replacement for me. Can be used in a variety of eats as well. I can't say enough great things about this product!

- Liana

Disappointed because I wanted to love it

Really wanted to like it...will keep trying it...taste is a bit off and kinda expensive

- Shelly

No, thanks

This mayo has a lingering acrid aftertaste. It would seem it's over-seasoned to compensate for the omission of other usual ingredients. If it were worth returning, I would, but it's really a bother.

- Gale

Beyond WOW

Absolutely amazing. Best tasting mayo on planet hands down and just look at the all natural and healthy ingredients. Love!

- Michael

larger Jar please

This mayo is the best out there! healthy, delicious. But, we need a normal sized jar, 32 oz. Come on, we're wasting resources here. Love the stuff, but frustrated with thie size.

- carol in MT

You will be spoiled to ANY other!

This is so worth it! I must warn you that you will be spoiled to any other so just budget for it forever :-) Enjoy

- Deborah

Love this stuff!

Expensive, but worth it. I love it . Great on fish with a bit of dill..YUM! I use sparingly because of the price, but I am happy I got it.

- Kristen


I am quite impressed with this yummy condiment!

- Kevan

Yummy Avocado Oil Mayo!

Made salad dressing with avocado oil mayo and it is yummy!!! Opens a whole new world of options!

- B A

Love this product

This mayo was recommended to me as one of the only one's not made with soybean or vegetable oils. I like the taste with my sandwiches but I love that the ingredients are so simple. Would definitely purchase again.

- Lori


Great taste and perfect with artichokes!!

- Susan


I use this for my salids and mixing it for a dip for bean chips as well as cold slaw with broccoli and ripe olives. It's very light and great for my body.

- Ginger


This is great mayo for those of us who are paleo. It has a little "bite" to it and is smooth and creamy. Highly recommend it. Tasty on vegi's too.

- Suzanne

No you your ordinary mayo

This mayo is Addictive! I started with one jar and now it's all I use!!

- Anita

Um, yum!

My husband and 3 toddlers all love this mayo! We've recently gone 100% paleo with our diet and it's been hard to find affordable replacements for things like mayo. This one is amazing!

- Jean

Best Taste

Avocado Oil Mayonnaise is the best-tasting mayo ever! And it truly is a better choice for our health (avoiding any soybean oils). My kids cannot tell the difference in this healthy tasting one and it is creamy and delicious with just about sandwich.

- Karen

Great tasting avocado oil mayo at a reasonable price

I had stopped using mayo because of the unhealthy oils used in most products. The olive oil brands only had a minimal amount of olive oil, which in many cases could be ranscid. I have bought over 20 jars in the last year or so and will continue to buy this product because of the healthy ingredients and great tast at a reasonable price.

- Len DeBenedictis

Avocado Oil Mayo

Very creamy

- Eileen

Best Mayo

The mayonaise is creamy and absolutely delicious!

- Anne


Great product that is whole 30 compliant

- Gary


In my 60's. Never liked mayo. Love this. And yes, I use it on avocado toast!

- Linda

Didn't like it.

It didn't add anything to what I used it for. No mayo taste, no avocado taste, just nothing.

- Diane

Avo Mayo

I like it allot been looking for awhile for mmayo with good quaity oils!

- Cynthia


This is the strangest tasting item I have tasted in years. I am an adventurous eater & eat a lot of unusual foods, and also love avocado. I am very shocked at how bad this tastes.

- Katherine


Smooth, tasty, love it!!!


Best mayo ever!

I'm so thrilled to finally find a commercial mayo that is healthy for us and tastes good. Even organic mayo is loaded with soy and canola which is so toxic to our health. So, this is it, folks!

- Elena

Highly recommended

Great taste and healthy!

- Luke

Avocado Oil Mayo

Love the flavor and ingredients.

- Charlotte

single sized

tastes OK but way overpriced for the size.

- Wolfgang

Fantastic and...Whole 30 Compliant

I recently began my first round of Whole 30. I was disgruntled to find out that pretty much everything is made with sugar. Thai mayo has been a Godsend. It is Whole 30 compliant and absolutely, mind-blowing-ly delicious in every way. It'll turn a boring can of tuna into a masterpiece!

- Whitney


We are on a Paleo diet and tried this for the first time a few months ago. This is a wonderful, high quality, delicious product! Give it a try, you won't be sorry!

- Maria

great mayo

I had missed my using my old mayo..This is the best mayo I've ever used and since I'm on Paleo diet, I won't be missing my mayo anymore.

- Jo

Avocado Oil Mayo

Love it. Best mayo out there.


Wonderful item!

Primal Kitchen Mayo has quickly become a staple in my Paleo household. The product is consistent and has an excellent taste. Yes, I could make my own mayo, but Primal Kitchen's is just so much better and a time savings for me.

- Maria

Avacado oil mayo


- Jean

Avocado Mayo

I love this product and love that it is available. I will definitely buy more.

- Paula


Eating healthy is not that difficult....thanks to Primal Kitchen :)

- Nimarta

My new favorite.

I'm very happy with this mayo and I have tried MANY. I make my own on occasion but I'm the only one in my family who made the switch from conventional so it's just not cost efficient because of the short shelf life of homemade. This is a better alternitive for me.

- Jodi

avocado oil mayo

absolutely love it. fits whole 30 plan.

- pamela

Sooo good

I wasn't able to make anything that tasted this good. Best mayo that is actually paleo. Whoop.

- Lisa

Great taste

This mayo tastes great. It is alot similar to regular mayo but I love the taste even though I don't like regular mayo. The fact it's good for you is a plus.

- Ronni


So good!

- Ashley

Really great stuff!

This is the best mayo ever, and compliments my favorite foods! Love it with my paleo wraps!! Thank you Mark Sisson!!

- Susan

Avocado Mayo

This was without doubt, the best mayo we have ever tasted. I will get it regularly. Thank you for making it possible for us to get the best from a waterlogged Deep East Texas!

- Donna

good substitute for mayonnaise

has a great taste. much healthier than mayo. do not mind switching to this permanently

- Sheree


I enjoyed the Mayo although it had some tang to it like that of Miracle whip, but without the nasty ingredients. The tang is different than traditional Best Foods mayo but i enjoy much more than the other Avocado oil options. I'm excited to try the Chipotle lime.
Thanks Primal Kitchen for health options.

- Kyle

Healthy & Yummy

Very nice flavor; subtle. A bit pricey.

- Heidi Snow


I didn't think my husband would ever give up Hellman's mayo, the instant he tasted Primal Kitchen's Avocado Oil Mayo - he was hooked!! And can you believe it's good for you?!

- Joyce


I have tried to find a mayonnaise that did not have soy and all the other "so called" ingredients in it. I finally did. I was so skeptical on ordering this mayo but when I tasted it I was so pleased. Does it taste exactly like the product most of us use to use. No. Does it taste like mayo should, YES. I have made gluten free sandwiches, deviled eggs, salad dressings, tuna fish, etc. You cannot tell the difference. Try it. I can't believe you won't like it.

- Judy


Made some chicken salad...Great!

- Cyndi


Love this stuff!

- Kim


This mayo is so awesome!! Love this stuff. I put it on sandwiches and it tasted way better than the rest. This mayo totally changed my recipe system.

- Maria

So good!

This is so yummy and creamy! I was never a fan of mayonnaise until I tried this product.

- Larissa

The best

Absolutely amazingly great tasting. It tastes like mayo used to taste before they added all that sugar. And the price on Thrive is the lowest.

- John

Best in the World

I have been so pleased with the Avocado Oil Mayo! It is truly wonderful and I don't use any other brand now at all. I just make sure I have lots of it on hand. I give it a superb rating.

- Maylin

So good!

This mayo is awesome. It's paleo friendly and is cheaper and tastier than when I tried to make avocado oil mayo at home.

- Katie

Finally! A mayo that is healthy? YES!

This was surprisingly yummy! I'm so grateful to finally find a mayo that is actually good for me. Hooray! By the way, I made a great honey mustard dressing with this and it was a hit.

- Reen


Best quality and best tasting mayo on the market. We always have it in the house and use it in dressings or dips.

- Mad

A different taste, but good

I am still working my way through the jar I purchased. I didn't love mayo to start with but I sure do love avocado! For people that are used to the taste of mayo I think it would be a hard adjustment for them. I have changed just about everything about how I eat and my food habits and it is nice to have something with a bit of pizazz when I'm having veggie dips or sandwiches.

- CAF Herring


Coming from Peru I know good mayonnaise and this was the worst I've ever tried. It feels like a little too much vinegar and a leaves a bad aftertaste. What I recomend is putting some lemon drops, that way is pretty good and you don't have to throw it away.

- Almudena

Best Mayo

I grew up using Best Foods mayo and had a really hard time finding a healthy replacement until this product. It has a great flavor! So glad to have found it.

- MW


I've been looking for a Paleo mayo for awhile, and I've even tried making my own but haven't found one I liked. This one hits the mark - taste just like the "real" thing. Love it.

- Andrea

Can't go back

I haven't eaten traditional mayo for probably a decade, probably with good reason. But this is a game-changer. I don't feel sick when I consume just a little more than I should have (like I used to with regular mayo). The flavor and texture are perfect in my book.

Quick tip: Mix it with sriracha to make spicy mayo in literally seconds.

- Larry

Great time saver

I used to make my own mayo, but this mayo is as good or better than mine. It's always available for me without the hassle of making more at the last minute.

- TessaB

Very Salty Tasting

This mayo was way too salty tasting for me. I checked the sodium content listed against a "grocery store" mayo, and this one was higher. I mixed this mayo with Greek yogurt and am able to use it in that manner.

- Barbara

Avocado oil mayo

I find it to be delicious and the healthy mayonnaise substitute that I have been looking for!
I am very pleased with my order.

- Frankie


I reordered right away! Love this excellent solution for tuna salad and egg salad while eating cleaner!

- Carol

Great Mayo

I failed twice at trying toake my own. After those costly mistakes I discovered avocado oil mayo. Delicious!

- Toni

Journey to Better Health

Being 51 years of age, I have eaten A LOT of mayonnaise. Due to health reasons, I have done a lot of research and determined I would have to cut out many foods that require mayo. Not anymore! The product is very good, but saltier than I am used to. If you mix this mayo with various foods / dishes WITHOUT adding additional salt to the recipe, it tastes amazing! Complimenting egg salad, tuna salad, BLT sandwiches, etc. And SO MUCH BETTER for me and my family. I can enjoy many foods now GUILT FREE!!! Now if only they would make it twice the size...

- Rick

Not so tasty!

I was very excited to try this, but thought it tasted terrible!! Maybe my jar was bad, but to me, it tasted metallic.

- Samantha


Love this! If you like Duke's mayo, you will like this. Love being able to eat great chicken salad and tuna salad again. Have ordered more!

- Virginia


Very tasty, added a large dollup to my meatloaf mix instead of traditional eggs it cooked up extremely moist.

- Diane


Love, love, love this stuff. Best mayo ever!!

- Carissa

Mayo review

Love this mayo..good texture, good taste!

- Liz


This mayo is so delicious!! It just needs a bigger jar as its on the small side and we got through it so fast.

- Theresa

Primal kitchen avocado mayo

This is the tastiest mayo ever.

- Carla

Loved it!

Great for all my needs, especially avocado toast!

- Halla

Avocado mayo

I really like avocado mayo after trying this for the first time. It's a little more flavorful than regular mayo, which I think is a good thing. I recommend it to anyone wanting to make the switch to a healthier oil like avocado. Now if someone could come up with a coconut oil mayo, I would be even happier.

- Vicktoria Mansi

avocado mayo


- Christine

Love it!

Awesome. Even my super-picky husband who is a die hard Hellmans devotee thought it was great! I'm thrilled to get him off the soybean oil-based mayo!

- Christa

Avacoda Mayo

Been looking for years for a mayo with olive oil vs. the artery clogging cheap oils in traditional may,. Bonus that it tastes so good.

- Mark

I love this Mayo

I have never cared for the texture of other mayos, however, this mayo is very similar in texture to homemade mayo. It has a slight tang that I really like, but my husband does not care for it. Then again, he prefers Best (Hellman's) Mayo.

- Lisa


I love mayo, however since I have been cleaning up my diet I stopped buying mayo. This avocado mayo is creamy and dreamy with no soy or added sugar, Delicious! Pricey but delicious. However my mayo consumption is way done lol. I used to slater it on everything , I would buy this again .

- Karine

Avocado Mayo!!!

No Canola Oil here! No sugar either! This Mayo feels good and Healthy when I'm spreading it on my food and my family's food. It feels beneficial to my overall health and it Tastes GREAT!.

- Ray Sutton

Healthy Mayo is longer an oxymoron.

The taste reflects the delicious, clean ingredients. Rich in taste and texture like Hellman's or Duke's mayonnaise minus the unhealthy ingredients and oils. I can't say enough good things about this mayo especially because eating this mayo doesn't come with having to make my own, use store bought (whereby guilt and regret ensue), or sacrifice taste. Won't be without this mayo. Love it. Hey Primal Kitchen, looking forward to this product coming in a larger size.

- Kathy

Best Mayo out there!

Perfect for egg salad and especially with artichokes. Yum!

- Barbara

Avocado Mayo

It is a wonderful product. In the summer I like to make tuna and chicken salads and it is very good in it!

- Joyce


It was good but still tasted like mayonnaise. I thought the avocado would make it taste better. If you like mayonnaise then you'll be delighted.

- Caty

Love avocado oil but not this!

We buy and use avocado oil and love it but this was inedible. First off, the top looked brownish and dry so I spooned it off then both my husband and I tasted the mayo and it was putrid! Tasted nothing like mayo and nothing like avocado oil (which is great) but rather like something spoiled. Needless to say, it went into the garbage. Blech!! (We use an excellent organic mayo and have for years which actually tastes fantastic.)

- Rebecca

Avocado mayo

This mayo is wonderful!!!
My family cannot tell the difference
Great product!

- Jean

One of my favorite products!!

I love this mayo! I stopped eating mayo because of all the unhealthy fats and chemical ingredients. This stuff has good-for-you-fats from avocado oil and only 6 ingredients! And NO chemicals! It is really delicious too.

- Danae


This is the best mayo I have ever had. I would like a gallon jar of it. I stopped eating mayo because it's not healthy with all the stuff in it. Love it

- CarolLynn

love it

This is a really good tasting mayo, and we love that it is made with avocados, and without bad stuff

- J Marie


taste great

- Luis

Best for Paleo

We do Paleo and there is nothing on the market close to mayo until this! It is extremely tasty!

- Hailey

this is great!

my 2nd purchase of this. I bought my 1st because I was on a whole30 and discovered its actually really good! I bought it again because it has a great taste and its made from good ingredients.

- Kristin

avocado mayo

I got 1 to try. its very good taste, like mayo but its got good fats for you. I was having avocado oil withdraws so I got 2 more,ummmmm so good and its always good to have on hand :)

- paws

Best. Mayo. Ever.

I have never like Mayo until now. I only ordered because I am doing the WHOLE 30 and I needed it for several recipes I wanted to Try. I used it in my Ranch chicken salad and it was great. Thanks for having some WHOLE 30 compliant products.

- Terri

Tasty and Tangy

Great tasting mayo with a good tang.

- Katie

Soooo good

Yes I can get Mayo again without guilt! This mayonnaise is now a staple in my house. Tastes great & I don't like avacodo but this is delish.

- Angela

A Little Tangy

It was a little tangy, but good other than that.

- Claire


I love this on almost everything - I don't like avocados, but I sure do love this. Add it to egg salad, salsa, , crackers for mini snacks meat, the possibilities are limitless CitGotit.com

- Joan Lewis

Better than mayo!

Primal Avocado Mayo is the answer to my prayers because it's delicious with healthy fats. It tastes so much better than regular mayonnaise that I'll never go back - It's that good!

- Chris Michaels

Miracle Whip

This "mayo" should really be called miracle whip....it's so sweet tasting. Great for things like chicken salad where its sweetness might be good thing, but not so great when you want a more savory dish. Can't imagine using this is a dressing.

- Katy C.

Mayo Love

I love mayo by far than any other condiment and when I found this one I was not a believer. I will forever order this as my mayo as we are a Paleo home.

- Rosemary

Awesome taste

Love this product, I had been looking for alternatives to the mayo with "bad" oils. It is delicious as a dip for veggies and really great on artichokes.

- Jan

avocado oil mayo

healthy oil, wholesome, rich, smooth taste

- Thrive User

2nd Review....

You must have this in your pantry. It is just simply the best. It makes the best Thousand Island Dressing. mmmmm and egg salad or deviled eggs.... now your hungry :)

- Carol Joy

Wonderful product

This is the BEST alternative to regular mayo I have ever tasted!!! AND it is GOOD for you! Only problem is that it does not come in a bigger jar!!! Otherwise perfect!!! Highly recommend!!!

- Chris

So good!

I'm so happy to have found healthy mayo and it tastes great!

- Tanya

Great taste...

without any funky ingredients or inflammatory oils.

- Michelle

Best healthy mayo I have ever tried

I have tried many different types of mayo alternatives, but I never seemed to find one I actually liked. This mayo is exactly what I've been looking for ! It tastes good, plus it has healthy ingredients and no canola/soybean oil!

- Lily


This mayo tastes fantastic and has non of the junk other processed mayos have.

- Jessica

Avacado Oil Mayo

This was good - just didn't really taste like mayo -
but the flavor was good - I probably would not order it again though

- Theresa

Avocado Mayo

We absolutely love this mayo. It makes everything we use it with so tasty. A tad saltier than what we used before but is no challenge at all just cut back on any additional salt added on sandwich

- Debbie


Got this to add variety to hubby's lunch sammies, and it passed! He says it has a nice tang to it, and a great flavor! Ordered 2 more jars!

- edna

Good product

Very good. Light, not greasy or oily. Excellent flavor and good value.

- Vernel

avocado oil mayo

I love this mayo. It tastes great!

- Diane


While the texture of this is so creamy and smooth the taste just isn't that great.. I agree with another review saying that it tastes a little too citrus like and I have to agree with that and it has slot more of a tang and sweetness more so like a miracle whip.. mixed in tuna or salmon it's not as noticeable but plain just isn't the same

- Bweed1

Avocado mayo

Very good would buy again.

- Constance A Beil


We love mayonnaise and feel good using your AVOCADO OIL MAYO.

- Wolfgang Richter

Better than real mayo!

NO, seriously. It's healthy, only a few ingredients and it's better than mayo. Plus they have a chipotle version!

- Casey

Fantastic Mayo

This mayo is amazing! I will never purchase anything else. It tastes a little more tangy that regular mayo, but I LOVE it!

- Kayla


Delicious and satisfying thank you thrive

- Anitra

Avocado in a great form

Very tasty mayo, seemed healthier than standard mayo.

- Susan Alkema-Umbarger

Great for paleo alternative

Great mayo for those following the paleo diet. I use this to make some tuna salad for lunch. Perfect!

- Aubrey

Pure Deliciousness

The Best mayo ever!

- Barbara


I love this mayo! Great flavor and awesome, pure ingredients. I've used Safflower Mayo in the past and Vegginaise and this is way better. Enjoy!

- Tiffany

Avocado Oil Mayo

Love it

- Nancy Brooks

Thrive Mayo Ranch

I'm not thrilled with the taste by itself, but I like the healthy ingredients. I bought it so I could make my own ranch. I did and yummy!

- Jan

Very good

I really like this mayo. I know compared to regular mayo the price difference is huge, but I like it a lot!

- Mary

Keep a jar on hand

I always keep a jar of this in my cupboard while I have one in the fridge. I do not use a lot of mayo but this is good Paleo mayo for lunch meat, tuna salad and other recipes.

- Dave

Pantry Necessity

I love this mayo! The flavor is good and it's a lot easier than making it myself!

- Charlotte

Its edible ..

Its going to be hard to get use to it; we are making the transition from "regular diet" to a healthier eating life style, but is ok.

- Lilí

Great Mayo

Great tasting mayo!

- Kathi

`Love it

This is really good stuff, if you need to use mayo. It's superior to the other vegan type available.

- Renie


This is great tasting mayo! I love the tang. Perfect for dipping artichokes or any other typical use.

- Anneliese

Such a delicious mayonnaise!

This mayonnaise is really delicious! The flavor is robust and rich, and the consistency is so perfectly creamy - I adore it! This is my new must-have pantry stable.

- Nancy

Chief Chef and bottle washer

Love,this mayo! I've been on AIP for 8 mo, reintroduced eggs with no problem, and tried this product! Flavor is excellent!

- Gordeen

Worth the price

Luckily I got it free but I will buy this once I'm out. This taste reminds me of the chipotle sauce from subway. I could eat this off the spoon.

- Oscar


I don't like mayo at all! But this mayo is delicious!! Even my husband who takes lots of convincing when it comes to "replacement" products/items LOVES it. Definitely recommend and will ONLY buy this mayo in future!

- Jeanette


Can't remember the last time I had real mayo because let's face it.. It's not good for you. But this stuff is a healthy and taste sooooo good!

- Bianca

Good but pricey

Product is very good, however I wish the price of the health food products would come down.


love, love it

Never thought I would love this product, but I was wrong. Love the taste - so moist and full of flavor. Use it for a lot of foods.

- Doris

OK - for fat loss and avoiding canola oil.

Trusting avocado as healthier than FACTORY canola!

Doesn't taste as good as hellman's light
But thinking if ONLY eat , will forget how other ones tasted

- Me


I have tried to make it myself,but this is better.

- Judy


I really liked the mayonnaise but I thought I would get less calories with it but I'm sure the ingredients make it more healthy.

- Betty

Delicious alternative to mayo

Tastes great, a little tangier than Hellman's mayo but even my picky hubby liked it.

- Cindy


I stopped eating mayo just to cut fat. This has a stronger flavor, so I can use less. I love it.

- Anita Sanders


Some people think that mayo is gross but I happen to love it. I know it's not that healthy so I decided to give this version a try - and it's delicious. Same consistency and yummy taste as the original.

- Meghan

Avocado Oil Mayo

Good taste!

- Jean

Finally a Legit Healthy Mayo

It is a tad strong on the vinegar side if you smell or taste it by itself. With food, like tuna salad, it is perfect!!

- Nicole

My favorite

Love this mayo! It the favorite thing on Thrive. My huhusband's too.

- Zulette

Super Yummy

I love this mayo. It has a fabulous flavor. I use it to take the place of cheese on my lettuce wraps.

- Mary

not satisfied

Tasted a bit like spoiled mayo, had very high expectations and they were not met. Nobody in my family will eat it and now I'm going to have to throw it out.

- Joana

Mayor with Avocado Oil

I used it with my tuna and it was pretty good. Will definitely continue use it.

- Feral Roberta Coolbeth

Avocado Oil Mayo

OH MY GOSH - AWESOME! If you are trying to stay away from soy and canola oil as well as chemicals, this is the product to use. It taste mostly like mayo with a tiny bit of a zing. Sort of like mayo with a little miracle whip. When we are not using actual avocado as the condiment, we use this. It is also wonderful for purple potato salad. This product has been very freeing!!

- Sheryl


This is the only mayo we use. I always make sure I have an extra one in the cabinet when we run out

- Crystal

Perfect mayo

This mayo is down-right perfection. I never really liked mayo much anyway until I tasted this. I used the Avocado Oil Mayo to make chicken salad and egg salad and they were delicious. Good ingredients and great taste. Kind of spendy, decent price here at Thrive.

- Erin

Love this stuff

Just like real mayo.

- Keyla

Love it!

This mayo taste just like the unhealthy counterparts. I've tried making my own and it was a disaster. The texture and taste is fantastic!

- Kelsie

Best mayo

I couldn't believe this mayo tastes so good. I used it on deviled eggs and lettuce wraps. I put my grass fed hamburger patty on romaine lettuce with this mayo to make sandwich without bread and the mayo is perfect. I am re-ordering two of them because I liked it so much.

- Rose


Healthy & delicious is not so easy to find but this product certainly takes the cake!

- Karen

Love it!

Having this available is a lifesaver for me. I love chicken salad with mayo. I grew up with Duke's mayo here in the south, and this is so similar. Love it and will keep buying it!

- Virginia


VERY tasty, healthy mayo.

- Alia


Excellent mayo, can eat it right out of the jar.

- Michelle

Not bad

I admit, I hate mayo, but this is actually good. I will keep buying it.

- Joanne

So good!

Kid tested and approved :). Love this mayo!

- Trish

Best mayo ever!

Great product! Tastes delicious and is made from clean ingredients

- Robyn

I have a NEW favorite Mayonnaise!

I was so excited to receive this item in my order when I got it yesterday. I read the reviews and couldn't wait to try it for myself to see if I liked it or not. I'm sure glad that I did. Even though the lid was broken when it came, the mayo itself was ok (thank God the jar wasn't broken). I fell in love with it at first bite, I used it in my salad as a dressing and used it in my eggs for deviled eggs. :) It looks like I have a new "bestie (bff)" for mayonnaise. thanks. :)

- Jodi

Very good

Feels like an indulgence but I know it is good for me because it is primal/paleo. A

- CP

avocado oil mayo

this was my first time and it wont be the last

- Frances

Not what I was expecting

After reading the great reviews, I decided to give this a try. It's not what I expected at all. It smells bad, and tastes bad too. I had someone else try it to get a second opinion and they don't like it either. I hate wasting food, but can't make myself eat this. Maybe I can find someone to give it to.

- Mallory

Better than homemade

I had been making my own mayo from avocado oil for a couple of years and I'm so happy there is now an option to buy it. It's very delicious and the consistency is better than my homemade results. Love that it's $2.50 cheaper than buying from Whole Foods!!!

- Christel

very creamy

Sooo good.. Made with olive oil, what a treat

- eleanor

Great Flavor

This is so good. I love that I don't have to make mayo myself any more!

- Lisa

Avacado Oil Mayo

the best I have ever tasted

- Lisa

Will buy again

Very rich. Love the fact that it's made with advacado oil, not soybean oil. I like to make my own, but this is the next best thing!

- Karenmi

Avocado Oil Mayo

Loved it

- Hugh

Best Mayo Out There

Until my sister introduced me to this mayo, I could not find one brand (even organic) that had the right oil in it. Some had canola, part olive oil, part canola, etc. But this Avocado Oil Mayo is incredible. The taste is out of this world and now I don't have to use it sparingly. I highly recommend you try this one!

- Angela

Excellent Mayo

Finally a mayo that doesn't use sweeteners and vegetable oils! And at Thrive, it's 25% cheaper than anywhere else I've looked!

- Shannon

Avocado Oil Mayo

It's pretty good, not like real mayo but it's ok

- Susan


Excellent ingredients with no bad oils. Slightly sweet flavor.

- Leigh


Awesome Mayo... You just can't find Mayo in stores without them being mostly soybean oil or veggie oil based...even the "Olive Oil" Mayo from major brands. This product is great...tastes, uses, all of the above.

- Justin

Primal Avocado Mayo

It's ok. Not really fond of it yet. I am new to Paleo eating. Still taking it slow.

- Stephanie

Love this mayonnaise!

I had just about given up on finding a mayonnaise that is compliant with my Whole30 program. I did not want to end up making my own so I was almost giddy when I found this product online. And it tastes great!

- Nancy

Avocado Oil Mayonnaise

I am a mayo lover and remember having homemade mayonnaise. This reminds me of that and is VERY delicious to me.

- Kaki

So happy that I found this product.

I struggled to find a mayo that satisfied my picky husband. This mayo tastes just like mayo without the soy that so many organic mayos have. Creamy and yummy. Very versatile for all recipes that call for mayo.

- Brenda

The Best Mayo Ever!

It has been years since I've been able to buy mayo because they are all full of junk, even the "healthy" ones (which contain soybean oil or canola). I am happy to finally be able to buy a mayo that tastes good AND it is actually good for you!

- Jasmine

Awesome mayo!

I was introduced to this mayo through Beyond Diet when I received my free sample jar from Thrive. I have ordered more jars after finding that this product is the best tasting mayo around. It was so nice to make egg, chicken and tuna salads on my diet and know I am eating healthy and within my diet program.

- Linda Camplin


Best, healthiest mayo out there!!

- Lisa

product review

I had searched for months to replace my mayo that I had used for years. since I have been diagnosed with candida overgrowth my diet has changed and I was missing my mayo. This mayo has real may taste that I was so missing

- ranay

Love it!

This stuff is great, I just bought my second jar! Not only is it a good source of healthy fats, it is made of simple ingredients and is delicious! It does have a stronger, bolder taste than regular mayonnaise thanks to the avocado oil, but it is delicious on sandwiches, hamburgers, etc. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you're curious, you won't be disappointed.

- Katrina

Like a lot, however

This is terrific Mayo (period). I'd quickly take it to 5 stars if it didn't taste so salty (& there was less sodium added).

- Don


The taste is amazing and the ingredients are simple. I love it!

- Sara

The best!

You will never go back to regular mayo.

- Annie

Can't live without it

This stuff is amazing! For years I went without mayo for health reasons. Now I use it all the time. Order it!

- Julie

Healthiest mayo option out there

I love that this is made with avocado oil instead of other bad oils. My secret trick to getting my toddler to eat something he's not that interested in is to put a little of this mayo on it... and I don't feel bad about it at all!

- Rachel

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo

I really liked this mayo, it had a good flavor.

- Melody

This stuff rocks

In lieu of making my own mayo, this stuff is the preferred option. It is delicious and has a 60 day shelf life (in the fridge of course) which is way longer than homemade lasts. I use it for so many things and tell all my Paleo and/or Whole 30 pals to try it. No one is ever disappointed with this product.

- Susanne

Avacado oil mayo

Super tasty and all natural!

- Cathy

The Best!

I order multiple jars of this mayo at a time since I don't want to run out and have to use a soybean or canola oil based mayonnaise. Great addition to diets that call for healthy fats!

- David

So good!

Love it! My husband couldn't even tell the difference!

- Alicia


Loved the taste and texture

- Beverly

Best mayo ever

Way to go primal kitchen! best tasting mayo ever!!!!!! will be back for more. I wish thrive carried all varieties.

- Joe

Best Mayo Out There!

I have searched for so long for a mayonnaise that doesn't contain any canola or soybean oil and this is it! It has great flavor and the ingredients couldn't be closer to homemade than they are! We go through this mayo quickly in our house, but guiltlessly :-)

- Barbara

He likes it!

We're eating better & he says the olive oil mayo doesn't taste right to him so I keep trying but the search is over. Personally I'm not a big mayo fan so whatever healthy option he likes wins.

- Cherie W

The return of tuna salad!

I "went paleo" about three years ago and have tried unsuccessfully to make my own mayo. I finally gave up and came to terms with never eating mayo again. Then I stumbled onto this amazing mayo and my food-life suddenly changed! It is truly a game-changer. My husband and I love it and have seriously stocked up since joining Thrive. Bonus that it's $1.50 cheaper here than in my local health food shops. If you haven't tried this, you MUST! Like now.

- Jennifer

The Only Mayo I Will Eat

I love mayonnaise, but ever since I learned about Canola Oil and other so called healthy oils, I had to resort to making my own mayo...time consuming and only good for a few days. I'm delighted that Mark developed this great option with true healthy oil and no sugar. The taste is superb as far as I'm concerned...not bland as some others. I may even be the cause of shortages from time to time as I order several when I place my Thrive order...sorry. I use it to make a wild salmon salad, egg salad or deviled eggs, and to make creamier salad dressings, like blue cheese. Plus, at Thrive, you get it at a great savings. Thanks, Mark and Thrive.

- Raechel

The best - bar none!

The flavor of the avocado mayo is fantastic. Makes everything you would put mayo on taste even better.

- Doris

Avocado oil mayo

Love it best I have tried

- Patricia

Never thought I could give up Hellmans

But I love this mayonnaise.

- Alice

Great taste!

Everyone in the house loves this mayo.

- Brenda


Love this mayo!

- Michelle


Your Mayo tastes amazing. The whole family loves it.

- Tracy

Perfect healthy mayo

When mixed up or used on a sandwich on paleo bread, tastes the same as regular mayo in my opinion. By itself, you can taste the difference. But when I make chicken salad or tuna salad, it tastes just like regular mayo.

- Alyssa

Paleo Essential!

Husband and I are paleo newbies and now avoid junk oils in our food. This mayo is to die for. Seriously delicious. Who'd guess that the touch of rosemary makes it so tangy yummy. Deviled eggs and seafood salads will never be the same.

- Elaine

Avocado Mayo

I LOVE this mayo and will not use anything else, unless I make it myself.

- Laurie

Closest tasting to regular mayonnaise

My husband has a hard time giving up mayonnaise. But now he doesn't have to go without. We both like the taste and consistency and are so happy to find a healthy alternative to the tasty junk mayo out there.

- Juanita


When I first tasted it, by itself on a spoon, I was disappointed. I thought it had a rather odd taste, and was lacking something. But when I mixed it with some salmon, and later some tuna, the odd taste disappeared and blended perfectly with the fish. No, not as good tasting as Miracle Whip or Hellman's, but definitely an acceptable tasting, healthy substitute.

- Beverly


Whole30 staple, a must must have

- Kelly

Serves its purpose

A little strange but similar enough to regular mayo.

- Melanie

Homemade taste! Yum Yum Yum

I could eat this right out of the jar it is just that good! I work in catering and it tastes like something our Chef would whip up. Awesome as a vehicle for so many spreads and sauces and on it's own. So glad i found this at Thrive Market. Yay!

- Anne


Love this mayo! I love the idea of making my own, but can't always make time for it. It's great to to have a clean mayo option on hand.

- Celeste

All time favorite!

Really love the ingredients and the result is delicious!

- Ruth

Best I have found so far!

Best substitute for regular mayo that I have found so far.

- Linda W

Outstanding product

I was so excited to find this mayo...the ingredients are absolutely what you want to put in your body. Great taste too.

- Janet

Avocado mayo

Delicious. Grew up on hell mans mayo. But this is so much better in taste and ingredients!

- Debbie

Great mayo

Love this mayo! It tastes delicious and is free of any sketchy chemicals or unnecessary sweeteners.

- Allison

Awesome Mayo!

I am currently eating only Paleo - my husband is not. We both use this mayo and he loves it as do I - great taste and texture!

- Patty

Love it!

I just tried this avacado mayo for the first time and it's so good! I eat it with everything now!

- Michelle

Pleasantly surprised

I tried this mayo because several Paleo bloggers recommended it. I didn't really know what to expect but this is actually pretty good. I don't eat a lot of mayo, but sometimes you just need it for a sandwich, etc. This works really well and to me, it tastes just like conventional mayo.

- Jennifer


I'll admit I was skeptical to use this product! I love my Hellman's mayo!!! This does have a different taste but it wasn't bad. In fact I used it to make tuna salad and it was delicious, couldn't tell the difference.

- Becky

I hate to be the one

I liked if when I first ate some after the first night in the fridge it developed a serious metallic taste, so bad I couldn't eat it whatsoever, I don't know what to do with the second jar I bought since I cant even finish the first. I love what it is made with and way better than anything you can find in the store. Maybe its me, I hate to be the one poor review.

- Brandi

Better than my homemade

I have to admit: I LOVE THIS MAYO!! While I do make my own - it's so easy - this has a flavor that's unbeaten by a handmade variety!! I was a Hellman's gal for years & really missed it when I gave up processed food. This mayo hits the nail on the head in flavor for all our needs!!

- Anne


This Avocado Mayo is delicious!! It is creamy and the Rosemary spice adds a nice extra light flavor. I would highly recommend it for anyone on a Paleo diet. Yum!!

- Daina

Great healthy alternative!

I have been paleo for a while now, and my family thinks all of my paleo alternatives are gross. Well, after my dad had a heart attack a few months back, I told him about the benefits of avocado oil. Next thing I know, he's using my mayo, and he loves it! Now I have to order two jars at a time, but he's worth it.

- Katherine

Best Mayo ever!

I totally love this mayo. I'll never eat another mayo as I live! ! I use it in everything chicken salad tuna salad hamburgers sandwiches you name it

- Lisa

The best.

Hands down the best mayo. Best taste and consistency.

- Erin


This stuff tastes incredible!!

- Mark

Best mayo ever!

I just wanted to try this on a whim and I LOVE it. Made my own tarter sauce with it and it was the best I have ever had!! Ordering a few more jars before they run out!

- Rebecca

This mayo is fabulous!

I was in love after the first bite! It is smooth and creamy just as you would expect good mayo to taste like. I was surprised that every organic brand except this one has soy and or canola oil. I recommend it highly. i

- Diane


Great flavor!

- Shellie

No bad oils here!

Love it! Nice to have a choice

- Anna

Primal Kitchen Mayo

Love it!

- Susan Howell

Avo mayo

Love it!

- Deanna

Love love love

I bought this for my husband to convert him from regular mayonnaise & he likes it a lot but I think I use it more than he does. This had made me a convert to the good mayo :)

- Caitlin

Good stuff

I loving cooking and enjoy mayo. It is the best for chicken salads, tuna salads, making dressings...etc This mayo was exceptional and I highly recommend . Wish it was a little cheaper but avacado oil is expensive.

- John

Avocado Oil Mayo

Delicious on all my sandwiches.

- Linda

Tasty Mayo

Don't eat a lot of mayo, but after trying this avocado oil-made product, have started consuming more. I used to make my own, but it didn't keep well. This product seems to hold it's consistency in the fridge for as long as it takes me to consume it.

- Jim

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo

Love everything about it!

- Janice

Love this stuff!

Now I can enjoy egg salad again! It has a zingy taste but it is delicious!

- Deanna

Great taste.

Taste just like regular homemade mayo without all of the work!

- Chantay

Thank God

This avo mayo is AMAZING! It tastes so good and is so satisfying. I'm hooked!!!

- Rachael

Best mayo on the market

This is the only mayonnaise I have found that is made without any junk. No canola or soybean oil, no added sugar or preservatives. Check out the ingredients for yourself. This mayo is healthful, energizing and delicious. Highly recommended!

- Mr. E

Great substitute

I really want to give this 5 stars because I'll continue to be a customer but just being honest it has a bit of a funny taste to it. That being said I still use it and will continue to buy it because it's a great alternative to that soybean oil crap.

- gerald


This stuff is delicious... HIGHLY recommended...

- Mike

Avocado mayonnaise

I have searched a long time for a mayonnaise that has no soy or canola oil, and at last Il have found it! This is tasty and delicious to boot.

- Barbara

Avocado Mayo

Super delish!!!!

- Natalie

Healthy Mayo, Who Knew?

I loved mayo in chicken, egg, or tuna salads and also as a burger topping, but once I started eating paleo/primal, I gave it up because making it myself was too much of a hassle. This mayo in my opinion tastes as good as, if not better than, traditional mayonnaise. Another home run for Primal Kitchen!

- Tim


Never liked mayo until i found this one!

- tracy

Perfection in a jar

I can not get over how simple the ingredients are yet how it taste just like my favorite mayo from the rest of my life. The flavor is lacking Nothing. I was just referring a friend to this product yesterday. love!!!

- April


I've tried making homemade mayo a few times. I love the predictable and consistent high quality that Primal Kitchen offers and the reliability of Thrive. Great combination!

- Lori

Healthy and Delicious!!!

Loving this delicious Paleo version of mayo...all healthy ingredients and it tastes better than anything i have ever tasted and has NO negatives...will totally buy this from now on.

- Karen

avacado mayo

My favorite of mayos but I add just a touch of apple cider vinegar to the jar to give it just a little zing!

- Victoria

Best mayo ever

I'm not a huge mayo eater, but trying to eat more paleo/primal made me miss things like tuna salad. This mayo is the best mayo I've ever eaten! For those looking for something akin to tuna salad sandwiches, use this mayo plus use NutThins pecan crackers to scoop the tuna salad. Tasty!!

- Casey

Great mayo

Love the taste. Made with wonderful ingredients. Great price.

- Kathryn

Creamy Pleasant Flavor!

This mayo is wonderful and creamy. A great alternative I can use without worry because it is made with good oils.

- Joan

Average taste

I gave this to my sister and she said it was just okay. She makes her own and says she prefers the taste of her homemade better!

- Penny

Avocado Oil Mayo

This is Worth 10 Stars-and I can't be without it. Was so glad,months ago when I ordered it to try (I was such a fan of reg, mayo-which is soooo not good for us).

- RetaAnn

Amazing Flavor!

Love, Love, Love this Mayo. Delicious. Simple ingredients and no sugar, soy, canola or other inflammatory oils. Non GMO. Exactly what I wanted. Great on Ketogenic or Paleo diet, but healthier for any diet! Whole Foods charges $10 /jar, so I stock up at Thrive!

- Robin

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo

I love this mayo.

- Daniel


Love this. I cut out mayo completely once I was eating healthy up until I saw this product! This has been a great product and substitute for other mayo that was not as healthy.


Awesome! Wow!

What an amazing tasting and healthy paleo mayo!

- Manju


This mayo is delish!

- Rose Canda

Avocado Mayo

Excellent taste. Finally a healthy mayo with great taste!

- Bonnie

Absolutely Love it!

I wish I could buy a bigger jar, I like it so much! Great on everything, taste so good and good for you!

- Kelly

Avocado mayo

Good. Just as advertised. Nice switch from soy based products.

- Stuart

Avocado Oil Mayo

Good flavor and texture and healthier than most

- Ellen

Finally, a good "mayo"!

Delicious. Why would you ever eat the "real" thing?

- Anne


Immediately. Yes it is delicious. YES it is healthy! If you struggle (like me) to make your own mayo (I've tried and failed multiple times here people- yes, I've seen the "easy" youtube videos) then you absolutely need this. It is worth every 745 pennies.

- Amy


best mayo I've ever had!

- Vanessa

Love the quality ingredients

I love that I can feel good about adding this mayo to all my salads, sandwiches etc. I especially appreciate the great oil and sugar free aspect. The only aspect I'd like to see change is the level of saltiness. It's just a bit too much. Wasn't sure if it was just my tastebuds, but when I compared it's sodium level to that of other high quality brands, it was in fact higher. I think it would still be perfectly delicious with a bit less salt.

- Lynne

Best mayo on the shelves!

Seriously, who needs sugar in their mayo? Nobody! I love this stuff, I'm a mayo-holic and LOVE the fact that I can eat as much as I want and still be getting good fat in! Great ingredients.

- Yecca


So much tastier than more popular versions of mayo, but without the sugar and canola oil! Perfect!

- Bridget


So much better than regular mayo. Nice texture and flavor.

- Marcia

Advacado Oil Mayo

Since I eat paleo, this is a great substitute for regular mayo. Love the taste and texture.

- kathryn

Very tasty!

I know how good avocados are for you - but sadly I don't like them all that much. As such, I was a bit hesitant to buy this avocado mayo. But it's really delicious! And with all natural ingredients - I'm happy to use it whenever I need mayo. Thank you!

- MaryAnn


You haven't lived until you've tried this!

- Lisa

I thought I'd have to give up mayo

This is the BEST!!!

- Dea

Love it!

Delicious! I don't miss regular mayo at all.

- JoJo

Love This!

I actually prefer this mayo to regular mayo. After finishing my first jar, I ordered three more.

- Cecily


Hard to believe it's healthier. Love love love!

- Katherine

Pricey But Worth It

I don't think I'll go back to the greasy kid stuff again; I'm hooked. Glad I can afford to stock it.

- Freda

Bit tangy, good quality.

It's got a lot of flavor. I was pleasantly surprised.

- Israel

First Time!

I loved it! Great addition to my Whole30 diet!

- Debbie


Great taste Tastes like mayo You will miss none of the flavor with this, just the soy

- Tracey

Just right

You can't buy this and expect it to taste like Best Foods mayo. That being said, I wasn't expecting it to taste like standard mayo, and was pleasantly surprised. It's perfect when you just a creamy, fatty spread on a wrap or burger. I also like that the ingredients are clean.

- Lara


I don't understand how something with simple and natural ingredients can taste so awful. The aftertaste alone was terrible. Unfortunately, I was one of those people who actually paid for this product. I wish i could have my money back because $7.45 is a lot to pay for something that will be seating on my refrigerator or go in the trash. Too bad, I was really looking forward to this mayo.

- Kelly

Who knew!?

Who knew that one could feel so good about mayonnaise? This product makes it easy. The avocado is such a natural and obvious partner. Terrific!

- Kelly

Love it!

This is my favorite mayo and the only one I use now!

- Karen

Dependably Delicous!

The ingredient list and taste of this mayonnaise are topnotch. I even like the somewhat small size as there are only two of us using it.

- Celeste


I think this is a little on the salty side. We will use it, but probably won't purchase it again. Not a fav.

- Nanette

What Can I say? Yum.

It's pricey compared to other mayo on the market, but I never touch other store-bought mayo and I'll consume this stuff freely and healthfully. If I were to make my own mayo I'd use the exact same ingredients, this just saves me the trouble. Thanks Mark Sisson!

- Madeleine

Keto Heaven

Love this mayonnaise and keep buying it despite the fact that I should be making my own... Terrific for a Ketogenic Diet practitioner like myself.

- Alison


Tastes homemade! Fantastic Paleo mayo.

- Kristin

Best Mayo EVER!

I didn't want to pay this much for mayo, but I will readily admit that this is the best tasting mayo I have ever ingested. Bravo!

- Barbara

Best Mayo

This is without a doubt the closest thing to "real mayonnaise! Love it...

- Catherine

different good

I knew is wasn't your everyday Dukes. I really did enjoy the flavor

- Christina

Love this Mayo

Have been looking for a mayo that tasted good and was made with healthy fats. This fit the bill. Yum!

- Laura


A bit skeptical about ordering this, but very glad I did. It's terrific on sandwiches, in chicken salad, etc. From now on it's a staple in my house.

- Nancy K


After reading all the amazing reviews on this product, I was very disappointed when I got my jar and tasted it. It doesn't even taste like avocado to me...it has too much vinegar and a bad aftertaste.

- Kellie


This mayo is not only good for you, but it tastes better than what I grew up with.

- Susan


Love this stuff! Just a little adds wonderful flavor.

- Shasta


Love this product!

- Vicky

Good stuff!

I don't like mayonnaise, but I love this one!

- Katye Simmons


My kids never knew I switched from regular mayo!

- Debbie

Can't beat this mayo

I made my own mayo for my first two rounds of Whole30. Then I discovered this product! I won't ever make my own again. PK mayo tastes just like real mayo!

- Ashley

Best Mayo Ever!

This mayonnaise is really delicious! To me the flavor is much better than normal mayo, and the fact that it's better for me is an added bonus! I haven't used regular mayo since discovering this, and likely never will. Very tasty, good consistency, pretty much everything you'd want in a mayo.

- Stacy

the perfect mayo

i have been looking for a better mayo for my family and my kiddos are picky. we are so excited to have had the opportunity to try it through Thrive and now LOVE it. it is the only mayo we buy now!

- Kristen

Awesome Mayo

Excellent mayo. Love to see the price go down, but nonetheless very tasty!

- Kat

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo

I'm trying to buy 3 bottles but I don't see anything on the page to click onto to complete the purchase. What"s the problem? My email is zearl@charter.net.

- Earl schwenk

Great tasting mayo

I received a free jar of this awhile back, and we love it, just ordered my second jar!

- Barbara

Mayo Avocado Oil

This is a very good Mayo. I like the fact this is Organic. But, I would have to have had a larger Jar.

- Viola


Yes, it is expensive but I can eat this with out digestive upset. Some state it is too salty . . . I think other Mayo tastes more salty than this one. Just very different "recipe" I guess. This hits the spot for me -- as I eat it in very moderate portions due to digestive necessity and cost consciousness.

- Gayle


Best product ever made:)

- Sandra

Super Find!!!!!

Am thrilled to find this. Wish it was also sold in our lical grocery stores. At my house this wont last long at all!!!

- Thrive User


GreAt ingredients taste wasn't as spectacular but def worth it!

- Brittney

No discussion needed - the best!

I joined Thrive Market just to get this product because it is fabulous! Once you try it you will soon forget about those "mainstream" processed mayo's out there.

- Brian

Irresistibly Delicious!

Ever since I ordered my first one, I vowed to order one EVERY TIME when my jar was running low! So good that you gotta have it in your fridge!!

- Ashley

paleo mayo

this is good stuff. no soy which i try to stay away from. its cheaper here than anywhere else I've shopped too

- elizabeth

Primal Mayo

FINALLY a mayo that is made without canola/soy oils! I love this mayo, thanks for carrying it, thrive!

- Cara


I'm picky on mayo and well this is my new favorite

- Tara

Great to have on hand

Love this stuff. We make our own mayo too, but we always have some of this on hand. Great to find it cheaper on Thrive!

- Meagan


Love this mayo better then regular mayo!!!

- Jaime

OK, but.....

This has a good consistency, but I found it too tart, almost lemony. That's the only taste that came thru, so for me, it's not an all purpose mayonnaise. It will pair well with only a few foods.

- Jennie

Love this

They've turned my favorite fat man condiment into a power food! Every ingredient other than the avocado oil is organic, and it's non gmo. The taste is different than regular mayo, but it's very good and I love adding it to my eggs or tuna. I buy them just as I'm running out to make sure I always have it on hand.

- Lou

Delicious & Great for Gaps!

So glad to find this avacodo mayo! With none of the nasties like soy or canola oil my family is able to enjoy a convenient mayo that is gaps diet complient when I don't have time to make my own. I also enjoy the added bonus of the healthy fats that avacodos offer! It has a great creaminess and tastes yummy. My kids especially enjoy it. You won't be disappointed!

- Jackie


This is the BEST mayo, so delish and rich. Great on anything,

- Erb


We've always used Kraft Mayo and I was very hesitant to try this because I'm funny about strange tastes and textures. I LOVE this stuff! It is actually pretty similar to the taste of Kraft except it's soooo much better for you! Great buy, just wish the jar was a little bigger or the price was a little lower...My husband has decided to stick with Kraft and leave this for my boys and me because he eats a lot of mayo and he's trying to save a little money (at the risk of his health

- Sarah


I made some deviled eggs using this mayonnaise and half of an Avacado. Fabulous!

- Liz

One of my Thrive staples

Before Primal Kitchen Mayo came out, I used to make my own. If I had to pay full price for this stuff, I might still make my own sometimes, but with Thrive's price it's basically comparable to making my own with avocado oil. Plus is tastes better and I don't have to clean the blender! I almost always get at least one jar with each order. It makes for a quick meal with a pouch of salmon or tuna and some marinated veggies. Anything to help me get a healthy meal together in a pinch is a great thing! Love this stuff!

- Leigh

I'm not a fan of the taste

I don't really love this mayo like other people do. I'll keep using it, because it's hard to find a healthy mayo that works w/ whole30 and paleo diets. I don't have time to make my own often, and quite honestly I think it's a pain in the rear so I'll buy this but I don't love it. The texture is creamy like mayo, but it doesn't taste like avocado it's more like a sour/tangy taste.

- Renie

My favorite mayo

I don't like mayonnaise. This is on an entirely different level. To me it has a very mild ranch taste, very good with anything!

- Carson

avacado oil mayo

This makes my tuna fish taste great along with my organic avacdo and the nut pulverized; this mayo makes it so easy to mix and I love licking the spoon after I have measured out what I need. I love the taste.

- allan

You lie.

This mayonnaise is terrific, doesn't taste weird, and it's nice and creamy. I'm almost suspicious that it's "real" mayonnaise in disguise. Will definitely be buying this again.

- Trena

Avocado Oil Mayo

I like this mayo. Very smooth taste. Different from normal Mayo...Glad i bought it.

- Marina

Great texture and tasty

I thought I had to give up Mayo as I forge ahead in my commitment to eat mindfully but I'm so pleased with the taste and texture of this product. Invest in quality over quantity in all areas, including mayo!

- Sharon

Primal mayo

Excellent !!! Glad the price was lowered , so I bought 2. Great taste

- Darby


I was expecting so much from this since the majority of reviews were good ones. I read one review that said it tasted like metal and I laughed. Little did I know, it actually DID taste like metal! I almost gagged when I tasted it. Really disappointed and will not be buying this again. I'm just glad I got it as a free gift in my checkout cart and didn't waste my money.

- Elyse

Love this mayo!

This is the only organic mayo I've found that doesn't have any sugar in it, and it tastes great!

- Liese

Best Healthy Mayo available

This is so delicious! For those who want only organic and tasty, this is the BEST. Mild, good flavor. I am hooked, and so is my daughter and her children! Love, love, love it! Smooth, creamy, tasty! Definitely purchase again and again.

- Chris

Can't do without it

I always keep several jars in the pantry. This is the best mayo I have ever purchased.

- Lucy

Great mayo!

I am a mayo lover and as a busy Mom of two kids, I can't always make things from scratch. This is an excellent option for whole30 and if you are trying to get away from less healthy oils. Great taste.

- Celeste

Good stuff

Switching to new eating habits, I worried about the taste of some of the "trendy" health food item and this one is wonderful. Full of flavor and the kids have yet to realize mom made a change in their diet.

- Melissa


We are currently on a whole30 and purchased this mayo since it's compliant...we love it and will be using this going forward!

- Marieke

More avid so, please~

First time buyer for this product. Like the ingredients, but was dreaming of a more avocado taste. Would buy again~

- Eartha


Absolutely the best mayo I have ever tasted. Slightly intense flavor is excellent on BLTs and anything else you need mayo for. Can't say enough good about this. That's understandable since the quality of ingredients is excellent.

- Patricia

Didn't believe the hype... until I tasted it!

I did not expect this mayo to live up to the expectations set by all my Whole30 friends who had raved about it, but decided to try it, just to see.

One bite and I was blown away. Not only is it better than the homemade mayo I make (and love), but it doesn't expire as quickly (though, this won't be an issue because I now eat it like crazy... it will never make it the 9 months until it expires). It's rich and creamy and even better than Duke's... my old Southern favorite. That's saying a lot.

If you haven't tried it, do yourself a favor and buy at least 2 jars now.

- Lissa

Sherry L

Tastes better than regular mayonnaise.

- Sherry

I really wanted to like this...

But I don't. It has a strange flavor and aftertaste. I thought I might have gotten a bad batch but after reading a few other reviews that were similar, I don't think so. It might just be one of those things that you either love or hate.

- Andrea

Great taste

Wow, smooth, creamy tasting. Delicious!

- LaDonna

Love love love!

I'm in love with this mayo! Great way to avoid canola oil and get good fats into my diet! Yummy!

- Tiffiny S.


Oh my, this is great stuff. I don't even like mayo but use it to make chicken salad, egg salad, etc. This avocado mayo gives those salads a great flavor. I want to order it by the case and hoard it.

- Gerry

What they said

This stuff is amazing. Thanks for carrying it at a great price.

- Alison


Good flavor. Great for mixing into other recipes.

- Roberta Lindsey

Primal Mayo

Wonderful!! Taste better than regular mayo!

- Whitney

Love it! Please make a larger size though!

I love this avocado mayo, I just wish it would come in at least a 16oz size or more. It is the best and I won't use anything else ♥

- Barbara

Paleo mayo

This mayo is soooo good!!! I have been looking for a healthy mayor for years.

- Bonnie

Learn To Stretch A Jar

I'd given up mayo a few years ago. The store stuff was ugh! (just read the ingredients). Making my own, well I never was satisfied with that either. Yes, it's pricey for such a small jar so I found a way to fix that. When I prepare anything, I use 1/2 mayo and 1/4 (or less) extra virgin olive oil. I drizzle the oil on first and then stir in the mayo. I've never been unsatisfied yet with any recipe I've tried. So if your recipe calls for 3/4 cup, use 1/2 cup mayo and 1/8 to 1/4 cup EVOO. You get excellent flavor with the nice creamy smooth mouth-feel we all enjoy.

- Kathi

Pretty Good

I really enjoyed this mayo mixed with tuna fish as an alternative during my Whole30. A slight taste difference than regular mayo, although that was to be expected.

- Alexandra


A perfect spread! Healthy and tastes great! Even my kids who don't like avocado like this.

- Viviana Mamolo

Best in store mayo

I always try to keep a jar of this, or 2, on hand for when I don't want to make my own mayo. Mayo is one of my favorite foods and I LOVE that this is available for me and any other super health conscious people. My favorite recent use with this is pimento cheese spread made with raw cheese. Yummmm!

- Yecca

Surprisingly really good

Conaint more salt than regular mayo but surprisingly really good.

- Thrive User

This is the best!

I am so grateful to have found a mayo with so few ingredients, since I have so many food sensitivities, including black pepper of all things. This is the best I have found and tastes great!

- Shakti


Finally. Thank you for making this product Mark!! For YEARS I've struggled over eating mayonnaise because I'm an ingredient detective and I could find no mayo that passed the test. For a while I went with a safflower mayo as a compromise but still didn't feel good about eating it. Tried many times to make my own also! For some reason it was one thing I never could get down, and olive oil is a little strong for mayo. So glad to see this! I ordered a jar last week and I'm sitting at my desk at work eating a long time favorite (yellow fin tuna with celery, red onions, and mayo) and not feeling guilty about it! Mmmm so happy.

- Kaley

Yeah mayo again

Ok I have this on my shelf and open jar in fridge at all times!
Tasty and paleo and so good serve to friends

- Peg


Love the lemony tang. I steam artichokes and then dip it in this mayo. Buy it, you won't be disappointed!

- nelle.dreyer@floridamoves.com

Best mayo ever

Fantastic in deviled eggs or with chicken. You can taste the quality. Highly recommend!

- Mary Beth

Mayo Lover's Sanity

I am a HUGE mayonnaise fan so when I had to avoid soy and canola oils I was really sad. Now that I've found this version, my sanity has returned. It has a slightly different "greener" flavor than traditional mayo but is still a fantastic alternative.

- Jana

Worse taste ever

I make my own mayo but thought I would give this a try. Tastes weird and soapy to me. I gave one star because it was sent to me as a free gift and the label comes off nicely and I can reuse the jar.

- Anita


I didn't know what to expect, but this was a very pleasant surprise. It is thick and deliciously fabulous. I would never to back. Fantastic addition to my paleo lifestyle!

- Ariane

Too salty

Good but way too salty. Not to mention overpriced for such a small container.

- Ivanka

Seriously DELICIOUS!

Generally, make my own but this it hassle-free option that doesn't compromise on taste - seriously delicious mayo!

- Veronique


Yum. That's all there is to say about this mayonnaise. My husband and I burn through a jar in about 3 days, so, yeah. :0)

- Laura


Very smooth, rich and flavorful. You don't need a lot of this, unlike commercial brands so de-fatted and full of chemicals and thickening gums you wonder if an egg even entered the mixing bowl.

- Anna Marie


This mayo is amazing, flavor is not much different than regular mayo, will be ordering this product again.

- David


This paleo mayo has transformed my dietary routine. It is amazing how many recipes I can whip up in no time at all with the addition of this product in my fridge. The flavor is AMAZING it tastes better than any mayo I've had and I had never previously been a huge mayo fan (primarily due to the fact that most mayo products are filled with nasty oils and junk). The price may seem steep but it will not disappoint. From using it as a condiment to mixing it into chicken/tuna salads it is sooooo delicious.

- Anne

Good mayo substitute

This is good - not as good as normal fattening mayo - but I didn't expect it to be. It's healthy and tastes great on turkey wraps!

- Alison


Finally, I don't have to make my own mayo anymore. Love, love, love! Tastes as good as Hellman's/Best Foods, but so much healthier.

- Jaye

Awesome Stuff!

I wouldn't call myself a mayo expert by any means but I've used it quite a few times to make tuna and other easy salads. It tastes the same as the commercial brands to me but even better and not to mention, better for you! I also feel full and satisfied after using this product because of the healthy fats and proteins!

The consistency is perfectly thick and creamy, I haven't noticed any problems with the ingredients separating. Speaking of ingredients, I love that it is a short list that is all wholesome and easily recognized. This is an awesome product, a must-have for anyone who follows a paleo diet!

- Clara S

Perfect Replacement!

I'm a huge fan of mayonnaise, so when I started going paleo it was up there with pizza on the list of temptations. I recently learned how to make my own, but it's pretty inconvenient when you're used to just opening a jar of Duke's.

Then I read about the Avocado Oil Mayo on Mark Sisson's blog. This is an absolute game changer! I can have Deviled Eggs again! The texture is creamy, and the flavor is tangy, delicious, and a little on the vinegar-y side. I absolutely love this stuff, but my wife is a Miracle Whip fan, and does not care for it at all (more for me!)

- W. Mack

Delicious AND healthy!

My wife and I are giving paleo a go and our friend recommended this mayo by Mark Sisson. We were skeptical at first because mayo normally isn't the healthiest thing, but we were really impressed with the quality of the ingredients and decided to try it out with a promo on Thrive Market. We were blown away by the rich, satisfying texture and it had a delicious tang that went great in a paleo-friendly potato salad my wife made. We've been using it ever since and Thrive Market offers the best price so we'll definitely be ordering it again.

- D. Henry

Delicious! But quite distinct.

I LOVE mayo!! However, I am trying to reduce my dairy intake and was so excited to try this as an alternative to the processed ones.

Although I really liked the taste, it was very different from that of the regular Best Foods brand. I love rosemary so I definitely appreciated that I can taste it. But for me, the vinegar was just a little too pungent. The consistency was more whipped than creamy, yet still worked well as a spread.

Due to the strong vinegar taste, I have opted to use it more on salads as a dressing or even pasta to give it a little kick.

- Joy Diaz

A Paleo Diet Staple!

I was so happy to find this product! Avoiding soy in my diet and being Paleo, I was making my own mayonnaise. Now I don't have to! Avocado Mayo is great on sandwiches or even in making fancy dips.

- Priscilla Morgan


Like the other reviews, this mayo is excellent. And by excellent, I mean it tastes like mayo! It has a slightly different flavor, so the first taste is different. But avocado oil is very clean tasting. After a couple bites, you are loving your paleo mayo.



A lot of flavor. I made some tuna salad and licked the bowl and spoon clean.

- Alisha

So much flavor!

I have never had avocado oil mayonnaise before, and now I am so addicted! The flavor in this is unbelievable. I can't wait to try it in chicken salad!

- Lisa


I am so thrilled to have mayo back in my life! Egg salad, tuna salad...so delicious! Thank you for this product!!

- Valerie


This tastes so good, you'll forget is good for you! Wonderful ingredients!

- Lisa

I Will Never be Without This Mayo!

I absolutely love the taste of this mayo! I was tired of trying to make my own. My homemade mayo didn't turn out as good as this is. Now I can save a lot of time. I have another jar on the way and it is now one of my favorite paleo condiments!

- Sherri


I usually make my own mayo, but thought this might be a good alternative for those times I needed convenience....not! It's SO salty it obliterates the flavor of anything you use it on. I won't be ordering this product again - it's back to homemade for me -

- Gail

Phenomenal Mayo - Wonderful Ingredients

This is the best mayo I have ever had. The texture, taste, and spreadability are all correct, sparing nothing in quality.

- Noah


This avocado oil mayo is absolutely delicious! I receive my free jar and will definitely purchase this again!

- Elizabeth


Thank you Mark Sisson for creating such an amazing product. Since I've been following a Paleo diet I haven't been able to have mayo. Finally I can have mayo again and not only is it healthy but it's absolutely delicious, a little pricy, but a great product!

- Debbie

Better than expected!

I wasn't expecting it to taste better than regular mayonnaise but it does! It's creamy with an amazing flavor. Fantastic! I will never buy any other brand again. Primal Kitchen is the best!

- cheryl


I have been on AIP and have just added eggs back so had this on Tuna so good! After 8 months I forgot how nice mayo could taste ! This is a tasty and made me smile! Will order many more!

- Peg

I REALLY wanted to love this..

First, my sincerest apologies to Mark Sisson, who is my hero and my guru. I bought this because I trust him wholeheartedly (I've read The Primal Blueprint 5 times). I'm disappointed to leave anything but rave reviews for his product, but I imagine he wants only the most honest opinions on his products, so here goes... Unfortunately I did not love this mayo. I don't absolutely hate it, but the rosemary extract in it is not a taste I enjoy, despite my love for the herb itself. (***ALSO, it's worth noting that Rosemary extract is listed on the jar, but not here on the website***). Is the rosemary used as a preservative perhaps? I'm perplexed by that addition to the ingredients, because it's not listed in any of his mayo recipes in his books. I added the mayo into a prepared egg-salad today, hoping the seasonings I used in it would mask the flavor, but I still don't care for it. I'm glad I tried it--I hoped it would be a good alternative to making my own (which I usually do) for when I want something on the spot, or one that will last longer in the fridge--but I won't be re-purchasing. I do hope he continues making new primal products though, and this won't deter me from trying anything in the future, since it really boils down to taste preference on this mayo.

- Jacquelyn

Rich, Creamy, Delicious -- And no Soybean oil!

I took advantage of the free promo Thrive was offering for this Primal Avocado Oil Mayonnaise. I've been on the hunt for a mayo for a long time that does not contain soybean oil. All of the ones from the main grocers in my area (even those labeled "olive oil mayo") all contain soybean and/or canola oil blends as the first ingredient -- along with a bunch of other ingredients. This one however, is clean, and doesn't contain any artificial products. It's delicious too. My entire family loves it and I'll definitely buy it again and again! YUMMY.

- Kate


I missed mayo for mixing in as salmon salads or hard boil eggs as a childhood snack. Now I finally can have them again! Thank you for this delicious healthy mayo, I opened it and couldn't stop eating it straight out off the jar... Just to make sure it really is that good! Can't believe it!

- Wei

Best Mayo Ever!

This is the BEST mayo I have everr had! Seriously give it a try! I'm so glad I found this I will never go back to anything else! Love love love this stuff! So fresh and delicious!

- Justine

The BEST Paleo Mayo!

I was just getting used to making my own mayo since it's so hard to find one without sugar or canola, and then I started hearing about this one. I was a little hesitant, since when I made my own with avocado oil, it was a little too strong for me, but this mayo is thick and DELICIOUS. And I'm fairly picky about my mayo (NEVER bought another brand other than the big "H"). I'm so grateful that this is available!

- Kristen


My wife and I are Hellman's Real Mayonnaise snobs. Nothing ever tastes anywhere near as good until now. This may even taste better. Kids love it too.

- Mark

The reviews don't lie: Dee-lish!

This is amazing. Mix it with a little balsamic vinegar and it's the most amazing, flavorful salad dressing or dipping sauce. I am blown away by the flavor of this. Really pleasing to the palate.

- Amy


At first, tasting it just plain, out of the jar, I thought too much salt. But, one of my health nut friends tasted it and said "that's how the French make their mayonnaise. I want some." He took a picture from his smart phone and thanked me for finding something he has wanted for a long time. Since then, I have tried it on many different mixes and sandwiches and it seems to magically blend into everything and enhances the flavor(does not taste too salty). What a nice surprise, finding such a healthy and delicious mayonnaise that is actually very good for me. I'm now free to be a mayonnaise nut again. I'm only sorry it goes so fast. I love it.

- David

BEST mayo ever!

Best ingredients, best texture, and best flavor! It is pricey, but I still love it!



I'm not usually a big mayo person, but this one has a nice flavor to it and is made from real food. Very creamy and slightly tangy. Great for wraps, salad dressings and dips. This is one to keep stocked in your kitchen at all times.

- Summer


Got this mayo on the promo, and just ordered 3 more jars. Delicious and healthy.

- Lisa


This stuff is the real deal! Taste is excellent and all good stuff!

- Jeffrey


Used as dip for the artichoke I steamed for dinner tonight. Tastes better than "real mayo." Honestly, buy this you won't regret it! Can't wait to make tuna, chicken and potato salad with this!

- Nelle

Love this stuff!

Buy it! SO good!

- Julie


I cannot tolerate any store-bought mayo because of the fats used (canola, soybean, sunflower/safflower oils), they make me ill. This mayo is the only one I can have. The taste reminds me very much of the real mayo you make yourself at home. It's absolutely delicious and best of all, I don't get indigestion from it!!

- Martine


Reminds me of the "real mayonnaise" I remember. Tastes wonderful!!!!

- Karen

Great Mayonnaise

This gives hope to those who can't use the regular ones, or the ones with soy or canola. We do not eat gluten, but there are so many uses for this product.

- Carol


I was so excited to find this product! When I received my order, it was all I could do to not open it right away to taste it. The next day, spread some on a sandwich and almost gagged. It tastes like metal. I'm not sure if I got a bad bottle or what, but this stuff is not good.

- Jamie

Best Paleo Mayo

I've tried making Paleo mayo many times but it never tasted right. This stuff is better than regular mayo!

- Darcy

Wow, wasn't expecting this

I typically make my own mayo and I even use avocado oil. I got a jar of this as a free gift and dang! It's really good! Now I have to find Rosemary extract!

- Pamela

Avocado Oil Mayo

Finally a really healthy mayonnaise for restricted diets and those that really get it about sugar, soy and canola oil . Thank you Primal. I like salt and this is very salty mayo.

- Thrive User

I Love This Mayo!

I wanted a mayonnaise that had only healthy oils with only natural ingredients and prior to this had to make it myself. What a pain. This stuff tastes great, better than the jarred stuff or my homemade. Hooked for Life!

- Kathleen

This stuff rules

I put it on everything. I pack it in a little container and bring it to work to eat with veggies, chicken, or pretty much everything to get my healthy fats in!

- Stefanie


After i got used to it, it was very good!

- Lillie

Best $8 ever spent on mayo

Delicious. Thick. Delightful.

- Brianna

The best mayo EVER!

I will never use anything but this from now on. It's has a perfect balance of tangy and creamy. Love it!!!

- Keagin

Best mayo ever!

So happy to find a mayo without sugar or bad oils. I absolutely love this mayo!

- Kelly


So creamy and delicious!

- Chuck

Great Mayo

I've purchased several jars of this mayo for friends and family and it is our favorite due to ingredients and taste.

- Barbara


I've gone without mayo for so long as I found making paleo mayo was way more effort than it it was worth for just me. It was a blessing to stumble across this mayo and it's DELICIOUS. I wish I could give it more starts. So far I have used it to make coleslaw, tuna salad, and shrimp salad and they all came out perfectly.

- Claire

All hail Sisson!

Quality products like this primal mayo make my heart SING.

- Emma

Avocado Oil Mayo

I absolutely love this mayo! It is so much better than any mayo I've ever tasted!

- Terrie

Best mayo ever

The only thing better might be homemade price wise - but taste and texture this is hands down the best mayo out there for foodies and those who care about the ingredients in mayo.

- A. W.


Taste very good!

- Thrive User

Dangerously good eating!

This stuff is "eat with a spoon" good tasting. And unlike the bait-and-switch "olive oil mayo" at the supermarket that has soybean oil as its first ingredient (and less olive oil than egg), the avocado oil used here is the only oil. Only 5 ingredients here and they are all healthy. I will most definitely be getting more of this. It deserves 10 stars, but there are only 5 up there.

- James

Delicious and healthy

Finally a mayonnaise without canola or sunflower oils! It tastes fantastic. Works so well in tartar sauces and egg salads.

- Dana


This is the best mayo I have ever had.

- Cg

Don't Have to Make My Own

My stomach is so very sensitive that I make most everything from scratch. The ingredients are clean and without corn syrup, sugar and other illegals. This saves me so much time. Thank you for manufacturing this product.
The taste is wonderful. I use it for salad dressing, meatloaf, tuna, and more. I've already ordered another and will order more.

- Erica

Tastes Great

I love the flavor. I use it to 'stick' ground beef or chicken to a romaine lettuce leaf. Husband and daughter aren't too keen on it yet though, but I'm a few years ahead of them in eating healthy alternatives.

- Kristina


I know you can make your own mayo for less. But you cannot make it this delicious. It is the tastiest mayo I've ever had. It has some serious zing.

- Janee


Never ate mayo before. This is my third jar in two months.

- Patrick

Good stuff

This is probably the best tasting Mayonnaise I have ever tasted. The reason I would not buy it again is the price. For the price I expect a 32 fl oz jar. I gave the product a three star because of the price, the mayo itself is 5 stars.

- Ingrid


This MAYO is the BEST. Full bodied with that important bit of tange. Full stop best. Hands down, no completion. That is even before you read the pure food ingredients and not cringe thinking what all the transfats were doing to our health before.
Wish it was on autoship to lock in a price forever because that is how long we will be using this one.

- Kaye

Wanted to Love It

I really, really wanted to love this...but I didn't. Since going "clean" I've been making my own mayo and thought this would be a good alternative.

Unfortunately, it's too...something. I think too much vinegar. Some reviewers said that the taste got better as they got used to it, so we'll see.

I expect I'll just go back to making my own.

- Teresa


This is by far the best thing I've found on thrivemarket.com! A healthy, non-soybean oil, mayo is impossible to find anywhere else. It's a little saltier than regular mayo in my personal opinion. However, I used it to make chicken salad and my father, who is not concerned about health at all, went out of his way to tell me how amazing the chicken salad was. So that tells me I'll never go back to regular mayo again!

- Mary


Tastes amazing in my wraps/sandwiches, isn't much more expensive than what I was used to eating. Definitely will continue to buy!

- Lauren


This mayo is delicious! Healthy oils and fats make this a great choice and the flavor is wonderful. Ordered two jars and turned around and ordered 4 more so that I could keep a couple at work! Don't want to take the chance Thrive will be out of stock...

- Sharon

Way too bitter/tangy

I was hoping this would taste something like generic mayo, but it tastes very tangy. It's so tangy that it's almost too sour or bitter. I have a sensitive stomach so it hits hard for me. Unfortunately all three jars I bought appear to be from the same batch, so I can't tell if the vinegar machine just accidentally dumped way too much vinegar in my batch or if this is how it's supposed to be. Either way, it's way more bitter/intense than what you might be used to. Perhaps the extra vinegar is needed to avoid using other preservatives.. I wanted to love it, but sadly I don't. Hoping Primal Kitchen comes out with a less tangy version in the future, if possible.

- Nathan

Doesn't taste like mayo and ridiculously overpriced!

This stuff tastes bad! Don't expect it to taste like the "H" brand you've been eating all your life! Not too mention, it's kind of insanely expensive! You're not doing yourself any favors by buying this instead of standard mayo! After all, we're talking about mayonnaise. No matter how you make it, it's not health food. Just get the stuff that tastes good and use in moderation.

- TU

This is awesome!

I cannot say how much I love this product. I love mayo, but I'm terrible at making it. It is also convenient and fits my needs for eating clean and having healthy fats in my diet. I usually buy 3 of these at a time. I'm a fan for life!!

- Marianne

The Best

This is the best "Mayo" on the market. Nothing comes close. No junk ingredients. 100% awesome.

- Michael


Finally, a mayonnaise made with organic ingredients and without vegetable oils. The taste is well balanced, just enough salt. Tastes great on burgers and in chicken salad.

- Jeanne


I've never really been a huge mayo fan, but needed to add flavor to increase my chances of sticking to my diet. This mayo is amazing! So good. And the clean ingredients makes it a no brainer- definitely will continue to purchase.


Tangy and Creamy

I wanted to love the Primal Kitchen Mayo!! I love Mark and his blog, and I think the concept here is awesome. However, the taste is quite tangy- too tangy for me. It tastes more like Miracle Whip than a classic Kraft Mayo, if you like to compare. I'm still going to use this on my BLTs until the jar runs out - maybe I will acquire the taste!

- Nicole

Love this Mayo!

Pros: Great, fresh flavor and perfect consistency. Now I'm trying to invent Paleo recipes that include this mayo.

Cons: A little pricey for a small jar, but it is worth it!

- Gail

This stuff is really good!

It tastes great--and has none of the preservatives or low-quality oils that made me avoid mayonnaise. It is an excellent alternative to making my own (which is great when it works... but it doesn't always come together). I'm buying three jars at a time now.

- Lauren

Wonderful Mayo

Our family loves this mayo. We're so glad to have found a delicious healthy version that we don't have to make ourselves. It's yummy and does well in our sandwiches and in our recipes.

- Abbie

Best Mayo

I have made my own mayo in the past just so I could make ranch dressing. This is a time saver for me and uses pretty much the same ingredients I use in my own mayo! Much easier ranch making for me! I imagine that if I had the ambition to make paleo bread, this would be great on a sandwich!

- Amber

Does Does Mark Sisson's mayo need another 46th 5 star rating?

YES....It's that good and good for you!!

- Brenda K

Real Mayo

This is like the mayo I used to buy in the supermarket. It has the same flavor and consistency.

- David

Delicious and healthy!

Been using this mayo to mix with tuna and make deviled eggs...just phenomenal! Great job Mark on creating this product.

- Robert


My search is over - I'm so glad to finally find a healthy mayo that tastes like real mayo! I've tried making my own with numerous different oils, but I just couldn't get it right. Now I can buy it in a jar - hurray!

- Liz

Me Too,Me Too!

Winner Winner Chicken Salad Dinner!
This stuff is fabulous...bought one jar...now I'm buying three. The thought of running out is too awful to contemplate!

- Wendy


So nice to have a canola free, soy free mayo that is reasonably priced. Great taste and thickness.

- Raychel

Off the hook

I found myself running my finger along the inside of a near-empty jar of Primal Mayo to get the last little bit.

- John Durant

Won't Use Anything Else

I've been a fan of Mark Sisson's blog for a while and have follow a primal/keto [LCHF] lifestyle. Like many, I tried to make my own mayo because every commercial brand uses soybean oil - but I never came up with anything worthwhile. When I heard Mark was coming out with a Primal Mayo I was so excited, I got in on the preorder and used up 2 jars in just a few weeks. I'm ordering 4 more today so I have them. The idea of running out scares me, I use it so much. It has amazing flavor - I grew up on Miracle Whip - and this has MORE flavor and zing to it. It makes a fantastic egg salad, and is really great in homemade Caesar salad dressing in place of a raw yolk [just easier, not afraid of raw yolks…]. I highly recommend it.

- Helena

Beyond Delicious!

I had tried making my own paleo mayo several times and wasted time and money. When I ordered this mayo, I hoped it was edible. I never expected it to be this delicious! Better than any mayo I've ever had. Wonderful texture and delicious delicate flavor. I am so happy to have found a product that I can serve to anyone and know that it's healthy and delicious!

- Thrive User


This mayonnaise is fabulous. Lick off the spoon fabulous. It's worth the price.

- John

Perfect every time

Did I mention easy? Just open the jar. Good and ummm, ummm, good for ya too!

- PaddyO

Don't judge too quickly!

At first I thought it smelled too much like vinegar. I have given it a few chances and really like it. Used it to make sandwiches and potato salad. My 4 year old didn't even complain when we switched her from Duke's (the king of mayo in the South). It is a little on the salty side, but worth it for the healthier alternative.

- Elizabeth


This mayo is delicious. Goes greatly with wild planet tuna and salmon and when used where regular mayo is used

- Brandon

Most Amazing Mayo EVER!!!

Let me start with the statement that I became paleo due to my wife, now I love it but at the time was very hard. After 2 year of being intruduce to the paleo diet, there are still little items that I continue to buy that are not completely paleo, one of them being the Mayo. I love mayo and all the "good for you" mayo's are Horrible they may be good for you but the taste is horrible. Then I tried this one and I wont lie, its the best Mayo Ever!!, this could beat any commercial brands mayo's in taste any time.
Must have in your house !!

- Ruben


Finally, mayo wth healthy ingredients that I don't have to make myself! And the best part is, it tastes delicious! Thank you so much for carrying this. :-)

- Susan

Really Like it!

Like the taste; holds its consistency, I use it equally with my canned tuna fish... before Primal Mayo I was primarily using spicy mustard with my tuna.... the price point is a bit high but I still think its worth it...

- Franko


I used to make my own mayo, but Mark had a point, sometimes you just don't have the time or patience. I was a little shaky at first because I had made mayo with avocado oil before and didn't like the taste. However this... I eat this stuff with a spoon!!!

- Angela


So flavorful.

- Thrive User

Best Mayo - after mine!

Even though I make my own mayo, I was so excited to receive my first order of Mark Sisson's Paleo Mayo! Then I lost it in my house, for 4 weeks! What a happy surprise when it resurfaced. Mark Sisson, you did not disappoint! This mayo is as good as mine. I'm so happy to know of a source for friends who won't make their own mayo and for traveling. I will definitely reorder this, and you should too!


great mayo

I have had hit or miss results with making mayo at home trying various ways and trying to salvage those lost cause batches. I even have less than 50% success with immersion blender mayo! The couple times it turns out its beautiful we use the 1-2tbs we need for the meal and then it gets forgotten about in the fridge and molds with in days. This mayo though is shelf stable prior to opening, it tastes great, has the perfect consistency just like traditional less than healthy fat commercial versions, and it lasted more than a week close to three after opening in the fridge and then we ran out. I would certainly buy again and I would like to see the price of this maybe come down a bit more but other than that this is worth the money as is because I'm not wasting ingredients trying and failing to get homemade mayo to turn out.

- Rachael

Ahhhh good ole' Mayo!

Couldn't be happier that there is finally a Mayo made with a healthy fat, Avocado. When I heard that Mark was putting out this Mayo and that Thrive finally carried it I had to order two bottles. The taste is incredible and brings me back to my childhood. Get yours now, you won't regret it!

- Dylan K.

Just fabulous!

Not much else to say.... a mayo WITHOUT seed/industrial oils and (even better) it actually tastes GOOD!

- Lila

Very good!

This mayo has a great flavor and is very smooth and creamy. I will order it again.

- Vicki

Finally a healthy store-bought mayo!

Love the fact that this is made with healthy avocado oil instead of industrial seed oils. It also has no sugar, no artificial flavors and is made with organic cage free eggs. Vastly superior to what I've found in my local stores, even in the natural foods/organic sections. I'll be purchasing this product regularly!

- Theresa

So good!

We really like this mayo. It does not taste like Best Foods, but it is way better for you and does the trick when you need Mayo.

- Linda

Nice Mayo

If you're looking for a great mayo; and primal to boot; and don't mind paying for a bit of convenience this is the product you've been waiting for. Can't beat the T.M. price, I'm not a mayo guy but I need something to mix with my tuna besides spicy mustard; this does the trick. I will be purchasing this product again.

- Frank

Excellent Taste

Fabulous and pure mayo!!

- Mary Louise

Not as good as I had hoped

I love Mark Sisson and all the things he has done for Primal/Paleo through his blog, books, etc. BUT, I was REALLY hoping this mayo would be better than this. The consistency was strange. It separated when refrigerated and I couldn't get it to go back to the smooth emulsified stuff we call mayo.

- Jesse


They really nailed the taste of "regular mayo" without all the junk ingredients. I love this stuff!

- Selena


This is the only mayo I will buy from now on. It is kind of sour tasting at first, but you get used to it. It's very rich and creamy and works perfectly on fish, turkey and cheese. Buy more than one, or you'll be sad you didn't!

- Alanna


Finally. Mayo is on the menu! Not just some sort of reasonable substitute but the real thing. My tastebuds detect just a slight tang. Not overly salty. Delicious. Did a taste comparison with my roommates Best Foods Real Mayonnaise and this has a little more complexity. Probably the rosemary extract. This has helped me get a little more variety in my diet as I experiment with different fish salads and the like. I only purchased one jar to try but I can see this being a staple in the fridge going forward. Great product.

- Marvin


I ordered 4 jars and all arrived separated. Refrigeration has not helped. Flavor seems good even though my "mayo" is runny.

- Donetta

great guiltless mayo

Great tasting Mayo that makes me feel ZERO GUILT when consuming.

- Aaron

Great Stuff!

I really like this Avocado Oil Mayo. I will definitely order again. I put it on eggs, burgers, avocados, sweet potatoes, etc. Has a nice clean, fresh taste.

- Karen

Um, not so much

Was hoping to find a healthy dupe for my Hellmans- Not this ! And I ordered 3 jars : /
Tastes like it has anchovies in it or something weird. If I find a way to use it that works, I will update.

- Thrive User


Finally, a paleo mayo! Yes, you could make your own, which takes time and effort and will not have a very long "shelf" life in the fridge. Or you can buy this deliciousness and enjoy right out of the jar! It should come with a warning label of how addictive it is and how good it tastes with so many things. And although it is a bit pricey, when you consider the quality of ingredients and the fact that due to the rich taste, a little goes a long way, it is actually a good value.

- Julie


There is no way I could tell the difference between Primal Mayo and regular. This is spot-on and once again I can indulge in chicken salad!

- Joe

Everything I Wanted It To Be!

Mine came frozen, and even after remixing I have to assume the texture was still a little off from optimal. Even so, This mayo was fantastic. Even if it wasn't delicious I would buy it for the avocado oil base, but it earns its 5 stars on flavor alone. You won't be sorry.

- Kevin


I love this stuff! Ideal combination of healthy and paleo-approved ingredients (as called for by Mark's Daily Apple/the Paleo Blueprint) and taste. Well done. I hope more Primal Kitchen products are to come.

- Joshua


A mayo I can buy that is primal compliant. Tried some, loved it...back to buy more!!!

- Geoff


This tastes a little too good to be true! Absolutely love it! A little tangy, very creamy.

- Susan


This is amazing! Finally a mayonnaise that is good for you! It tastes great! Thank you Mark Sisson for bringing this to us!

- Karen

FANTASTIC! - an Eleven!

I just got my mayo last week. it is delish! tasted it right out of the jar, YUM. made the tuna salad so good and the "Tiger Sauce" for my America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Country Baltimore Pit Beef Recipe - outstanding! I'll always have a jar in the fridge and one in the pantry. Can't wait to try in my homemade ranch dressing! Thanks Mark !

- Meg


Not sure whether my jar was a victim of frostbite along the way, but the contents arrived as oil and a coagulated mess. I tried numerous ways to blend, but it wouldn't go. It was so runny--a mess. The taste wasn't bad, but the visual ruined the product.

- Anne

I'm impressed...

I highly recommend this mayo. It is very tasty and creamy. Thank you Mark!

- John R.


I'm so glad I found this mayo! I don't have much dairy in my diet and mayo is a big no-no. I've tried other organic mayo's and although they're "ok" they don't have the delicious flavor that this avocado mayo does. And it's healthier to boot! I'm so excited!

I bought a jar for me and my Mom!

Thank you!!!

- Carrie


I love mayo but no longer use the regular stuff. Tried making my own and that was a disaster! This is my PALEO food dream come true!


Primal Mayo

Delicious and healthy replacement for regular mayonnaise. Will continue to buy this product. Back to enjoying egg salad, tuna salad, potato salad, and other mayonnaise-based recipes! Tastes great! Just like regular! Very happy with it - thank you, Mark!

- Sandra

Absolutely tastes amazing!

I just received my order of this healthy, new mayo. I thought it would taste like one of those nasty-tasting substitutes on the market. Boy, was I wrong! I enjoy eating mayo on artichokes, avocados, in tuna/ chicken salad and a host of other foods, while trying to follow the Paleo lifestyle. Regular mayonnaise is full of so many unhealthy ingredients, I couldn't enjoy some of my favorite dishes. This is the ticket. Even my finicky adult son approved of it's wonderful, authentic flavor. Only wish it was packaged in a larger Qt. Jar size.

- LadyK