Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

25.4 oz bottle

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25.4 oz bottle

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INTRODUCING THRIVE MARKET ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Made from 100% certified organic Koroneiki olives, our extra-virgin olive oil is grown, harvested, and bottled on a single estate in western Crete. The quality of the olives is obvious when you taste the bright, fruity, peppery flavor profile. Dip fresh bread into it to get the full spectrum of flavors, or drizzle it over oven-roasted fish, pasta, or salads. This is extra-virgin olive oil like you’ve never tasted before. Made With 100% Certified Organic Koroneiki Olives Our EVOO is produced on a certified organic Koroneiki olive tree grove in the southwestern region of Greece. The location is known for its exceptional year-round agricultural production—and killer landscapes. In Greece, the Koroneiki is considered ‘the queen of olives’ and recognized globally as a preferred varietal, producing an oil that’s aromatic, robust, and flavorful. It’s perfect for pairing with bold foods (like the Greek fare it’s meant to...
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About This Brand

Meet the Thrive Market collection, a diverse group of high-quality pantry staples, wellness products, and home supplies at the best prices possible. Since our mission is to make healthy living easy and affordable, we created this line with our core values in mind—spanning from sustainability and social impact to nutrition and the environment—and designed each product to support your unique dietary needs and lifestyle. So get shopping, and stock your shelves with everything you need to thrive, like superfoods, oils, sprouted flours, nuts and seeds, spices, and more! Features: - Non-GMO, and organic products, available at the best prices possible - Rigorous sourcing practices to bring you the highest-quality products - More than 100 products in categories ranging from oils and flours to pasta sauces and dried fruits, with another 300+ in development
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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Serving Size 1 Tbsp (75mL) Servings Per Container About 50

Amount Per Serving

Calories 120 Calories from Fat 120

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 14g 22%
Saturated Fat 2g 10%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%
Protein 0g

Reviews For Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Based on 67 Reviews

Best ive had in a long time!

This olive oil is the real deal. You can taste the quality on its own or cooking!

- Leigh


I love this olive oil. I love that it is in a can as it stays very very fresh. The can is quite tall and is a challenge to find a space for it, but worth the effort.


Good olive oil

These days you have to be a detective to find a good olive oil. This is a good one.

- Wendy


This is one of our favorite all around olive oils. Lovely flavor and consistency.

- Dana

Smooth and Buttery

I use a ton of EVOO and this one id by far the best I have ever purchased.
The flavor is light and smooth, not bitter like some olive oils.
I use this oil for all my cooking needs. There is nothing better than a good curry made with this olive oil and ghee.
I will continue purchasing this product and recommending it to my friends.

- Shawna

Great oil!

Love this oil! Lost a star because each time I've ordered, the can arrived with dents. Hopefully not affecting the oil.

- Jeanne

Excellent olive oil!

I really love your Thrive brand organic greek olive oil. Not only is it among the best tasting extra virgin organic olive oils I've tried, the attractive tin packaging is really cool too. Keep up the good work Thrive!

- Randy

HIGH Quality!

Best EVOO I've ever used!! You can tell by the color and smell that is amazing quality.

- Olivia

I love this olive oil!

I drizzle this on my salad every day for lunch!

- Larry

Will buy again.

Love the bottle design and the light flavor. Use it for cooking, baking, pouring out straight on to foods like pasta and for olive oil/vinegar dressing and diy beauty products. Thought it was a little pricey ( but gotta pay for the high quality and Thrive hasn't steered me wrong yet) and the bottle was dented so lost a star.

- Shelly

Great taste, but in a flimsy bottle

This is my favorite olive oil! I only gave it 4 stars because on two occasions it arrived to my house with multiple dents in the bottle (rather large ones), and I am not sure if it is safe to eat. I am a nervous nelly when it comes to dented cans and botulism. Please package this amazing olive oil in a better container!

- Katelyn

THE best hostess gift EVER

I LOVE giving this as a hostess gift and to my friends. It is such a high quality olive oil with beautiful packaging, and people appreciate this so much more than a bottle of wine. I buy it in bulk every month!!

- Julie

Delicious and light

This is the mildest organic extra virgin olive oil I have found in my search. I use it over raw veggie salads primarily and it is delicious, without the bitter or too peppery taste of others. I wish it could be ordered in bulk as the price is rather high. That being said I love the container. Wish the price was lower.

- Phoebe Darlington

High quality olive oil

I can tell this oil is fresh, which is important, and rare with so many olive oils these days. Love this stuff, love the packaging too.

- Carlee


Very nice flavor, not too heavy, not too light. This will be a staple in my house from now on.

- Amy

Great quality, awesome value

Very happy with price and flavor. Great product

- Dr

Is this a filtered oil?

I use a brand that is unfiltered so that the enzymes remain intact, and I can use it to soak grass-fed beef for tenderization. The rest of the information on ingredients looks great!

- Jane


In a time when olive oil is so bastardized with canola, vegetable and sunflower oils, it's great to see an affordable and quality option!

- Bryant Manning

Great go-to olive oil.

Great for salads and cooking! A little heavy for making mayo, but that's what makes it great for everything else. The only suggestion I have or improvement is packaging for shipping. Every time I open my box the olive oil bottle is dented, still tastes great though!

- Kristin

Tastes Like More Expensive EEVO

A screw-top can of EVOO. The oil is a dark green, fragrant, and delicious. I would expect this product to cost much more than it does.

- James

great for the price

nice taste, great buy

- Elizabeth


I use it on salads as a higher grade, fresh and slightly pungent
Dressing oil. I feel that desired quality is there and it is a good value.

- Dina

Great taste

Olive oil is my go-to when cooking, and this oil tastes terrific. Nice to find a bottle this size that's affordable. Will definitely be keeping this in my pantry.

- Christine

Delicious and Safe

I care a lot about the quality of my may have heard of the Italian mob and the olive oil scam now. I'm glad I can get California and maybe some Greek oil that is safe and delicious and of course, at such a great price!

- Raechel

Favorite Olive Oil.

I could drink this oil straight. Yum.

- Arnita

Pretty stand out

Tried this olive oil awhile back right when my wife got back from a vacation in Greece and Italy. Just for giggles we did a blind tasting. Thrive won. I love this stuff. Great quality

- James Burchette

love it

Great tasting olive oil, use it with cooking and marinades and whatnot

- Megan

oh olive!

hard to find a good quality tasting olive oil. went through the second bottle, it is totally worth it to give it a try, I am pretty sure you will fall in love and there is no bitterness after taste.

- juliana

AMAZING! High quality

You can tell that this oil is very high quality, it tastes fantastic

- Jamie L

Good Olive Oil

I found it too light in flavor for me. I like a fruity olive oil with much more flavor. This was a good quality, just not enough flavor for me!

- Julieanne

Tastes good.

I like this oil. I don't really tastes a difference between this and a $10 bottle with the same amount, though. I guess because it is organic it could possibly be healthier, but it tastes just like any other EVOO to me.

- BOnes


Thrive Market has made a loyal customer of me with this olive oil. The flavor is well balanced and the color is beautiful. I have tried many, many brands of olive oil; this is my go-to brand now. Thank you, Thrive Market. Love the price on this item!

- Loren

Smooth and tasty

I used this olive oil on some wilted spinach with garlic and ginger. It was so smooth and balanced, it brought all the flavors together harmoniously.

- Eric

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Excellent taste!

- Lisa

Love this Olive Oil!

This is the best tasting olive oil I've been able to find since I've been to Italy and tasted it fresh from the trees during Olive harvest! I really like this Olive Oil.

- Deborah

Rich flavor and delicious

Love this olive oil. I keep inventing new things to put it on, it's so delicious.

- Susan

Wonderful flavor, but a bit lighter than what I normally buy.

Tastes real (most imported olive oils and many domestic olive oils are adulterated--not as advertised--as per enlightening study by U.C. Davis about 5 years ago). I bought 2 cans with my first order and am totally satisfied.
I may or may not buy it again, but I give this oil 5 stars. Very nice and I believe it is what it says it is. An excellent product at an excellent price.

- mary

Pure and genuine!

I love the taste of this olive oil! What a relief to have found this product in Thrive! Love it!

- Robert R

Great item

Received a free tin as part of a recent promotion. So glad that Thrive offers this opportunity to try products. As a result, I am a frequent shopper and continue to discover new favorites. Definitely will buy this olive oil. Nice flavor and packaging.

- Deborah Smith

Great price and product!

I have no complaints! Flavor and price are good, and I like the look of the packaging. It sits on my counter next to the stove.

- Mrs. FancyPanties

Olive Oli

Very good flavor.

- Helen

Thrive Market Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wonderful! One of the best tasting olive oils I've tried, and I've tried many of them. It tastes buttery but has the necessary small bite to let you know it's really fresh police oil. Yum.

- Julie

First-Rate EVOO

We typically buy the California Olive Ranch oils locally because they are cheap, fresh, spicy, and unadulterated. We tried the new Thrive extra-virgin and were duly impressed. I think the Thrive oil is even spicier than any of the COR oils (a plus in my book) and the price isn't bad either. The thrive EVOO is now part of our regular EVOO rotation and also our new favorite. I personally do not trust most European oils (because of the well-publicized track record of adulteration) but I do trust that Thrive's product is verified single-source and not cut with gross industrial seed oils. The flavor and spice of this oil proves to me that it's the real deal. Well done, Thrive!

- Ethan

Loving It

This oil is wonderful ! With the free gift and the 15% off it was a real deal. I was very happy with my purchase. I am changing my lifestyle and this is one of the additions I made. Olive oil is all I use now. Unfortunately I am on a very low fixed income. I live on $700 a month and unfortunately I cannot afford to pay the membership AND pay for the food, no matter how healthy it is. It's not a matter of not understanding that these products are important (and even necessary for proper health). It is a matter of income. I believe all people should be able to afford healthy, organic, NON GMO foods. I pray for the time that it's possible. If I could afford to subscribe I absolutely would, but the free month was great ! The products are Fabulous ! Thank you Thrive !

- Cheryl Baysinger


I have used nice extra virgin olive oil for years This is my FAV.... Not to strong clean wonderful flavor.......

- Laura

Amazing flavor

It's really hard to find a good olive oil. I buy locally grown olive oil; expensive, and often doesn't taste great. But I want to know at least it IS olive oil. I found 1 locally produced olive oil I like and it's sold at 1 store in the bay area. Sigh. Then this came along and I am SO happy. It tastes like real olive oil! And well made! And organic!!!! Now I have 2 brands I can buy and Thrive is just so convenient. Thank you!

- N Lane

I love it1

I love this olive oil, great taste and great for cooking.

- Brenda

Thrive olive oil

Loved this oil and loved the packaging. Nice to have a lightweight recyclable can plus the oil doesn't drip down the side like many bottles do.

- Joyce

Just like my Italian Grandmother used to use!

My family is from Italy-literally right off the boat. We originally settled in New York. We ONLY bought olive oil imported from Italy from the local grocer, and we used a LOT of it. Grandma bought it by the GALLON!
I've been buying EVO for years and even though I now live in in California (where they grow a LOT of olives!), I have never been able to find a brand that matched the fruity, silky, heavenly oil I remember from my youth. Until now!
This stuff is the real deal and smells and tastes EXACTLY like the olive oil I remember as a kid. I'm totally hooked!

- Cerise

Italian restaurante quality

This is our new favorite olive oil in the market. It has been a long time since we could deep a bread on pure olive oil and say "yes, this tastes like in the restaurante". Most of the olive oils in the market are supposedly extra virgin top quality but they lack a fundamental quality: "flavor". So they may be good to condiment a salad... but are you searching for real flavor? Get this one. Unexpectedly good.

- Pablo

Love it!

Great olive oil at a great price!

- Betty

Good Value

I'm very happy with the quality and price of this EVOO. Great value!

- Kristina Brantner

olive oil

It has a great taste. I like pulling it on my salad with red wine vinegar.

- Kay


Best store bought evoo I've ever had

- Jennifer


By Far. The Best. Tasting Olive Oil! The tasting notes are fruity, fresh, harmonious and it does not have any bitter characteristics. An exceptional quality!......Thanks Thrive Market, you absolutely nailed it!

- Teresa

Best ever

This is a great olive oil!!
Light and tasty...wonderful on salads!

- Diane


This olive oil is just as promised. It tastes fresh and fruity


So delicious

This olive oil is amazing!

- Karen

Golden Delicious

I used this Thrive Organic Greek EVOO to make the muffin recipe on the Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix this morning. The muffins came out looking like a top chef had baked them, and so good to eat.

- Catherine

Thrive Market Olive Oil

Wow! I love the single location sourcing and taste of this Olive Oil.

- Matthew

Green as anything!

I received this oil in my first order from Thrive two days ago. As soon as this oil started heating in the pan, the whole whole apartment smelled green. There was too much oil in the pan, so I put some of the extra on my face. Valhalla! My skin could feel how fine this oil is. Thank you, Thrive. This is the good life on a budget.

- Catherine


This EVOO is perfect. I'm hooked.

- Laura

Olive Oil

great oil

- Steve Tarini

Good all-purpose EVO

This has a nice fruity flavor and is a great all-purpose salad and veg oil. I like to opaque packaging and that it's organic, and there are so many dodgy oils on the market that it's nice to have a product I trust from Thrive.

- Catherine

Thrive market olive oil

Luv, luv it! Those special olives from Greece make all the difference! I've had this type of oil before but have been unable to find it in my area. So happy you carry it now!!

- Myra


I just saw this today and actually haven't tasted it, but I did want to say the packaging is absolutely gorgeous! Your designer is doing a fantastic job!!

- Michelle

Best EVOO I have ever tasted!!!

Ok, so I am a bit of an Olive Oil aficionado as I used to be a buyer for a small specialty store and have tasted many oils. But I had tried the Thrive Market Marinara Sauce and it was great, so when I saw this on the site I decided to try it.

All I can say is... WOW!

This Oil is a REAL GEM. It is obviously VERY fresh as evidenced by its rich green color and wonderful aroma...I put some in a small dish and dipped a baguette in it and oh my goodness. It is truly divine.

This is NOT your run of the mill store brand Olive Oil folks...I highly recommend it and already added two more bottles to my cart as I am going to gift one to my Mother-in-law!

- Amy

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