Citrus & Lemongrass Room & Pillow Spray

4 oz bottle

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4 oz bottle

Why You’ll Love It

This 4 oz spray cleans and freshens stale, odor-laden air and leaves a fresh, non-lingering scent behind. No cloying, throat-constricting, eye-watering chemicals or artificial fragrances. Just clear water and our exclusive blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils.
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About This Brand

In 1996, Kandie Konomos began a household cleaning company named Herb ‘N Organics Cleaning. As a professional cleaner, however, her skin often reacted to the chemicals in the cleaning products and she developed contact dermatitus. After years of trying different “green” products, research and experience, Kandi began to develop her own safe, natural cleaning products to help with the dermatitus. She soon found that her own products worked just as well—if not better—than commercial cleaning agents. They also relieved her of contact dermatitis. These recipes are still the core of Truce products today. During the same time, Kandie’s friend Diann Peart was finishing her PhD in Ecology and was becoming increasingly aware of the use of toxic chemicals in homes and gardens. The relationship between illnesses and chemical overload was glaringly clear. Cases of chemical sensitivies were on the rise, as were endocrine disorders—and they still are. Diann committed herself to educating local...
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Water, Rubbing alcohol, Glycerin, Aromatherapeutic essential oils.

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Reviews For Citrus & Lemongrass Room & Pillow Spray

Based on 14 Reviews

Works great

Makes the room smell fresh! Love it!

- Susan

Fresh Scent

This stuff smells so fresh and clean, not a heavy perfume like the fake stuff. Definitely will buy more.

- David

Fresh smell of Lemongrass night and day

I LOVE THIS SPRAY. I am very picky when it comes to room spray. I shouldn't even call it room spray because I also use it on my pillow and on myself This spray is so refreshing. Made with essential oils. Any time I feel stressed I spray it. I spray some in my room and on my pillow when I go to bed it helps me fall right to sleep. My kids ask me to spray it in their room when they go to sleep too. One bottle has lasted a long time. When I order from Thrive I order 4 bottles at a time. One for my bedroom. I keep one in my kitchen and another in the closet by the front door. My friend said "what smells so good" and I gave her a bottle. I will be buying more.

- Lynn


Love it!

- Danielle

Awesome sauce

I love this stuff. The scent sticks around longer than some others and it smells fresh, as opposed to like it's covering up something (which it is....). I will be re-ordering!

- Kathleen


I love this spray! It has a great natural smell and is great to spray on a pillow or in any room.

- laura

Love this lemongrass smell

So refreshing and lemony clean. I spray this over my bed before I go to sleep and it is wonderful. When I want to relax, I spray some on the front of my shirt so when I breath in I smell it. It relaxes me and I have purchased this several times already. Its way worth the low thrive price and the bottle lasts forever

- Lynn

Use Sparingly

This is a VERY strong, raw smell. I like both citrus & lemongrass, however they are overpowering when combined. It was hard to use in small amounts and not overpower the room with the smell. I also had issues with the bottle melting/exploding in the heat and the liquid leaking out and then there was really a problem!

- CAF Herring

Not A Fan

My kids like it, and they run around spraying everything with it, and so for that reason, I will probably try the other scent that this brand offers. But the Lemongrass scent was too overwhelming for me, and it felt like I was spraying Lemon Pledge everywhere. Too heavy and cloying for my tastes.

- Alicia


Nice, light fragrance - very pleasant. I'll definitely buy this again.

- Thrive User

Best scent ever

I fell in love with this room and pillow spray from the first mist! I will be a repeat customer!!

- Cathy

great spray

I love the smell of this and it is very easy to spray with a very even spray area. I've super pleased with this room and pillow spray.

- Karyn

Love it

Been looking for a good natural scent for bathroom. Love the citrus!!

- Holley Stewart


I bought it for my car, and my carpets. My cat started spraying a certain couple of spots, and this deterred her. The car smelled like dirty/sweaty boys but after spraying this on the carpets, it was 99% better. I can't say it lasts terribly long, maybe a week or so (I never really kept track), but well worth it. My cat stopped, my car smells great. I purchased this bottle about three months ago and have just under half left. After my initial spray frenzy, I don't need to use it as often.

- Bonnie

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