Loofah Sponge

2 oz sponge

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2 oz sponge

Why You’ll Love It

The Twist Loofah Sponge is the one that started it all. Artificial colors, plastics and chemical dyes are in your kitchen, like that neon yellow sponge with the bright green scrub side. We have a feeling that's not exactly natural. Our loofah sponge shows its true colors: an unbleached, undyed white cellulose and tan, scrubby loofah. It's totally plant based and compostable, just like the food it cleans up after.
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About This Brand

Naturally spongey, plant based, scrubby cleaning marvels.A CLEAN WORLDWhen it comes to meals, some people love the cooking part. And lots of people love the eating part. But it seems like nobody loves the cleaning part. We were the same way. And that bugged us. Why don't we love cleaning? Turned out for us, it was a lot of things. We didn't like the tools. We didn't like the way they felt. We didn't like the way they looked sitting on the counter. We didn't like what they were made of. So we decided to make some little changes. Nothing big. Just little things. Pretty soon we were getting a good feeling when we were doing the dishes too. And a new company was born.MEET TWIST Not a lot of people love cleaning. We think it's because a lot of people don't love what they're cleaning with. Hi, we're TWIST. We make plant based cleaning products we love. And we bet you'll love them too.We've made a complete collection of naturally spongey, plant based, scrubby cleaning...
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Reviews For Loofah Sponge

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Best Sponges

Being environmentally aware can mean lots of changes, not all of which are better or even as good as whatever one was doing beforehand. The Twist Loofah Sponge is not one of those. These sturdy, well-made sponges are better at washing, scrubbing, and living on your sink, than any other - especially those horrid yellow and green things. Not only do these last quite a long while, but they hold their puffed up, bouncy shape and feel through any sort of cleaning. The best sponges for the best reasons. Total win!

- Ocean


wish they would make these for facial only in smaller size

- katie


I have used it on my body too! Loofah is a great to exfoliate, just light on certain areas & harder on others, like bottoms of your feet.

- E.S.

Loofah sponge

It has taken a little adjusting, but I'm happy to put down the plastic. Since I'm not use to a loofah it was a little ruff at first. A little hard to get a lather going at first, but it is steadily growing on me.

- Lauren

Good Sponges

I like that they are natural (made of loofah) and hold their own against the old yellow and green dish sponges. Slightly pricey for just 2 sponges. Hoping to get these in bulk sometime. But they seems to be lasting so far!

- Maria

Softens My Skin

These have been fantastic for my skin. They're a bit scratchy (which is what I want to remove dead skin), but they aren't too scratchy. They help make my skin feel softer, and using it a couple days a week has really helped reduce my dry skin. I love that it's designed to be more natural than others.

- D. Love

Works Well But Needs Replacing

I really like these. I love that the fibers are natural, and they do have a gentle green-living-like smell to them. My only complaint is that they seem to do disintegrate a bit easier than I expected. It gets holes and becomes worn within a month or two. I've always been told I'm supposed to replace sponges pretty regularly, so this is just a reminder to do so.

- Kathy Novotny

Great sponge

This little sponge cleans like a champ and for the extra tough jobs on my pots and pans I just add a little Bon Ami and it's all clean. I especially love that it's great for the environment.

- Melissa

Cleans good

I like this sponge but it's a little pricey. It cleans good, even if you have to scrub a little extra on tough stuck on stuff. It is an eco-friendly choice, which makes it worth the extra cost.

I like that it comes as a two pack. When I use up the first one I put in an order again. That way I always have one on hand. Some things like cheese get stuck in it and are hard to rinse out, like any other sponge, which means a toss in the trash early.

- Holly Veniziono

Wonderful addition to my kitchen

I love this sponge. It cleans even the toughest grime and removes stuck on yuck. Rinse it well after the dishes are done and it will last for many sink loads.

I feel good about using this project and I really glad that Thrive Market carries them. Just another amazingly earth friendly product.

- Kacie G.

Natural But Not Insanely Tough

I try to use this on a regular basis. I prefer not to use unnatural sponges wherever possible because I know they're not particularly great for the environment. This Twist sponge works well for pretty much all of the scrubbing I put it through. However, it doesn't work for quite everything. I find that I have to pull out the very-abrasive scrubber I have when food was baked onto a pan. I'm happy to use this the majority of the time while still keeping my old one around for those super-tough messes. I do wish this worked for all of my cleaning though.

- Kylie

Still prefer my old scrubber

Maybe I'm just not green enough, but though I appreciate this is a natural product, it doesn't do the job as well as my abrasive scrubber.

i don't like having to exert a lot of effort when I'm doing dishes, and this loofah sponge takes some elbow grease. But I guess I can use my old scrubber for tougher stains. The loofah works well on everything else.

- G. Pratt

Cleans pots as good as new

These loofah sponge are tough on grime, but they stay soft after each use. They're strong enough to get rid of caked on dirt on your pans without scratching them.

It may seem a lot to pay $4 for a sponge, but this lasts longer than those cheapo scrubbers at the local store. Invest in this for long term use.

- Georgina

Scrubs like no other

These are naturally made sponges that are tough. They scrub very well and I've even used them on burnt pans without having much trouble.

They get softer the more you use them, so don't worry. At first, they are very abrasive, but they will get better as you use them, trust me.

- Grady Powers

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