Airbiotics invented and pioneered its patented StaBiotics™ - the concept of deploying safe environmental stabilizing probiotic protection against harmful indoor contaminants and allergens that can flourish indoors. Our products work to restore the natural balance of your ecosystem, creating a healthy indoor environment. Airbiotics works well for allergy sensitive or immune-compromised individuals, targeting everything from dust mites to annoying pet dander, while helping to cut down on bad odors. After a decade of product development by biologists and engineers, including four years of field deployment at large commercial sites around the globe protecting millions of people, we are proud to introduce this technology to consumers. Airbiotics, together with leading European scientists and research labs, has developed a unique ecological solution based on a patented and proven environmental probiotic concept for reducing your risk of exposure to toxic indoor microorganisms. Airbiotics automated and modular systems are designed to distribute a unique probiotic vapor compound that eliminates the source of indoor contaminants and allergens. Airbiotics uses probiotic bacteria as an Ecological Balancing Agent (EBA), based on a mixture of spores of the genus Bacillus. Many years of extensive clinical tests have resulted in its verification by the EU and North American authorities and inspectors, food safety agencies, and regulators as totally safe and non-toxic. The probiotic compounds are produced only in Western European labs that adhere to the highest health standards and production processes.

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