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Our passion for camel milk began in Saudi Arabia, where our founder, Walid, was visiting his family in his hometown of Jeddah looking for raw milk. He was approached by a friend with a plastic bag of camel milk that looked “really fresh—and tasted soo good,” Walid recalls. But then he couldn’t find it anywhere in stores—only the Bedouins sold it. Since you can stop a camel herder by the road in Jeddah, it was no big deal to the locals, right? But he fell in love with it and he knew other people would, too. He quickly realized that camel milk was being used medicinally in the Middle East and the US as an alternative treatment for children with Autism and people with Diabetes. He found himself attached to the cause and desiring to improve the lives of autistic children around the world. So when Walid moved to California, he appreciated how people valued a healthy lifestyle. He realized this was the perfect place to start a camel milk company. After selling camel milk at mosques and ethnic food festivals, Walid’s business plan won the Marcia Israel Award from USC, so he decided to leave his corporate real estate position and began his camel adventure. Desert Farms is now bringing these rural farm families’ products to eager consumers in California and other states. “It’s exciting to bridge gaps between communities that are far apart,” he says. Small start-up companies like Desert Farms can offer real value to customers who care about what’s in and behind their products. See More

  1. Food (1)
  1. Gluten-Free (1)
Environmental and Social
  1. BPA Free (1)
  2. Family-Owned Business (1)
  3. Grass-Fed (1)
  4. Made in USA (1)
  5. Pasture Raised (1)
  6. Sourced Direct From Farmers (1)
  7. Sustainably farmed (1)
Health & Ingredients
  1. High in Protein (1)
  2. No Added Sugar or Sweeteners (1)
  3. No Antibiotics / Synthetic Hormones (1)
  4. No Artificial Ingredients (1)
  5. Non-GMO (1)
  6. Nut Free (1)
  7. Preservative Free (1)
  8. Soy Free (1)
  1. & Up (1)
  2. & Up (1)
  3. & Up (1)
  4. & Up (1)
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Camel Milk Powder
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