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Energize Organics was founded in 2015 by Sam and Kathryn Schartz. In his youth, Sam Schartz was a BMX racer on the national circuit becoming a 12 time champion cementing himself as one of the top racers in the nation. Over the years while racing/practicing, Sam suffered multiple traumatic brain injuries. Concussions were not well studied in those days and as a result, Sam struggled in school having a hard time focusing and learning. He thought he was just a “dumb jock” and tried his best, all the while struggling in school. It was during this time that he suffered from inexplicable anxiety. In high school Sam was on the varsity football team all 4 years and took many knocks to the head. At this time his anxiety wasn’t as prevalent, but still he had a hard time focusing and studying, barely graduating high school. In 2001, Sam was in Bend, Or visiting his sister when they went to watch a professional road cycling race called the Cascade Classic, which was one of the biggest road cycling races in the country at the time. He fell in love with the sport and went out the very next week and bought a brand new racing bike. He trained like crazy that first year and 8 months later he had won his first Pro1,2 race. He had a knack for riding road bikes and racing came easy for Sam. In march of 2003, Sam had put in his second winter of training. In the beginning of the season he was almost unbeatable winning 2 out of the first 3 races of the season and taking 2nd in the third. Sam’s goal that year was to go down to Northern California and win all 3 races at an event called the Sea Otter Classic, where he would be competing against the top amateurs on the west coast. He got first in the road race, second in the criterium and crashed in the circuit race, yet was still able to place 3rd. After that season Sam hung up his bike and started to focus on his construction business. In 2006, while headed out on a ski trip, Sam was in a serious car accident. The other driver hit black ice crashed into a tree where Sam took a major hit to the head which resulted in yet another severe concussion. This time, the effects were immediate and brutal. Sam developed post-concussive syndrome within a week and suffered his first real panic attack. He was prescribed Lexapro and within hours began having hallucinations, after three days he refused to continue with the medication. What followed was 2 years of hell and constant debilitating anxiety. To help manage his anxiety and depression, Sam was put on another medication, Lorizapam the effects of which lead to severe feelings of disconnect and thoughts of suicide. Once a successful business owner, athlete, devoted husband and father, Sam began to feel the life he had enjoyed slipping out of his reach. For two years, Sam worked to slowly wean himself off the medication in the hopes that life would return to some semblance of normalcy. Unfortunately, his bad luck continued. In July of 2009, Sam suffered another concussion while wakeboarding. One week later, he developed the symptoms of post-concussive syndrome again and his anxiety came screaming back. Sam tried to manage on his own without medication, but the unchecked stress drained his adrenals and within a matter of weeks, Sam developed severe adrenal exhaustion. Desperate for a solution, Sam began looking at alternative healing methods. He changed his diet drastically, took supplements, increased his consumption of antioxidants, and worked with several specialists in the field of adrenal fatigue. Nothing worked and his anxiety steadily became worse. Then in October of that year, Sam’s leg was crushed while cutting logs into firewood with a group of friends. He spent seven days in the Intensive Care Unit, undergoing five major leg surgeries and two blood transfusions. Sam’s body had been completely ravaged and depleted of resources. He lost thirty pounds and became extremely weak. Within the next month, Sam began to have gallbladder attacks and had to have his gallbladder removed, which created acid reflux that lasted the next three years. It was at this point that Sam began looking for answers on his own. He was intrigued by herbalism and began to research how certain herbs and superfoods worked to gently bring the body back to balance. The more he learned, Sam became fascinated with adaptogenic herbs and their effects on anxiety and adrenal fatigue. Sam read widely, gathering information and experimenting with different combinations of healing herbs and superfoods. Finally, after extensive recipe testing, Sam formulated a signature blend for himself- 22 herbs and superfoods, each selected for the purpose of fortifying, balancing and restoring energy to the body while aiding in recovery. He used the blend every day and for the first time in years, Sam began to heal. Exhaustion was replaced by strength. Anxiety was replaced by vitality. Slowly but surely, Sam’s energy returned. He gained back the weight he had lost and began training for competitive road cycling again. Within a year, Sam placed third in a State Championship race. Sam’s health continued to improve over the years and soon he and his wife, Kathryn, found themselves wanting to share their knowledge to help others heal and find peace. The first bags of “Sam’s Herbal Synergy” were hand-filled in the incubator kitchen at Hummingbird Wholesale, a small organic food distributor in Eugene, OR. A few months later, Energize Organics was established with the mission to providing high-quality, organic health products to heal and energize the mind, body, and spirit. Energize Organics is driven by a passion to use herbs that are known to balance the body and mind synergistically. We utilize unique blends of Superfoods and Adaptogenic Herbs to produce delicious products that can help the body to better handle stress, optimize organ function, recover from adrenal fatigue, and naturally boost athletic performance. As a small, family-owned company we are grateful for your interest in our products. We trust that they’ll bring health, happiness, and harmony into your life!

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