I AM Chakra Crystal Mists offer a uniquely transcendent aromatherapy experience designed to dramatically shift emotional and energetic states, and clear your external and internal environments. Lovingly crafted by master formulators using their extensive knowledge of plants and gem minerals in a highly intuitive process, each special blend is infused with tachyon zero point energy and attuned to the cosmic harmonious frequency of 432 Hz. Our mists positively affect brain chemistry and the emotional body as they strengthen and balance the chakras. As with our Chakra Flower Elixirs, we harvest our wild-crafted flowers by hand for our essences and choose the finest pure essential oils. Our gemstone essences are created during the full moon, and we finish each mist with highly transformative Mono-atomic Gold Ormus, known to revitalize the body and enhance clarity, creativity and insight. We alchemize each delicate blend in a base of spring water and bottle it by hand with loving care in the Cathedral Rock vortex in Sedona. Simply spray our intoxicating mists around your body to immediately shift your mood and elevate the energy of your space. Breathe deeply and feel yourself enter the highest states of Love, Peace, Bliss and Enlightenment.

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