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In Search of Healthy Products? Well so are we! Nature's Earthly Choice was conceived in 2005 located in Eagle, Idaho. Our company was founded on the principles of creating delightfully healthy products. The launch of Quinoa, Farro and Wheat Berries started our mission to provide you with healthy and wholesome products. We now have added Chia, Hemp, Basmati Rice, a Continent Grain Blend and many more grains to our list of products. We continue to search for healthy foods to expand our line of wholesome grains to bring you new and delicious items. Look for these products at a retailer near you. Our newest addition to the family, My Fresh Blends Protein Boosters, allow you to add a great tasting boost of nutrients to your favorite drink or smoothie. Available in protein powders and superfood seeds, they help take the hassle out of the kitchen! It's our goal to not only give you a fantastic tasting product, but to make healthy food an easy choice. No matter your dietary need, whether you’re searching for products that are gluten-free, rich in Omega 3’s, high in protein or simply an alternative grain, we are always bringing you the best tasting and healthiest selections from around the globe. We are passionate about the products we create and are committed to delivering you the best tasting, highest quality products to support your healthy lifestyle. We love to hear from you, because we want to make our products as perfect as possible for you. See More

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