Pink Stork

In 2009, Amy and her husband were thrilled to learn they were going to become parents. But what should have been an exciting time for the couple turned out to the biggest challenge of their lives. Just weeks into her pregnancy, Amy began to experience debilitating morning sickness; vomiting 20 to 30 times a day, unable to eat, drink or function, suffering severe weight loss and dehydration. Six weeks into her pregnancy Amy turned to her doctors who diagnosed her with Hyperemesis Gravidarum; extreme morning sickness. Knowing her condition had a name gave Amy hope. Surely, if a condition has a name, there must be a cure! Unfortunately, doctors could only treat her symptoms and encouraged her to “tough out” the long nine months till delivery. For Amy, “toughing it out” meant months laying in hospital beds with rehydrating and anti nausea meds fed into her body through IV needles difficult to find on her shrinking frame. Through her PICC line, she contracted a blood infection, through which doctors gave Amy and her baby 24 hours to live. Although she’d lost almost 25 pounds during her pregnancy, Amy was able to fight, survive, and remarkably delivered her sweet, healthy premature baby boy at 34 weeks. Their prayers were answered. Determined to have the family of their dreams, Amy didn’t want to let hyperemesis scare her from potential future pregnancies. Unfortunately, Amy endured two more excruciating and challenging pregnancies as a single mom with her husband deployed overseas, in which doctors again diagnosed her with hyperemesis gravidarum; offering band-aid treatments that never got to the root of her problem. Frustrated with the inability to find solution for her condition, Amy couldn’t help but ask herself: “Why in the 20th century, living in the greatest country known to man, can’t someone get to the root cause of Hyperemesis and offer some sort of help other than just coaching women how to suffer through it?” Yearning to experience the real joys of a normal pregnancy, Amy committed herself to find solutions to all levels of morning sickness; not just severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Research revealed the natural place to begin started with the gut; in addition to a “total body” approach that offered natural alternatives for pregnant women. Determined to make her 4th pregnancy different, Amy implemented a new pregnancy protocol as soon as she found out she was expecting. Amy felt the difference almost immediately. Vitamins and supplements from around the world, combined with diet changes, worked at eliminating her nausea and vomiting, while giving her body the nourishment needed to support her and her growing baby. She knew she’d made a breakthrough! While trying to help herself, Amy also felt God was leading her to help other women suffering from all levels of nausea during pregnancy. Despite chasing three toddlers, Amy finally experienced a “normal” pregnancy. Hospital life, IVs, medications, and ambulance trips were no longer part of her routine. Amy’s health flourished, her baby thrived, and after a full 40-week pregnancy, Amy delivered a healthy, nine-pound baby boy! Having discovered the power of natural and organic healing, she wanted to empower other women to enjoy their pregnancies. And that’s how Pink Stork was born.

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