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WE LIKE TO ADD PROTEIN TO EVERYTHING...Okay, maybe not "everything," but definitely our favorite snacks like bars and popcorn. In 2012 we could not find a nutrition bar that suited our dietary restrictions and needs. So we made it ourselves... SARAH (Square Organic's Co-Founder) BATTLED ASTHMA PRETTY MUCH ALL HER LIFE...It wasn't until she started researching inflammation, and completed an elimination diet, that she got the disease under control. The not-so-happy side of the story: she needed to remove gluten, dairy, soy, inflammatory meats, and processed sugars from her diet... for good. This made maintaining an active lifestyle challenging - especially when it came to protein on-the-go. Thus, the Chocolate Coated family of protein bars was born (following 18-months of trial and error in an apartment kitchen). THE PHILOSOPHY WAS SIMPLE: INGREDIENTS ARE WHAT MATTER MOST. This started with sourcing nutrient-dense and minimally processed plant proteins like sprouted whole grain brown rice, and low glycemic sweeteners like coconut nectar. Eventually this grew into a larger understanding that the people and processes are "ingredients" that should be scrutinized and cared for too.

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