Tiny But Mighty

Popcorn that is grown and tastes the way popcorn should: wholesome & natural.Today’s popcorns, even microwave varieties, have been bred to pop larger and larger. This creates more volume but when it comes to taste, the whole idea is a lot of hot air.When it comes to Tiny But Mighty Popcorn, size does matter. The corn plant itself reaches a height of around three feet, with each stalk producing as many as 30 ears. The ears are typically three to four inches long, each loaded with tiny kernels about half the size of kernels in regular popcorn.Tiny But Mighty popcorn is virtually hull-less. The hull (shell) of each kernel is cooked away during the popping process, making it easier to chew – and easier to digest – than other popcorn brands. In other words, it’s grown and tastes the way popcorn should: wholesome & natural.Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is native to the prehistoric Americas. It was shared by Native Americans with a pioneer family in the 1850′s and enjoyed for generations. But by the mid 1970′s, it was nearly forgotten. A family member returning from a career in the army discovered the last remaining popcorn in a fruit jar. He saved a handful for planting and popped the rest.Tiny But Mighty Popcorn is a super-premium variety of corn with unique flavor and story. It is an heirloom popcorn (or maize) native to North America and claims the title “heirloom” because the genetic makeup of the plant is virtually identical to the corn that covered North America for thousands of years. Over the last century corn crops have undergone a transformation in response to an explosion of commercial needs such as feed for animals, cereal grains, and corn syrup. Using hybridization and genetic modification corn crops have become more resistant to drought and remain sufficient for the majority of commercial needs. Unfortunately these crops have taken control and left the ancient diversity of heirloom varieties near extinction. What we are about to lose is no less than the history of popcorn—its naturally perfect flavor, its ability to adapt to changing environments, and the social history of a food grown personally and then shared communally.Compared to typical popcorn varieties, Tiny But Mighty’s popped kernels are considerably smaller and denser than that of modern popcorns, which have been bred to pop a large-sized kernel. Since the white, fluffy element (starch) of the corn does not have much flavor, the genetically modified corn has relied on marketing and additional flavoring to develop the consumer’s perception of popcorn. Tiny But Mighty Popcorn with a smaller, denser kernel has a more concentrated flavor that reduces the need for butter, salt, or other additions. After customers try Tiny But Mighty Popcorn it is truly hard for them to enjoy any other variety of commercial popcorn.Another unique aspect derived from our tiny, heirloom kernel is that upon popping, Tiny But Mighty Popcorn’s hull disintegrates, leaving only the dark colored bran (fiber) attached to the white, fluffy starch. The hull is the outermost cover of the kernel that protects the seed and seals in moisture, allowing the kernel to pop when heated. The hulls of most modern popcorn varieties are thick, sharp, hard, and tasteless. These hulls even trigger health concerns for some consumers. Tiny But Mighty’s popcorn is more pleasant to eat and easier to digest, particularly for customers who suffer from diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, and other digestive problems.

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