Toasted Corn Crackers, GuavaToasted Corn Crackers, Guava860493002284Inspired by Latin's popular arepas (corn cakes), Craize's toasted crackers add sweet tropical guava to a savory corn base for vegan and gluten-free snack perfection.4 oz pouch
GREAT SNACK! - by It's hard to find really good NON-GMO snacks but these are tasty. I don't like beets & these have beet juice & they're awesome & crisp!
Not for me - by These taste like poorly seasoned cardboard chips.
Tasty but Hard - by My package came in completely smashed as the crackers were under a heavy object, so I have more cracker “pieces” than full crackers. But of the one or two full crackers I was still able to try whole, they definitely have a lovely flavor, but they’re super hard. Might be best when adding something to them like cheese or jam to soften a bit, but not something I’d sit around eating dry as it somewhat hurts my teeth.
Good taste and healthy but too $/too few in package - by I liked these because I LOVE guava - wouldn't seek them out again - but there are so few in a bag it's silly.
Too good - by For me I loved the flavor and crunch of these just out of the bag. I didn't try them with any kind of dip or topping. Just straight. out. of. the. bag. Until they were all gone. I need to be careful with these.

Toasted Corn Crackers, Guava

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