Toasted Corn Crackers, Sweet CornToasted Corn Crackers, Sweet Corn860001574913Inspired by arepa—Latin corn cakes—Craize brings authentic sweet and savory flavor to a crunchy cracker form that's ready to be paired with guacamole, salsa, or served with cheese.4 oz pouch
Corn Crackers - by One of my favorite crackers so far
MY FAV! - by I can literally eat packages of these per week. These are light and airy but have great flavor. The crisp is exactly what I need when I’m looking for a chip like snack. Flavor is spot on with sweet corn. I’m in love.
Bland - by These taste bland. Tortilla chips are better.
Healthy Snack - by It tastes like crunchy cornbread, I really like them. I haven’t tried the other flavors but I’m looking forward to it. I eat this with hummus or soups.
Taste like cornbread and crackers had a baby! - by If you are dairy and gluten free like me, take one of these crackers and add vitalife cream cheese and tart cherry jam to a crisp. It seriously tastes like you are at a fancy schmancy wine tasting and you aren’t gluten or dairy free. Life-changing!

Toasted Corn Crackers, Sweet Corn

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