Salty Dark Chocolate BarSalty Dark Chocolate Bar850180006053When you crave a treat that’s salty and sweet, Hu Kitchen’s Salty Chocolate Bar gives your tastebuds the best of both worlds. Along with the high-quality ingredients found in all of Hu’s chocolates—including organic, fair trade cacao and cocoa butter and unrefined organic coconut sugar—this bar contains a delicious savory twist in the form of fleur de sel. This flaky, premium French sea salt is hand-sprinkled on top of each bar, and hits your palate first, followed by the deep rich flavor of rich chocolate. It’s an intense flavor experience that only feels guilty. Hu Kitchen’s Salty Chocolate Bar is free of gluten, refined sugar, cane sugar, emulsifiers, sugar alcohols, GMOs, soy lecithin, and dairy, which means it can be enjoyed by everyone.2.1 oz bar
Just the perfect balance. - by It's one of my very favor chocolates on the market for so many reason. They did a great job with this one. If you haven't tried Hu Kitchen Salty Dark and you like Dark Chocolate, give this one a try.
So good! - by Delicious!
so-so - by I thought I would love it, but it was just okay...
So rich! - by Such a good chocolate bar! I love how the pieces are thick in size and you can taste the quality of the cacao in the bar! The hint of salt is a very nice touch also!
unpleasant texture - by I prefer chocolate that is smooth with a rich chocolate flavor. The texture of the entire bar feels like I'm crunching on salt and is dry with a grainy feel. Also, I missed the tiny writing at the top beside reviews that said "6 min". This information would typically appear in the quantity area. I was clearly ordering one for a specific price and it was automatically switched to six and I didn't catch the mistake when checking out. I will be extremely careful when using Thrive from now on.

Salty Dark Chocolate Bar

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