Canned Cat Food - Salmon Chanted Evening StewCanned Cat Food - Salmon Chanted Evening Stew818336012037Better break out the can opener, Human. I think your cat is drooling. Made with real salmon and fruits + vegetables, our grain free, protein-packed Salmon Chanted Evening Recipe will make your cat unconditionally love and adore you. Or, at the very least… stop giving you looks of disdain.3 oz can
almost perfect - by my cat did not eat most of the chunks. he really seemed to love the liquid though!
Kitty approved - by My cats love this brand! Stews are their favorite
Four picky cats LOVE! - by It’s always a challenge finding a food or treat that all four cats will eat. I’m sure other cat people can relate....Good quality, happy kitties! We will be returning for more.
Finicky cat - by My cat likes it!
Good brand - by My cat loves this brand, nice to mix it up between the stews and the pâtés.
I and love and you
I and love and you

Canned Cat Food - Salmon Chanted Evening Stew

3 oz can
Minimum 4 units per purchase
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