Canned Cat Food - Purrky Turkey PâtéCanned Cat Food - Purrky Turkey Pâté818336011689Better break out the can opener, Human. I think your cat is drooling. Made with real turkey and fruits + vegetables, our grain free, protein-packed Purrky Turkey Recipe will make your cat unconditionally love and adore you. Or, at the very least… stop giving you looks of disdain. Features:3 oz can
My cat would not eat - by It looks good, but my cat would not eat. You just never know with finicky eaters like cats. Luckily Thrive gave me my money back.
my older cat loves this. - by our cat is 13 and becoming a picky eater. she seems to prefer turkey, and this one she seems to really like. has quality ingredients, too.
picky cat loves it - by Four stars because out of the healthier canned food options, I don't think it's the greatest with the gums and flavors that are added. (Though hopefully it's way better something like Fancy Feast.) However, my kibble-addicted cat who I never thought would eat wet food absolutely loves it and eats it reliably. I'll occasionally mix in some freeze dried raw food for some extra nutrition and variety.
the best if - by the best if your cat can't eat chicken of any sort hidden in other cat foods. She loves it.
Cats won't touch it - by Maybe we have pickier cats than most people, but our 2 cats won't eat this.
I and love and you
I and love and you

Canned Cat Food - Purrky Turkey Pâté

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