Compostable Coffee Filters, #2 ConeCompostable Coffee Filters, #2 Cone770009001123If You Care Coffee Filters are made from FSC certified unbleached totally chlorine free paper. They will help keep your coffee tasting pure, plus they help reduce the amount of pollution in our environment. Unlike competition, If You Care Coffee Filters have a strong seam and will not break. These coffee filters are Certified Compostable for home/backyard and municipal/industrial composting. The box is made from FSC certified recycled board.100 count
works for Kalita Wave 185 - by A pour over snob might disagree, but I think these work pretty well with the Kalita Wave 185. Not as convenient as their proprietary filters, but I was becoming increasingly sensitive to the chemical smell of the bleached paper, to the point where I didn't want to drink coffee anymore. The If You Care filters ARE quite thin and fragile, but I make sure to get it in place the best I can, pour hot water in to anchor it to the Kalita, and then carefully make small adjustments as needed. Then I dump the water out and make my coffee as usual. Totally worth the small bit of extra effort to not be having chemicals in my coffee every morning. Very glad Thrive is carrying these now and I hope they continue to do so.
Perfect - by These work great for pour over coffee!
Too Small & Too Thin - by I was glad when I used up this box of coffee filters. The size is too small compared to the name brands. The paper is too thin and rips easy. Did not like the curly seam because it made it difficult to fold over without ripping paper. Disappointed.
Ripped frequently - by Enjoyed the idea but ripped often on my pour over. Will try a different kind of filter.
Rip every time. - by I was excited for these. I usually use a cloth bamboo pour over filter and I wanted to give these a try cause they’re compostable. But I will be going back to my reusable ones. Every time I would pour water into it, it would rip and all the coffee grounds go into the mug.
If You Care
If You Care

Compostable Coffee Filters, #2 Cone

100 count
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