Organic Ginger Squeeze BlendOrganic Ginger Squeeze Blend850001791816Made from premium, organic Peruvian ginger juice—never concentrate—Ingrilli adds Sicilian lemon for a tangy flavor kick. Use for cooking, baking, salad dressings, or the base of your next signature cocktail.4 oz bottle
Have not tried yet, hope it's good! - by Have not tried yet, hope it's good!
yum - by I use the line and lemon and seen this ginger so I thought I would give it a try . So far this has worked out for us ,we use in just water when we feel nauseated also use in cooking and hot/iced tea .It has worked great in marinades where you forget to get fresh ginger ,I will keep on hand
Where’s the ginger?! - by Ingrilli, Organic Ginger Squeeze Blend
Tastes like watery lemon juice - by I thought this would be great to get the benefits of ginger when I don't have time to grate it, but it's virtually no ginger. I added some to tea and kept adding more and more trying to taste it. I finally just put some in a teaspoon and tasted it straight. It tasted like very watered down lemon juice. There are maybe a few drops of actual ginger in here. I'm going back to fresh.
good product - by good product
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Organic Ginger Squeeze Blend

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